Eiffel Tower Paris Travel Icon

Eiffel Tower Paris Travel Icon

Eiffel Tower Paris is an iron tower that was built on the Champ de Mars on the banks of the Seine in Paris. The tower has become a global icon of France and one of the most famous tower structures in the world.

A Look at the Eiffel Tower Paris France Travel Icon

Eiffel Tower Paris Travel Icon
Historical eiffel tower

Named after designer Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris and one of the most famous structures in the world. More than 200 million people have visited the bristling tower since its construction in 1889. In 2016, visitors were estimated to have reached 6,719,200, making it the most visited paying tower in the world. In 2000, the height of the iron tower reached 325 m (1063 ft), including an antenna up to 24 m (79 ft). This can be compared to a conventional 81-storey building.

When the tower was completed in 1889, it became the tallest in the world – its title was retained until 1930, when the Chrysler Building in New York (319 m – 1047 ft) was completed. The tower is now the fifth tallest in France and the tallest in Paris. The second highest is the AXA Tour (225.11 m – 738.36 feet), followed by the Montparnasse Tower (210 m – 689 feet).

The elongated and swaying Paris Eiffel Tower

Paris eiffel tower wallpaper
Paris eiffel tower wallpaper

The eiffel Tower’s iron structure weighs 7,300 tons, while the entire structure, including non-ferrous components, weighs 10,000 tons. Depending on the temperature, the top of the tower can stay away from the sun 18 cm (7 inches) due to the expansion of iron on the sun-facing part. The tower also oscillates 6 to 7 cm (2 to 3 inches) in a windy atmosphere. To demonstrate the economy of a building, if 7300 tons of iron structure are melted, it will fill 125 square meters with a depth of 6 cm (2.36 inches), which means an iron density of 7.8 tons per cubic meter. This tower has a mass less than the air mass in the cylinder of the same dimensions, up to 324 meters and 88.3 rays. The tower weighs 10,100 tons compared to 10,265 tons of air.

The first and second levels are accessible by stairs and an elevator. A ticket counter at the south tower sells tickets for the stages that start there. On the first porch, the stairs rise from the east tower and the level meeting when they are accessible only by elevator. From the first or second platform, the stairs are open to all those who go up and down depending on whether they have purchased an elevator ticket or a stair ticket. The number of steps 9 at the ticket window at the base, 328 on the first level, 340 on the second level and 18 at the elevator platform on the second level. As you exit the elevator on the third level, 15 steps go up to the observation platform above. The number of steps is written in steps on the side of the stairs to give an indication of the climb of the stairs. Most of the upright stairs offer a view directly down or around the tower, although some short stairs are covered.

The tower’s maintenance involves purchasing 50 to 60 tons of paint every seven years to protect it from rust. To maintain the appearance of the visitors below, three different colors are used on this tower, with dark colors below and light colors above. Modified paint color; The tower is painted brown grey. On the first level, there is an interactive console that shows the color on the next painting. The architects of the Eiffel Tower are Emile Nouguier, Maurice Koechlin and Stephen Sauvestre.

History of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France

Paris eiffel tower light show times
Paris eiffel tower light show times

This tower structure was built between 1887-1889 as the entrance to the Universal Exhibition, the world exhibition that celebrated a century of the French Revolution. Eiffel had actually planned to build a tower in Barcelona for the 1888 World’s Fair, but Barcelona City Hall officials found it strange and expensive, and did not fit with the city.

After the rejection of the Barcelona Plan, Eiffel sent his project to the head of the Paris World’s Fair, where he built the tower a year later, 1889. The tower was inaugurated on March 31, 1889 and opened on May 6. Three hundred workers gathered 18,083 parts of inlaid iron (pure form of structure iron), using two and a half million nails, in structural form by Maurice Koechlin. The risk of accident is enormous, for an unusual modern skyscraper, this tower opens without intermediate level, except for two platforms. However, because Eiffel takes a cautious stance, including the use of moving rails, auxiliary rails and screens, accidents can be removed.

The tower received various criticisms from the community during its construction, calling it attractive. The daily life is full of letters from critics of the Parisian artistic community. One of them was included in the publication of the U.S. government’s william Watson Office of Editions on the Paris World’s Fair: Civil Engineering, Public Works and Architecture 1892.

