Importance Of Accommodation In Tourism Industry Ppt

Importance Of Accommodation In Tourism Industry Ppt

Importance Of Accommodation In Tourism Industry Ppt – Meaning and importance of tourism chapter 1 2. Tourism is important to the economies of many countries tourism creates jobs for local also increases the income of other businesses that supply the tourism industry. tourism is important to the economy of both rich and poor countries e.g.

Accommodation is the backbone of the tourism industry. because it is an important and fundamental part of tourism. Tourists need a place in their journey where they can relax and recharge their batteries. As a result, commercial properties were built. There is a great diversity in terms of size and type of housing in relation to the location and the services they provide. Accommodation companies’ services vary according to the target customer groups.


Importance of accommodation in tourism and hospitality industry (
Importance of accommodation in the tourism and hospitality industry (

Importance of Accommodation In Tourism

Raising environmental awareness about global warming to the public makes them respond to it. The development of sustainable tourism is now gaining more and more attention from international and national tourism organizations. Now, on the other hand, in many countries, the law requires a certain level of standards regarding environmental sustainability before a business can be opened.

On the other hand, people are now more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly than before. People are very aware of how the environment will be affected by their activities and therefore, as investors in the tourism sector, they want their investment in the business to be very responsible for environmental sustainability

As customers, they demand environmental policies from companies and, at their own expense, choose alternatives that support their values ​​and lifestyle. As a result, companies now need to show people and explain how they take steps towards environmental sustainability so they can attract and run their business.

The purpose of the thesis research is to find out how the housing sector in the tourism industry directly or indirectly affects the overall tourism development of a given area. In other words, Tourism Is one of the main components of the ISM proposal, and accommodation tourism is the most important part of the ISM industry. The availability of accommodation in the area represents the image of the tourist destination, as it is one of the basic requirements for tourists in their travel.

The study also aims to find out how the housing sector is responsible for the sustainable development of tourism in the destination region. This work focuses on accommodation in the tourism sector attempts, with emphasis on camping and caravans. The author of this dissertation intends to support studies using case studies of Strand Camping, Larsmo. Between the view and participant observation, two qualitative research methods are used in the study.

Strand Camping, Larsmo is a family business with a long history. It is located in Larsmo, Finland, close to the Larsmo motorway. It has served many tourists and locals over the decades. The study highlights the importance of Larsmo’s Strand Camping to the tourism development it provides, and its exercise partnership for sustainable housing development. The main objective for authors choosing a topic and location is that the authors have completed internships; Part of Strand Camping’s degree program. Here the author can study many aspects of the tourism business and would like to incorporate the knowledge acquired in the school into his letter.


Importance of accommodation in tourism and hospitality industry (
Importance of accommodation in tourism and hospitality industry (

Hotels are the main form of accommodation

These types of accommodation are designed to offer accommodation and regular meals, where guests tend to pay for the services offered. (G. P. 2009.) The main advantage of this type of accommodation is that the cost of this type accommodation is modest. You can enjoy your stay at affordable prices.

Usually, but not always, they offer entertainment and sports around accommodation services that facilitate interaction with local residents and culture for guests. Complimentary accommodation plays an important role in the total tourist accommodation in the country of destination by accommodating national and international tourists. Additional accommodation The basic forms are Hostels, Motels, Campsites, Beds and Breakfast, Tourist Village, Inn, Guest House, Farm accommodation, Time distribution, Pension, etc. (G. P 2009.)


Campsites and caravans

Campsites and caravans are an important element of national and international tourism, where visitors bring their own accommodation in tents, caravans, or caravans. Campsites and RV sites are recognized as important forms of accommodation in many vacation destinations.

Camps and caravans come in all shapes and sizes and quality of service. This form of accommodation is very popular in several European countries and in the United States. The level of accommodation provided on these sites has improved significantly compared to the previous generation of campsites, but there are still some limitations in terms of space and privacy.  Such venues can be very basic with little utility compared to the 4,444 highly sophisticated resort locations, including a wide range of convenience services with plenty of entertainment,  food services, and retail options. (Cooper et al. 2008, 352; Saxena 2008.)

Camping and caravanning are very popular in Europe. Various types of online booking sites make it easy for travelers to book camping sites. in general, online booking sites will give their customers a membership card for a certain amount of money. With these maps, travelers can book their campsite online in a specific area. For example, with in Europe, travelers can book camping in 30 countries with 9800 campsites. (Euro camping’s 2013.)

