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The capital of laos vientiane is kind of a boring city but youll most like have to stop here during your travels in laos. Laos follows the same weather pattern as the rest of mainland south east asia.

Laos Backpacking Route And Itinerary For 2 Weeks From 14

Laos Backpacking Route And Itinerary For 2 Weeks From 14

Backpacking Laos Travel Guide Updated 2019 Gamintraveler

Buddhism is a huge part of laos culture with the major religion in laos being theravada buddhism.

Backpacking laos. Tourism and ecotourism especially for backpacking laos is on the rise precisely because there is just so much to do here. Laos is wild pure and green. Laos brings a unique mix of remote natural beauty and archaeological wonders.

We venture off the beaten path to cycle and hike through traditional laotian villages farms and forest. Winters are cool relatively at least and dry. For example travelling from the capital vientiane to the southern city of pakse takes about 15 hours by bus.

April may are scorching hot before the rainy season picks up in june. Overall cost of travel in laos. Laos is a lanky country and travelling overland between the north and south can take some time.

I spent about 10 15 80000 to 120000 kip per day seeing plenty of things. This is the transportation hub in the middle of the country that connects the north to the south. Travelling the whole length of the country north to south would take at least 40 hours.

Laos is a country that is so chilled out that if you would like to follow in the lifestyle and just chill out its possible to do it for around 10 per day or a little less at the minimum. The best time to go backpacking through laos is in the northern hemisphere winter when its relatively cool and sunny. There are loads of things to do in laos so ive put together a budget travel guide for a laos backpacking route that showcases the best places to visit in laos.

I had a one week itinerary for laos which traversed from luang prabang to vang vieng then van vieng to vientiane. Backpacking laos a 2 week itinerary as laos is a long and skinny country it will be easiest to see everything to the fullest if you go from north to south or vice versa. You can trek through the jungle bathe in herbal saunas kayak down rivers explore hidden cities in caves and witness history firsthand.

Backpacking laos was easily one of the highlights of my whole southeast asia trip. Laos is a truly gorgeous country. See all trip photos.

So this laos travel itinerary will walk you through the north to south route but it can easily be reversed depending on where youre coming from or going to next. This is practiced by around half of the countrys population mostly those residing in the countrys lowland areas in the south. Delve into the mysteries of the ancient city of luang prabang by bike and kayak among the towering limestone mountains.

From the party haven of vang vieng to the little explored jungles of luang prabang nam tha and the remote mountains in the north backpacking laos offers something different for everyone and laos remains one of my favourite countries in asia.

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