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7 Mysterious big holes on earth, Scary but challenging

Mysterious big holes on earth. There are certain places in the world that may not be in the approach of humans. A gigantic hole for example, a gaping hole in the Earth’s surface simply gives a creepy picture to anyone who sees it. But strangely enough there are people who feel curious and even get into the hole to see what’s inside.

Mysterious big holes on earth

The following giant holes are naturally formed by nature, some are made by human hands. However the way this hole is formed sees it is enough to make you horrified if it is nearby.

Here are 7 mysterious big holes on the earth that are scary:

  1. Dean’s Blue Hole – Bahama
  2. Mount Baldy Sink Hole – Indiana
  3. Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory Hole – Antartika
  4. Giant Blue Hole – Belize
  5. Glory Hole di Monticello Dam – California
  6. Guatemala City Sinkhole – Guatemala
  7. Jacob’s Well – Amerika Serikat


  1. Dean’s Blue Hole – Bahama

Dean’s Blue Hole – Bahama

A giant hole is in the middle of the sea and it seems to be the entrance gate down the sea level. Usually these holes only have a depth of just a few tens of meters but what you will see is really out of expectation.

Dean’s Blue Hole is a hole in Long Island, Bahamas having a depth of more than 300 meters. The hole is almost perfectly rounded and gives a striking color gradation due to the depth difference between the holes and the surrounding territorial waters. From the top of the look this section is rounded with a dark blue water indicating how deep it is. It is reportedly a free dive spot with no equipment.

  1. Mount Baldy Sink Hole – Indiana

Mount Baldy Sink Hole – Indiana

Mount Baldy is a sand dune located in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, an area located south of Lake Michigan. The mountains have a height of 126 meters. Local people call it a living mound, referring to the fact that the dune is always shifting annually.

In 2013 surprising things happened around this sand area. It was a sudden sandhole and swallowed a little child. The hole is formed with a depth of three and a half meters. Luckily the child survived after evacuation for a few hours. Until now the appearance of the hole is still mysterious.

  1. Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory Hole – Antarctica

Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory Hole – Antartika

The Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory Hole is a man-made hole in Antarctica. These holes are very much there, there are about 86 holes. This hole is different from the holes in the list where the formation process does not occur naturally but is made by humans in a way of doing it.

The researchers used a hot water pipe as a drill to make holes in the Antarctic ice layer. The depth of this hole ranges from 1,000 to 2,500 meters. The purpose of the making of this hole is to observe neutrinos, a neutral particle derived from outside the solar system. To observe the researchers put the South Pole telescope in the hole.

  1. Giant Blue Hole – Belize

Giant Blue Hole – Belize

One hole in the middle of another sea can be found in Belize. This hole is right near the center of the Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll located 70 km from mainland Belize City. This hole is formed during the Ice Age where the hole is still on the mainland. Then when the Ice Age ends the sea level begins to rise and fill the hole.

Giant Blue Hole circles with a depth of 124 meters and a width of 300 meters. This hole is part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System and has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Now the gaping hole off the coast became famous after the famous diver Jacques Cousteau said this is one of the coolest scuba diving locations in the world.

  1. Glory Hole in Monticello Dam – California

Glory Hole di Monticello Dam – California

The next hole is in California. This one hole is located in the Monticello Dam and was made intentionally by humans as a waterway so that the water of the lake does not escape. It is technically Morning Glory Spillway but the locals are more accustomed to the name Glory Hole.

This hole was built in conjunction with the Monticello Dam in 1953 and 1957. The way the hole in the middle of the dam is when the water in the dam exceeds the capacity then this hole will serve as a water drain. The hole in the form of a round concrete pipe is able to drain as much as 20,000 cubic meters of water per second. This hole also became a pit of death after there was a young man swimming in the dam and sucked into the hole in the year 1997.

  1. Guatemala City Sinkhole – Guatemala

Guatemala City Sinkhole – Guatemala

The next hole occurred suddenly in an urban area and became one of the disasters at that time. This disaster occurred in 2010, when a giant hole was formed suddenly because the land around the location of the cause entered the Earth.

The hole measuring 20 meters wide and within 100 meters is formed in the urban center precisely in Guatemala City Zone 2. The tragedy engulfed a large three-storey factory into the pit. In estimate the gaping hole is due to several factors such as Agatha’s Tropical storm, Pacaya volcano eruption, and leakage of sewer pipes.

  1. Jacob’s Well – United States

Jacob’s Well – Amerika Serikat

Jacob’s Well is a hole in Wimberley, state of Texas, United States. This is a very deep and dangerous water hole. There have been several cases of death in this location due to drowning. This pond hole has clear water with a size of four meters.

Jacob’s Well is also known as the longest underwater cave in Texas. The depth of this hole is only 10 meters but when the spring arrives the lower part of the hole will be connected to the underground river which makes the depth of this hole doubled to 40 meters. Although dangerous and local authorities have also warned but many tourists who are desperate swim there.

Although some people say that the holes are an interesting spot to explore but most people certainly agree if people should move away from the holes for safety.


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