Importance Of Infrastructure And Superstructure In Tourism Attractions United Arab Emirates

Importance Of Infrastructure And Superstructure In Tourism Attractions United Arab Emirates. There are several superstructures and tourist attractions in UAE that strengthen its position in the tourism world. The following research covers various additional structures that have helped the UAE to gain international recognition in the tourism industry. It describes how some attractions like Dubai Mall and Burj Al Arab have become the focal point of the business world. In addition, it examines the fact that tourism can be used as an important tool for communicating and representing the emirate culture of the rest of the world.


Importance Of Infrastructure And Superstructure In Tourism Attractions United Arab Emirates
Importance Of Infrastructure And Superstructure In Tourism Attractions United Arab Emirates

Superstructure and Tourist Attractions in the United Arab Emirates

What are the various superstructures and tourist attractions in the United Arab Emirates that attract the most international tourists? How have these add-ons attracted far more tourists than in previous years?

Research questions on the importance of superstructures and attractions in the UAE. Research questions focus on how to build and enhance tourist attractions. The UAE government has gained international recognition worldwide as well as promoted its culture and cultural values ​​around the world.

The research question thus focuses on the various tourist attractions and their benefits for the UAE’s economy, cultural identity, and global focal point.

Importance / Importance of the Study Tourism occupies an important place in any country at the present time. Tourism has so far not been a means of pleasure for the people of the country. It has now become a source of national income for a country. In a rapidly changing world, The world’s population has grown exponentially with increasing technological developments. Therefore, the demand for travel is increasing.

Especially in a country like the United Arab Emirates, which has become a global village due to its diverse population and success, it is important to study the effects of tourism due to its superstructure and tourist destinations. With this study, you will be able to assess the pros and cons of tourism and how to control other factors in becoming an international hub.

How to improve the current state of tourism and what needs to be done to increase the cultural potential of the UAE in the world? Furthermore, this study will be useful to analyze how the UAE’s GDP and other economic factors have increased dramatically as a result of tourism. Few people are aware of the various aspects of how tourism plays an important role in the country’s success, this article will show readers how in today’s world, tourism is just as important as any other important aspect of the country.


United Arab Emirates Superstructure and tourist attractions
United Arab Emirates Superstructure and tourist attractions
Sheikh Zayed Grand Masjid United Arab Emirates (
Sheikh Zayed Grand Masjid United Arab Emirates (


Importance of infrastructure and superstructure in tourism. Marx’s base determines the superstructure axiom, however, requires qualification: Infrastructure and superstructure are the backbones of the tourism industry. The superstructure, it is said, is a reflection of the base, but this never makes it a subservient force to the base.

Advantages of tourism import 1. To capture tourism infrastructure, following the standard literature, the number of rooms available (room) in the destination country is used. Importance of tourism infrastructure development.

Portugal is an important tourist destination in Europe and the world. The more there are, the higher the capacity and the more competitive the tourism industry (cheaper prices as a result of competition). Infrastructure, unfortunately, the Greek general infrastructure has been incapable of supporting the tourism superstructure growth over the last decades, and thus, telecommunications, transportation, health services, water supply, and sewage systems are under extreme pressure in the summer peak months to satisfy the demand density.

Having recognized the importance of infrastructure in tourism development, the tourist master plan (2002) has spelled out various infrastructure strategies targeted for investment such as roads, airports, and utilities, as a prerequisite to investment in the tourism superstructure of hotels, lodges, camps, etc. Subsequently, the measurement of infrastructure has been presented. Our cruise tourism infrastructure is the brick and mortar, the workers in the sector, the suppliers and facilitators, the agents and port personnel, our tourism agencies, etc.

The infrastructure of the tourism product differentiates improves the tourist image of the country or area of destination and promotes the tourism development process. For example, art, politics, economics, etc. Because of the importance of infrastructure in tourism development, the present research is an attempt to examine the hard elements of tourism infrastructure in different provinces of Iran.

Tourism infrastructure and superstructure are created, tangible components of the tourism industry’s supply side. In fact, tourism helps in the development of infrastructure and superstructure for tourist destinations, when private tour operators, travel agencies, or destination companies convert. Infrastructure, promote the integration of tourist services, maintain visitor numbers and encourage guests to stay longer, visit additional locations and increase their spending.

To ensure the tourism sector can support the governmentâ s ambition to deliver a major upgrade to the ukâ s infrastructure. Private investments, public investments, touristic infrastructure, and superstructure. It is an active force.

Investments in the tourist sector are characterized as capital intensive, due to the high cost of infrastructure and tourism superstructure 1. When the government moves aggressively to develop tourism, private investments in the industry will follow. It now becomes easier for people to travel from one place to another because of the various modes of transportation available.

Tourism development is equally important because it is a natural beneficiary of infrastructure development and it can contribute substantially to GDP. The development of tourism, in general, presupposes the completion of significant capital investment by the state and the private sector. The most important advantages of tourism import are given below:

The importance of tourism infrastructure is presented by. This need is more realistic when the destination is situated in the Himalayas and has many attractions with less or no accessibilities. Australia’s tourism industry has been identified as a growth sector due to our proximity to the fast-growing economies in Asia, unique natural wonders, and food and wine experiences that are among the best in the world.


A blend of modernity and tradition. Tourists take photos with camels on the beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai. (Reuters)
A blend of modernity and tradition. Tourists take photos with camels on the beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai. (Reuters)

Afterward effects of infrastructure were discussed thus poor infrastructure can lead to negative consequences. Tourism infrastructure is the basis of tourism development, as. They differ with respect to the directness of their link to the tourism industry, providers, services offered, investment profile, and profit potential.

Many times, it happens that investments done by the state and private sector for the touristic development, of a country, or. Though the change of the economic foundation immensely transforms the super­structure, it is wrong to assume that the superstructure is a passive and completely dependent force. The analysis of Portuguese tourism that is presented here spans the period 1965 to 2016.

Main tourism spending goes towards transport and travel, accommodation, food and drink, and retail and leisure. Tourism ushers social progress in manifold ways. Additional facilities include roads, water systems, public toilets, signage, etc.

After that, it describes the survival of the tourism industry based on the development of the infrastructure development. It, therefore, sets out the main changes in tourism in Portugal over the last 50 years. Facilities and services are necessary to develop tourist reception areas (accommodation, catering, transport, information, museums, and tourist attractions).

He underscored the importance of connectivity to a growing economy and society. In addition to the advancements made in the sphere of infrastructure and superstructure, destinations experience immense growth as regards educational institutions, health centers, pollution control systems, intensive security, cultural institutions, etc. Infrastructure is created mainly for residents and can be divided into general infrastructure and basic services infrastructure.

Tourism as an industry needs state-of-the-art infrastructure and superstructure absolutely for its own. The perceived impact of tourism infrastructure on the development of a heritage site: Tourists use a tiny fraction of their overall visitor spending at the actual heritage site in most destinations;

Because of all these infrastructure development is important for the tourism sector. Some authors point to the difference between tourism infrastructure and superstructure, claiming that superstructure depends on infrastructure (Correia, Kozak, The base is the whole of productive relationships, not only a given economic element, e.g.

According to the world tourism council, infrastructure is the single most important key to tourism growth and performance.


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