Housing classification

Housing classification is defined as the process of classifying housing into classes or levels according to the services they provide. Quality is compared in various rating schemas and rankings, for example at the national or regional and public or private level. While the classification or classification can apply to any sub-sector of accommodation, is primarily used for hotels, guest houses, boarding houses, farm accommodations, camping, and motorhomes.

These ratings and ratings are based on the quality of service provided rating, which will provide the basic business information so that customers can choose the right according to their budget. To date, there is no proper classification of International Standard. Therefore, there are many ways for hotels to rank by country. (Cooper et al. 2008, 35). For example, the UK Quality Rating System has a rating system ranging from 1 star to all types of accommodations available and covers campgrounds, Band B, and city center hotels. The different forms of web hosting services offer varying levels of amenities and services. Due to the versatility of its services, different forms of housing are evaluated in different ways.

Here, in all types of accommodation, the number of stars provides guests with an indication of the general quality of the building and the decor, furnishings, and ambiance are some examples of the elements that define quality. (VisitBritain 2013.)

In order to classify lodging units according to the criteria, both tangible and intangible must be the subject of judgment such as personal service or product quality. As a result, many classification schemes focus primarily on the physical structure and measurable attributes of traffic, where the quality score will be based, for example, on room size, room facilities, and service availability. However, the home classification is not without 4,444 problems. Attempts to establish a transnational system within some partners, such as the EU has mysteriously failed due to the diversity of the tourism industry on the ground. (Cooper et al. 2008, 357-358.)

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Importance of accommodation sector in sri lanka tourism and hospitality industry (
Importance of accommodation sector in Sri Lanka tourism and hospitality industry (

FAQS Importance Of Accommodation In Tourism

What is the importance of accommodation in tourism?

Accommodation ensures the safety of all travelers who are not aware of new places. It also helps tourists to better explore the city of their choice. This improves the overall travel experience. So the role of accommodation affects your vacation trip in many ways.

The Importance of Education and Training in Tourism and Hospitality?

Tourism education plays an important role in preparing students to acquire the professional and practical skills required by the tourism industry. Given that the tourism industry is a labor-intensive sector, it cannot be denied that practical training is just as important as theoretical training.

Why is knowledge important for the tourism industry?

12 Finding Travel Information In the travel industry, it’s important to have up-to-date information so that you can: Tell your customers about industry events, trends, and events Plan your career Update your knowledge and skills Maintain professional interest Communicate effectively Learn new techniques.

What is the importance of organizations in tourism and hospitality?

Tourism and hospitality associations are important because they help promote the interests of players in the catering, tourism, and hospitality sectors.

What are the advantages of homes?

The most frequently cited direct benefits were:

  • (1) the placement allowed the company to retain a valuable employee,
  • (2) the placement increased employee productivity, and
  • (3) the placement eliminated the cost of training a new employee.

What are the four types of houses?

Adaptations are usually grouped into four categories: presentation, response, setting, timing, and scheduling.

What is tourism education and why is it important?

Two important tourist activities are accommodation and hospitality. travel and trade. Consequently, the development of the tourism workforce cannot be limited to tourism education and training provided by institutions and universities at the national level.

How has COVID 19 affected the tourism industry?

It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has had quite a serious impact on the tourism industry worldwide and in South Africa, especially due to the imposed restrictions and travel restrictions. In 2020, the volume of tourists decreased by 72.6% from 10.2 million in 2019 to 2.8 million in 2020.

What is the main purpose of tourism?

Tourism is used to introduce newcomers (tourists) to parts of your city or places of interest in your city/country. Tourism promotes (advertises) your city/country and helps raise money for your city by spending money to see a place, buy food, buy gifts, or stay somewhere.

What is the role of the World Tourism Organization?

UNWTO generates market knowledge, promotes competitive and sustainable tourism policies and instruments, improves tourism education and training, and works to make tourism an effective tool for development through technical assistance projects in more than 100 countries around the world.

What is sustainable tourism and why is it important?

Sustainable tourism aims to increase the benefits that tourism brings to a destination and reduce its negative impacts. This can be achieved: We protect the natural environment, wildlife, and natural resources when developing and managing tourism activities.

Do I have to pay for additional accommodation?

You do not have to receive a benefit to receive this payment and you do not have to repay it.

What is the importance of housing for society?