“And for twenty years, we see, stretching throughout the city, still inhabited by geniuses for centuries, we see a stretch as a black shadow of a black column built from nailsed iron plates.”

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The author of the novel Guy de Maupassant – who hates the tower – has lunch at the Menara restaurant every day. When asked why, he replied that it was the only place in Paris where we could not see the Tower. Today, it is still considered a striking work of art.

One of the shots of Hollywood cinema shows a view from a Parisian window that always shows a tower. In fact, as the height restriction of buildings in Paris is 7 storeys, only a few high-rise buildings have an unobstructed view of the tower.

Eiffel has had a permanent tower permit for 20 years, which means it must be demolished in 1909, when the property was transferred to the City of Paris. The city planned to demolish it (part of the original competition rules for the design of easily demolished towers) but once the tower has proven profitable in terms of communication, the tower is left standing after the permit expires. The military used it to organize Parisian taxis on the front lines during the Battle of the First Marne and became a monument to the victory of this battle.

The shape of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France
Paris eiffel tower light show start time
Paris eiffel tower light show start time

When the tower was built, many people were surprised by its difficult shape. Eiffel was criticized for this design and was forced to try to design something artsy, or not artsy from the point of view, without the urge to build. Eiffel and its engineers, known as bridge builders, understood the importance of wind energy and knew that they would build the tallest structure in the world, they had to adapt it to the wind. In an interview reported by the newspaper Le Temps, Eiffel said:

“Now, why should I give the main reason for the design? This tower is wind resistant. All right! I declare that the curvature of the four outer sides of the tower, as well as the mathematical calculations will give a good view of strength and beauty, and give an impression to all who see the overall sophistication of the design.

The shape of the tower has already been indicated with mathematical calculations that resist the wind. Some of these theoretical calculations have been planned for years, most recently a non-linear integral differential equation based on the balance of wind pressure on any side of the tower with the tension between the building elements at that time. The shape is exponential. The dangerous plot of the tower arches, with two different exhibitors, the background has a strong defense against the wind.

20 Dashyat events concerning the Euffel Paris Tower France

Night the eiffel tower
Night the eiffel tower
  1. On September 10, 1889, Thomas Edison visited the tower. He signed the guest book with the following message …
  2. To Mr. Eiffel the engineer, the courageous builder of the great and original modern architecture of someone who gave great appreciation to all engineers, including the great engineer the Good God, Thomas Edison.
  3. In 1902, the tower was struck by lightning (see photo on the right). The 100 m (330 ft) ridge must be rebuilt and the lights illuminating the tower must be replaced immediately.
  4. Father Theodor Wulf, in 1910, observed the radiant energy emitted at the top and bottom of the tower, found the upper part more than expected and initiated what are now called cosmic rays.
  5. On 4 February 1912, Austrian tailor Franz Reichelt died after jumping 60 metres from the first bridge of the Eiffel Tower with his artificial parachute.
  6. In 1925, the painter Victor Lustig “sold” this scrap tower.
  7. In 1930, the tower lost its title as the world’s tallest structure when the Chrysler Building was completed in New York.
  8. From 1925 to 1934, a billboard for Citroen filled three of the four sides of the tower, making it the tallest billboard in the world at the time.
  9. Before the Nazi occupation of Paris in 1940, the elevator cable was cut by the French so that Adolf Hitler had to climb the stairs to the top. The parts to fix it are impossible because of the war. In 1940, the Nazis had to climb to the top to wave the swastika, but the flag was too big to be torn off a few hours later, and was replaced by a small one. During his visit to Paris, Hitler chose to be at the bottom. It is said that Hitler controlled France, not the Eiffel Tower. A Frenchman measures the tower during the German occupation to beat the French flag. In August 1944, when the Allies approached Paris, Hitler ordered General Dietrich von Choltitz, the military governor of Paris, to demolish the tower with the entire city. Von Choltitz refused the order. The tower elevators operate normally a few hours after the Liberation of Paris.
  10. On 3 January 1956, a fire burned the top of the tower.
  11. In 1957, a radio antenna was added to the summit.
  12. In the 1980s, a former restaurant and its iron foundation were demolished; purchased and rebuilt at St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana, by businessmen John Onorio and Daniel Bonnot, named Eiffel Tower Restaurant, better known as the Red Room. This restaurant was redone from 11,000 rooms that crossed the Atlantic in a 12-metre cargo container.
  13. On March 31, 1984, Robert Moriarty flew a Beechcraft Bonanza through an arch under the tower.
  14. In the 1985 James Bond action/adventure film, A View to a Kill, Sir Roger Moore plays James Bond for May Day, played by actress Grace Jones in the Eiffel Tower. He paralyzed the structure to escape. The video for the theme song of the film, sung by Duran Duran, also includes several scenes of the band singing in the tower that collide with scenes from the film. 20 years earlier, the film Bond Thunderball (1985) showed the tower when Largo, played by Adolfo Celi, parked outside the SPECTRE office in Paris.
  15. On 14 July 1995, Bastille Day, French musician Jean Michel Jarre presented a concert of concern on the tower with the help of UNESCO. This free concert was visited by 1.5 million people, meeting the Champ-de-Mars. The concert presented the effects of lights and projections on the tower and giant fireworks outside. Three years later, he returned to the same place for another musical event, Electronic Night.
  16. During the celebration of the New Year 2000, the Eiffel Tower organized the celebration of the millennium in Paris. Fireworks are fired along the entire length of the tower in a spectacular appearance. An exhibition above the cafeteria on the first level is also in the spotlight.
  17. 19. In 2000, flashing lights and four high-powered torches were installed in the tower. Since then, the light show has become a daily event every night. The rocket above the tower made it a beacon tower in the night sky of Paris.
  18. The tower welcomed 200,000,000 guests in 2002.
  19. At 7:20 p.m. on July 22, 2003, a fire broke out at the top of the tower in the broadcasting room. The entire tower is emptied; the fire was brought under control after 40 minutes and no injuries were reported.
  20. Since 2004, the Eiffel Tower has built ice rinks on the first level in winter.
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The eiffel tower descriptive text
The eiffel tower descriptive text

