1958 Arkansas Traveler Boat

1958 Arkansas Traveler Boat

1958 Arkansas Traveler Boat- In 1995 I bought my 1957 Arkansas, traveler, from an automobile junkyard they were using it as a trash dumpster since then I have repaired it to the best of my ability but still know nothing about it or the company that made it do you have info on this subject. 14 ft Arkansas traveler lake boat this1956 Arkansas traveler Jon boat was built to last.

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The Arkansas Voyager (tune)

“Child honey bee” diverts here. For the well-known tune by Henry I. Marshall and Stanley Murphy, see Be
“The Arkansas Voyager” is a mid-nineteenth-century society melody promoted by American vocalist and guitarist Mose Case. It depends on the structure of a similar name by Sandford C. Faulkner. The score was first distributed by W. C. Peters in 1847 under the name “The Arkansas Explorer and Rackinsac Waltz”.

It was Arkansas’ state melody from 1949 to 1963, and the state memorable tune started around 1987. The authority verses were composed by a board of trustees in 1947 in anticipation of its naming as the authority state tune. The other authority Arkansas state tunes are “Arkansas” (state song of devotion), “Arkansas (You Run Somewhere down In Me),” and “Goodness, Arkansas.”

State historic song

Composed by the Arkansas State Song Selection Committee in 1947.

Far and far away down in Arkansas,
There lived a squatter with a stubborn jaw.
His nose was ruby red and his whiskers gray.
And he would sit and fiddle all the night and all the day.
Came a traveler down the valley, asked if he could find a bed.
Yes, try the road, the kindly squatter said.
Then, could you point me out the way to find a tavern or an Inn?
Quite a little piece I reckon, tho I’ve never been!

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And, when the rain came down on the cabin floor,
The squatter only fiddled all the more.
Why don’t you mend your roof, said the traveler bold.
How can I mend my cabin when the rain is wet and cold?
Squatter pick a sunny morning when the air is dry and nice,
Patch up your cabin, that is my advice.
The squatter shook his hoary head, and answered with a stubborn air,
Cabin never leaks a drop when days are bright and fair!

The 1922 rendition by local Arkansan “Eck” Robertson was among the initial fifty accounts named to the Public Recording Vault of the Library of Congress.

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