Battle Of Tours 732

The battle of tours 732. On 10 october 732 frankish general charles martel crushed an invading muslim army at tours in france decisively halting the islamic advance into europe.

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Battle Of Tours 732

In 732 umayyad forces led by the governor of al andalus abdul rahman al ghafiqi advanced in force into aquitaine.

Battle of tours 732. The battlefield cannot be exactly located but it was fought somewhere between tours and poitiers in what is now west central france. Maark blat alshhda maarakat bala ash shuhada battle of the palace of martyrs was fought in an area between the cities of poitiers and tours in north central france near the village of. Maarakat bala ash shuhada was an important victory of the frankish and burgundian forces under charles martel over the raiding parties of the umayyad caliphate led by abdul rahman al ghafiqi governor general of al andalus.

Battle of tours also called battle of poitiers october 732 victory won by charles martel the de facto ruler of the frankish kingdoms over muslim invaders from spain. The battle of tours often called the battle of poitiers but not to be confused with the battle of poitiers 1356 was fought on october 10 732 between forces under the frankish leader charles martel and a massive invading islamic army led by emir abdul rahman al ghafiqi abd al rahman near the city of tours france. The hearts of muslim leader abderrahman his captains and his men were filled with wrath and pride and they were the first to begin to fight.

Fleeing north odo sought aid from the franks. Near the river owar loire the two great hosts of the two languages and the two creeds were set in array against each other. The battle of tours october 732 also called the battle of poitiers and in arabic language.

The empire encompassed the territories of much of modern day france western germany switzerland as well as belgium and the netherlands and was the dominant christian power in western europe at the time. Maark blat alshhda romanized. The islamic advance after the death of the prophet muhammed in 632 ad the speed of the spread of islam was extraordinary and by 711 islamic armies were poised to invade spain from north africa.

Background on the battle of tours. The battle of tours 732 ad fr de en charles martel was a ruler of the carolingian frankish empire in the early 8 th century ad. The battle of tours 10 october 732 also called the battle of poitiers and by arab sources the battle of the highway of the martyrs arabic.

Meeting odo at the battle of the river garonne they won a decisive victory and commenced sacking the region.

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