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Is drawing near with peak bloom expected to start on april 3 the pink petals are mere days away in japan. According to japan meteorological corporation japan cherry blossom viewing may come early this year.

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In japan you will find not only thousands of cherry blossom trees blanketing the country side but also sakura flavored coca cola sakura ice cream and a shinkansen bullet train known as the sakura.

Cherry blossom japan tourism. If cherry blossom is not essential may is also a fine time. The japanese cherry blossom or sakura is an integral part of the japanese culture. Departure date s this exciting fully escorted essence of spring cherry blossom japan tour takes you to on an unforgettable journey through japans most popular cities.

While cherry blossom season in washington dc. The latest cherry blossom forecast update according to jmc japan meteorological corporation states that the peak season of cherry blossoms in west and east japan has passed including tokyo kyoto osaka and hiroshima though cherry blossoms in some of mountain areas are currently in full bloom such as in nagano and around mt fuji. If they want to see cherry blossom dont want to deal with crowds and dont want to get up early they can still visit places out of greater tokyo like kumagaya fukiage or gongendo no sakurazutsumi take the commuter train and within an hour or so youre there.

This year it has been predicated that skaura will start to bloom as usual in okinawa. Celebrating the cherry blossoms is a big production in japan and locals and tourists head to parks gardens and riverbanks for some cherry blossom viewing hanami. Cherry blossoms signal a time of renewal and also coincide with the japanese calendar year.

When the flowers are in bloom the people of japan begin their new jobs and students enter a new school year. The japanese cherry blossom sakura has been a distinguished symbol of japan for many centuries. On january 25 2018 early first cherry blossom forecast of the year has been published by the private weather service weathermap.

Japanese cherry blossom festivals. Enjoy todaiji temple fushimi inari shrine the golden pavilion and other ancient treasures during your stay in nara and kyoto. If you have at 3 weeks its good in general to start from tokyo in late march to enjoy cherry blossom in tokyo for 2 3 days which is usually a few days earlier than in kyoto and then quickly move to kyoto in the beginning of april to enjoy the blossom in kyoto then day trip nara make a round trip to hiroshimamijajima come back to kyotoosaka then move to kanazawa then shirakawago takayama by bus and then come back to tokyo and finally go to kawaguchiko fuji 5 lakes where you can.

Hanami invoives anything from a daytime picnic in the park to a sake fueled party beneath the trees.

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