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Around The World In 80 Days Summary Sparknotes –  Sparknotes The Scarlet Letter Plot Overview-Summary. Phileas Fogg is an Associate in Nursing worthy English gentleman who spends his days taking part in whist, a card game, along with his friends at the Reform Club, and spends his nights alone in his giant upmarket townhome on Saville Row in London. Fogg has no better half and no kids and principally keeps to himself. Associate in Nursing air of mystery surrounds Fogg where he goes as a result of his extreme reticence. He keeps his thoughts and his heart well hidden.
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Fogg follows a strict routine each day: He has tea and toast at 8:23 a.m., shaves at 9:37 a.m., and gets dressed at 9:40 a.m. He leaves the house at 11:30 a.m. to hitch his friends at the Reform Club and returns home at midnight. each clock and watch he owns is synchronous all the way down to the second. One Gregorian calendar month morning in 1872, Fogg fires his servant for transportation him shaving water that’s 2 degrees too cold. Jean Passepartout, a Frenchman, arrives shortly after, searching for employment. albeit he’s four minutes late, Fogg hires him on the spot. Passepartout’s 1st job is to induce Fogg to prepare in time to go away from the house by 11:30 a.m.

Passepartout feels alleviated to seek out the orderly state of Fogg’s home. He had been searching for a quieter life when being pink-slipped by his former leader for scolding him for being drunk. Passepartout has control of several agitated jobs—circus performer, athletic facility teacher, and fireman—and simply needs rest. He’s more inspired when he finds that Fogg’s shoes and garments are numbered by the time of year should} be worn. Passepartout thinks Fogg must be some reasonably machine-like human.

That morning whereas taking part in cards at the club, Fogg and his friends catch the news that a stealer disguised as a gentleman has taken 55,000 pounds from the Bank of England. one amongst the members, St. Andrew Stuart, remarks that the robber is perhaps long gone since the planet is therefore giant and there are many places to hide. This comment piques Fogg’s interest. Fogg says the world “was once” large, however, it’s not so big.

He says that it is currently doable to travel across the world in eighty days thanks to fashionable advances in transportation. Fogg’s friends scoff at him, which emboldens him to form a daring wager: He bets 20,000 pounds, all the money he has within the bank, that he will travel around the world in eighty days. the boys settle for his wager and comply with realizing him at the Reform Club, in the identical room, at the same time, eighty days later, on December twenty-one at 8:45 p.m. or they’re going to collect the bet.

Meanwhile, London peace officer Detective Fix includes a theory that Fogg is truly the malefactor when hearing concerning Fogg’s wager, which has created news. Fix’s rumor gains traction throughout the public, particularly since Fogg is therefore quiet and reserved and nobody is aware of a lot concerning him. The fix is even additional impelled by the reward offered for catching Fogg—2,000 pounds and five % of the recovered money. Fix follows Fogg on his travels, the primary stop being at Suez, Egypt, wherever Fix waits for a warrant for Fogg’s arrest to arrive.

With Passepartout in tow and Fix in hot pursuit, Fogg continues to form his approach across the world. Soon, Fogg arrives in India, where he finds that fashionable advances in transportation haven’t evolved the maximum amount as he thought and he’s forced to surpass elephant for a part of the way. Fogg sees Hindu monks who are on the thanks to a personality’s sacrifice and, with Passepartout’s help, in an exceedingly is ready to avoid wasting an English woman, Aouda, from being killed. Aouda joins the boys in their travels.

Fix continues to follow the group, composing things with locals and consuls to delay them. once Passepartout commits a criminal offense by carrying shoes in a Hindu pagoda, Fix arranges to own the Hindus to bring him to court and have Fogg charged and rebuked on behalf of Passepartout. The setup fails as a result of the rich Fogg an exceedingly is ready to form bail for himself and Passepartout.

The cluster continues toward the urban center by approaching Singapore, dodging obstacles while still creating an experience on the way. Fix finally reveals himself to Passepartout and his belief that Fogg could be a criminal, hoping to enlist Passepartout’s facilitate in delaying Fogg till the warrant arrives. Passepartout is aghast and, in a show of loyalty to his master, refuses to be complicit with Fix. Later, however, Passepartout relents, realizing Fix will help them get to London faster, which might facilitate making sure that Fogg wins the bet. The cluster continues on toward Japan, wherever Passepartout gets fixed for every day with an organization of clowns, so across the Pacific, landing in San Francisco.

whereas Fogg, Passepartout, and Aouda build their approach across America, the land and other people create similar challenges to those featured in India. Fogg suffers insults from boisterous Americans, attacks from the native Sioux tribes, weak bridges, faulty transportation, and sled rides across snowy, wolf-ridden prairies. The group finally makes it to New York, where they realize they need just lost the last boat to England. Fogg makes a cope with a reluctant Captain Speedy to induce them to Bordeaux, France, however, finally ends up taking management of Speedy’s ship to steer it toward Liverpool. once the ship runs out of fuel at sea, Fogg orders the crew members to burn elements of the ship to form the last leg of the trip.

Despite all his mad, daring tries and many pounds spent to make it back to London in time, Fogg feels chopfallen to seek out that he arrives in London too late. He’s lost the bet. He sits in his area consequent day, refusing to travel to the Reform Club, wherever the boys wait to gather their due. Aouda, inspired by Fogg’s wistfulness, asks him if he’d prefer to make her his wife. albeit Fogg is poor currently, she’s still deeply gaga with him and desires to be his companion.

Fogg, his heart now opened, sheds a tear, agrees to marry Aouda, and says, “I love you.” He sends Passepartout to Reverend Wilson to form arrangements for his or her wedding. whereas talking to Reverend Wilson, Passepartout learns that it is, in fact, a day sooner than he believed. as a result of Passepartout refusing to line his watch to standard time zones, he has junction rectifier them to achieve every day on their travel across the world. Fogg rushes to the club to tell his friends that he’s won.

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