List of 72 names of scientists of the Eiffel Tower


In the Eiffel Tower, seventy-two names of scientists, engineers and several other famous Frenchmen were consecrated because of his services by Gustave Eiffel. The names are located on the side of the tower under the first balcony. The name was removed at the beginning of the 20th century and returned from 1986 to 1987 by the New Company operating the Eiffel Tower, a company mandated to operate businesses linked to the Tower. This tower belongs to the city of Paris.

This list has been criticized for not including Sophie Germain, a French mathematician whose services to the theory of elasticity helped build this tower. Germain’s biographer, Mozans, suggested that his name not be included because he was a woman.


Who owns the copyright to the Eiffel Tower drawings?

Eiffel tower paris light show
Eiffel tower paris light show

Images of towers have long been a public domain; however, in 2003, the SNTE (New Eiffel Tower Operating Company) installed new lighting in the tower. This effect aims to render the image of another night of the tower and its appearance of copyrighted lighting. As a result, it is no longer possible to broadcast photos of the tower at night without permission in several countries.

The granting of copyright is controversial. The SNTE’s Documentation Director, Stéphane Dieu, said in January 2005: “This is only to protect the commercial use of the images, so that they are not used in a way that we do not approve of.” However, this may also have the effect of prohibiting the distribution of tourist photos on the night tower as well as the distribution of non-profit and semi-commercial images of the tower.

In the latest decision, the Court of Cassation stated that copyright cannot be claimed on images that include copyrighted buildings if the photos cover a wider area. This indicates that SNTE cannot claim copyright in photos in Paris that include the appearance of the tower.

In some jurisdictions, this copyright infringement claim is strictly not allowed. Under the Republic of Ireland’s Copyright Act, “permanent work performed in public places or places open to the public” may be freely included in visual reproduction.

