Importance Of Tourism In India

Tourism is important in india because. It benefits the people living in and around tourist centers financially.

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Fortunately for india the ministry of tourism of the central government and the departments of tourism of the different state governments are jointly trying to make all possible attempts to attract the tourists to this country.

Importance of tourism in india. India is an ancient country. Indias rapidly growing tourism sector now plays a huge role in the nations economy supporting tens of millions of jobs and generating billions of dollars each year. Tour is a part of education.

Economic importance of tourism in india. The tourism industry directly and indirectly employs more than 26 million citizens which represents 57 percent of the countrys total employment according to the world economic forum. It generates employment and promotes enterprises and gives fillip to economic development and appreciation of cultural similarities and differences.

It benefits our country in generating foreign currency. Today tourism is the largest service industry in india with a contribution of 623 to the national gdp and providing 878 of the total employment. Every year a large number of tourists visit india and other places.

Tourism opportune us to explore new culture meet new people and do fun and adventure at different places. The travel and tourism industry is responsible for 61 percent of indias gross domestic product as of 2011. The central and state governments acknowledges the importance of tourism industry.

Present situation and features of tourism in india. India witnesses more than 5 million annual foreign tourist arrivals and 562 million domestic tourism visits. Historical monuments archaeological wealth and relics are spread all over the country.

Heritage culture and uniqueness of the country is made known to the foreign tourists and the domestic tourists of other parts of india. Economic progress the tourism industry aids and supports the foreign exchange reserves. Importance of tourism in india tourism plays an important role in indian economy.

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