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Heres a guide to find all of them. There is another unknown item in the badge but i reckon thats the sparrow you receive for doing all taken eggs.

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Acquire a full set of reverie dawn armor.

Destinations dreaming city items. Forsaken year 1 strikes all items catalysts. Dreaming city trophies hidden in the depths of the dreaming city. If you plan on unlocking the cursebreaker title and completing the dreaming city seal youll need to collect these items.

I am missing 3 items for my destinations. Earned during the seasonal festival of the lost event. Ahamkara bones are hidden items scattered across the dreaming city which deliver lore entries.

Dismantle an item with this shader applied to it. It is the homeland of the reefborn awoken and is of great significance to them. Tell the tale of your adventures in the dreaming city.

Its ok if you collected them and then dismantled them it will still. Shader blueshift dreams randomly comes with legendaries from petra and dreaming city drops sometimes on the enhanced legendaries that drop at 10 mw. Trophies hidden in the depths of the dreaming city.

These are randomly given for completing any activity in the dreaming city. Petra venj is the world vendor for the city. Festival of the lost.

Holiday special events. One secret item is the wish ender i have it the other im assuming is that taken sparrow. Whats going to take a while to get is the sparrow emblem ship ghost and sparrow.

Complete activities and earn rank up packages in the dreaming city. It is partially within both our universe and the ascendant realm. To access the city guardians must complete the campaign of.

Apply this shader to change the color of your gear. The dreaming city is a destination in forsaken featuring many endgame activities such as the last wish raid and the blind well horde activity. Starlight shell ghost shell pallas galliot ship blushift dreams shader does anyone know where i can find these three items.

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