47 comparison of the high towers of the world

Eiffel tower description
Eiffel tower description
  1. Tour CN, Toronto, Canada – 553,33 m, la deuxième plus haute tour autoportante au monde
  2. Tour de télévision de Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine – 385 m, la plus haute tour de fer du monde, sans terrasse d’observation pour les visiteurs.
  3. Tour de radio et de télévision Riga, Riga, Lettonie – tour en béton de 368,5 m avec trois poteaux
  4. Tour de Macao, RAS de Macao – 338 m, avec une plate-forme d’observation à 237,62 m et avec le plus haut saut à l’élastique du monde avec 233 mètres.
  5. Dragon Tower, Harbin – une tour de fer de 336 m à Harbin, Chine
  6. Tour Eiffel, la hauteur de cette tour de fer atteint 325 m (1 063 pi), y compris une antenne pouvant atteindre 24 m (79 pi).
  7. Tour de Tokyo, Tokyo, Japon – 9 m plus haut que l’original (33 m si l’antenne TV est insérée).
  8. Tour de télévision d’Erevan, Erevan, Arménie – une tour de fer de 311,7 m a été construite de 1974 à 1977
  9. Tour de télévision Saint-Pétersbourg, Saint-Pétersbourg, Russie – Tour en fer de 310 m sans terrasse d’observation
  10. Star Tower, Cincinnati, Ohio – tour émettrice de 291,4 m, sans plate-forme d’observation
  11. Tour de télévision Qingdao, Chine – Tour de télévision de 232 m avec terrasse d’observation
  12. Émetteur Crystal Palace, Londres, Angleterre – Tour de télévision de 222 m sans plate-forme d’observation, surnommée la Tour Eiffel de Londres [citation nécessaire].
  13. Tour de télévision Brasilia, Brasilia, Brésil – tour de fer de 224 m avec une plate-forme d’observation à 75 m
  14. Tour de télévision de Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Chine – tour de télévision en fer 217 m
  15. Blosenbergturm, Beromünster, Suisse – Tour de 217 m pour la diffusion du DRS-1 à une fréquence d’onde moyenne de 531 kHz.
  16. Tour de télévision de Nagoya, Nagoya, Japon – 180 m
  17. Odinstårnet, Odense, Danemark – 177 mètres de tour de fer, détruite en 1944
  18. The Spire The Arts Centre (Melbourne), Melbourne Australie – construit en 1996 avec 163 m de haut et rempli de tubes à fibres optiques de 6 600 m (21,65 k ft), 150 m (492 pi) de tubes fluorescents dans les tours et 14 000 lampes à incandescence dans le pic. Du fer supplémentaire au sommet est également affecté par la ballerine tutu.
  19. Émetteur Ismaning, Ismaning, Allemagne – 163 m, une tour radio en bois en forme de Tour Eiffel (surnommée “Tour Eiffel bavaroise”) a été construite en 1934. [25] En 1983, la tour a été détruite en raison de sa mauvaise structure
  20. Tour de Blackpool, Blackpool, Angleterre – 158 m (519 pi); n’est pas une structure autoportante lorsque l’on se tient sur le complexe Tower Circus, où les quatre «jambes» peuvent être vues.
  21. Mesquite Tower, Mesquite, Texas – tour émettrice de 155,3 m, sans plate-forme d’observation
  22. Émetteur de Croydon – Tour émettrice de 152 m à Londres, sans terrasse d’observation
  23. Tour radio de Berlin, Berlin, Allemagne – Tour émettrice de 150 m avec une plate-forme d’observation. Il est parfois surnommé une copie de la tour Eiffel, bien que les deux structures ne soient pas similaires. La tour radio de Berlin est la seule tour d’observation dont les pieds sont isolés du sol.
  24. Tour de télévision de Sapporo, Sapporo, Japon – 147 m
  25. Radio Tower Gliwice, Gliwice, Pologne – 118 m. La tour a été construite en bois sans fer et est maintenant la plus haute structure en bois du monde, surnommée jusqu’en 1945 “Tour Eiffel de Silésie” par les résidents locaux.
  26. Tour AWA, Sydney, Australie – 101 m, 46 m au-dessus d’un bâtiment de 55 m, construit en 1938-1939.
  27. Tour Beppu, Beppu, Japon – 100 m [26]
  28. Zendstation Zwollerkerspel – tour radio de 90 m
  29. Tour métallique de Fourvière, Lyon, France – la tour en fer de 85,7 m a été construite de 1892 à 1894. Utilisée jusqu’en 1953 comme tour d’observation, aujourd’hui tour de télévision – fermée aux visiteurs.
  30. Torre del Reformador, Guatemala City, Guatemala – 75 m
  31. Tour de montagne de Hot Springs – 65,80 m, avec une terrasse d’observation
  32. Brookmans Park Transmitter – deux tours en fer de 60,96 m, isolées du sol
  33. Petřínská rozhledna, Prague, République tchèque – 60 m, construit en 1891
  34. Tour Bachtel, Hinwil, Suisse – 60 m, construite en 1986
  35. Tour Wiesbaden Bismarck, Wiesbaden, Allemagne – Tour d’observation en bois ligneux de 50 m, construite en 1910 et détruite en 1918.
  36. Watkin’s Tower, Wembley Park, Londres, Angleterre – n’a jamais été achevée, détruite en 1907
  37. Joseph’s Cross, Stollberg / Harz, Allemagne – tour d’observation de 38 m en forme de croix
  38. Tour de Lemberg, montagnes de Lemberg, Allemagne – tour d’observation en fer de 33 m, construite en 189
  39. Tour Gehrenberg, Deggenhausertal, Allemagne – Tour d’observation en fer de 30 m, construite en 1903.
  40. Tour Salzgitter Bismarck, Salzgitter, Allemagne – une tour d’observation de 17 m composée d’un sous-sol en pierre de 5 mètres et d’une tour de 12 mètres construite en 1900
  41. Mount Gorbea Summit Cross – une rencontre croisée de 17,2 mètres sur le mont Gorbea
  42. Tour du Belvédère – une petite tour d’observation à Mulhouse, Alsace, France
  43. Woodwards Building, Vancouver, Canada – une petite reproduction sur le toit d’un bâtiment recouvert de néon “W”. Ce bâtiment a été détruit, seule une partie de la façade subsiste. Sera remplacé par des condos et quelques logements de bas niveau.
  44. Hashawha Tour, Westminster, Maryland – Windmills donated by Hashawha Bear Branch Nature Center. Standing at 10 m (35 feet), there is an ankle on the side to climb and there is a small observation deck above which has a beautiful view of the Hashawha Tower area, Westminster, Maryland – Windmills donated by Hashawha Bear Branch Nature Center. Standing for 10 m (35 feet), there is an ankle on the side to climb, and there is a small observation deck above which has a nice view of the surroundings.
  45. Kings Amusement Park, Mason, Ohio – 100 m (328 feet, scale 1: 3) 39 – 20-36 ” LU, 84 – 16-1″ BB
  46. Kings Dominion Theme Park, Doswell, Virginia – 84 m (275 ft, sakala 1: 3: 59)
  47. Da Lat Television Tower, Dalat, Vietnam – 80 m
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Eiffel tower description in english
Eiffel tower description in english

