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Camping Ground Waduk Sermo Kulonprogo Jogja

Camping Ground Waduk Sermo. Sermo Reservoir or Sermo Dam (Javanese: Wadhuk Sêrmo) is a reservoir located in Kulonprogo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia. The reservoir was built starting in 1994 and inaugurated by President Suharto on November 20, 1996. The purpose of the construction of this reservoir is to supply the irrigation system of Kalibawang area which has an area of 7,152 ha. The irrigation system is an interconnection of several irrigation areas.
Liburan Seru Di Akar Liar Waduk Sermo Wajib Coba Bro

Construction of Sermo Kulonprogo Reservoir Yogyakarta

Sermo Reservoir was built by damming Kali Ngrancah in Hargowilis Village, Kokap Subdistrict with a construction cost of Rp 22 billion and completed within two years and eight months. For the construction of this reservoir, the Kulonprogo Regency Government conducted mass transmigration aka “village marker”. A total of 100 KK were transmigrated to Tak Toi Bengkulu and 7 KK were transmigrated to The People’s Core Plantation (PIR) of Riau Palm Oil.

Technical Data of Sermo Kulonprogo Dam Yogyakarta

Sermo reservoir consists of the main dam which is a type of zoned rock with a watertight core. The peak of the dam has an elevation of +141.60 meters with a length of 190.00 meters, a width of 8.00 meters, a max height of 58.60 meters, and a urukan volume of 568,000 meters.

Coffer dam with the type of stone urukan and watertight blanket that has an elevation of the lighthouse >105.00 meters. The building is an “ogee” type without doors that has a width of 26 meters, a lighthouse elevation of 136.60 meters, an ejection tub energy damper, and an energy damper floor. The tunnel building with a horseshoe shape with a diameter of 4.2 meters has a capacity of 179.50 cubic meters per second, an inlet elevation of 89.00 meters, and an outlet elevation of 84.00 meters.

Utilization of Sermo Kulonprogo Reservoir Yogyakarta

During this time Sermo Reservoir is used as a source of clean water by the Drinking Water Regional Company (PDAM) and for irrigation water that irrigates rice fields in the Wates area and surrounding areas. Sometimes the location of the Reservoir is used for rowing competitions as has happened lately and for training for the Air Force Academy (AAU), also often used as the object of academic discussion about the evaluation of technical geology and the vulnerability of soil movement around the reservoir (especially on the backrest of the dam wall to the west/right) This reservoir is often used as a tourist attraction.

Data Sermo Reservoir Sermo Kulonprogo Yogyakarta

  • Name of Sermo Reservoir
  • State of Indonesia
  • Location of Kulonprogo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region
  • Uses of Irrigation
  • Status Used
  • Construction began in 1994.
  • Dams and waterways
  • Length 190 meters
  • Base width 8 meters
  • Volume 25 Million m3

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