Accommodation explores conflict and enables individuals and groups to maintain cooperation which is a prerequisite for social life.

What is the cheapest type of accommodation?

Pension. Hostels are the cheapest and most convenient



In some destinations, there is a great appreciation of the environmental resources as the source of the tourism industry, and as such there are environmental protection policies and plans in place.


Importance Of Accommodation In Tourism Industry Ppt
Discuss the importance of accommodation in the tourism industry (


Importance of accommodation in tourism industry ppt. Social media has made a huge impact on the tourism industry. Learn more about both travel and tourism, and the industries based on those activities. Transportation links tourists with various tourist attractions.

The motivation to travel is usually led by the desire to experience a wider tourism product at a particular resort or locality with accommodation as one of the crucial tourism products. Consumers engage with social networking sites to research trips, make informed decisions about their travels and share their personal. How event management affects the tourism industry.

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It also describes different aspects that together make up the tourism industry. List the various types of accommodation. Tourists in their travel require a location where they can rest and revive during their travel.

This chapter explores the accommodation sector, and chapter 4 details the food and beverage sector. Tourism 2020 marks a further milestone in Australian tourism policy. Tourism relies on and greatly impacts, the natural environment in which it operates.

Figure 3.1 the view from a balcony at the Westin Bayshore Hotel in downtown Vancouver The importance of technology in the hospitality industry today is irrefutable. Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries.

Today, hotels not only provide accommodation and meals but also offer a variety of other services as per the needs of the tourist/guest. A solid marketing strategy is crucial in any business and the tourism industry is no different. The main reason to study hospitality, travel, and tourism is to work in the field.

Explain the concepts of, tourism and hospitality. Hotels are a vital and essential part of the tourism industry. Introduction to hospitality & tourism industry by Emmanuel Gamor course objectives by the end of this course, students should be able to:

India has been recognized as a destination for spiritual tourism for domestic and international tourists. From the expenditures which he performs, a part goes directly to economic units from the tourism industry (housing, food, transportation, etc), and the other part goes into local budgets or into the state budget From a small b&b to a global hotel chain, every single accommodation provider across the world is indebted to technology in one way or another!

As per the changing needs of the customer. Tourism is beginning to recognize that the SDGs offer true business opportunities as sustainable business operations can spur competitiveness and increase profit. It seems that everywhere we look there are new lodges being launched, and more companies becoming involved in the niche business of destination planning, transportation, accommodation, and catering for tourists.

For sustainability, a product has to be well-positioned or located. For example, many hotels offer a health club, crèche, etc. The importance of transportation to tourism development.

Adventure tourism is defined as the movement of the people from one to another place outside their comfort zone for exploration or travel to remote areas, exotic, and possibly hostile areas. Tourism in France generated 35 million euros in 2006 and 2 million jobs. Tourism in perspective travel trade sector accommodation sector events sector transportation sector adventure & outdoor recreation sector food services sector attractions sector entertainment sector tourism services world & national travel industry associations world & national government tourism.

India is a large market for travel and tourism. Adventure tourism is a type of tourism in which tourists do some adventurous activities like skydiving, hill climbing, and scuba diving. Tourists travel to destinations that are accessible to them.

December 2009, followed by the 2020 tourism industry potential in November 2010. They require accommodation if they are visiting a place. We refer to the accommodation and food and beverage services sectors together as the hospitality industry.

To define tourism in a different perspective to differentiate tourists from excursionists to understand the various elements of travel as used as criteria for defining travelers and/or tourists chapter 1 3. Hotels, airlines, destination, attractions, transportation, cruises, events, activity providers, shopping centers, tourist services, travel agents, tour operators, and many others together form together with a huge industry. That’s why, when organizing such events, you should consider the possible aftermath for each sphere.

The scene has changed dramatically with the advent of information technology in the hotel industry. What is the difference between the travel and tourism industry? Accommodation is a base of the tourism industry as it is a vital and fundamental part of tourism supply.

Tourism ( importance of tourism ) 1. Transportation has been an integral part of the tourism industry; The benefits of tourism economically speaking, the tourist is a goods consumer and the beneficiary of a service.

Events in tourism development produce a credible impact on the industry as a whole and influence a broad range of human activities: Accommodation as a tourism product has to reflect the vital components of any business product. The importance of the tourism industry and the concept and dimensions of service quality were reviewed initially and then the impact of service quality on tourism and customer satisfaction was studied.


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