The main source: https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menara_Eiffel

 Paris France Tourist Attractions 25 Spot :

  1. Eiffel Tower, Paris Travel Icon
  2. Louvre Paris Museum, the world’s largest museum
  3. Notre Dame de Paris, famous Catholic cathedral
  4. Arc de Triomphe Paris, the monument of the Napoleonic War
  5. Champs-Élysées Paris, Place of Branded Products
  6. Palace of Versailles Paris, World Heritage Palace
  7. Sacred Heart Paris, exotic church on the hill
  8. Jardin des Tuileries Paris, beautiful garden
  9. Luxembourg Garden Paris, King Henry IV Heritage Park
  10. Montmartre Paris, beautiful area to see the whole city of Paris
  11. Musée d’Orsay Paris, Station Museum
  12. Disneyland Paris is suitable for tourism with children
  13. Place de la Concorde Paris, Enchanting Paris Town Square
  14. The Pompidou Centre Paris, Art Collection
  15. Le Marais Paris, the old city of France
  16. Champ de Mars Paris, beautiful park near the Eiffel Tower
  17. Palais Garnier Paris, Opera Show Building
  18. Tour Montparnasse Paris, skyscraper 210 meters
  19. Pantheon Paris, historic French building
  20. Musée Rodin Paris, museum full of works by famous artists
  21. Conciergerie Paris, a former 14th century prison building
  22. Pont des Arts Paris, beautiful bridge of the Seine
  23. Musée de l’Orangerie Paris, Museum of Modern Art
  24. Grand Palais Paris, French historic site
  25. La Villette Paris, a spacious park for art concerts

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