33 Interesting Tourist Spots In Hong Kong That You Should Visit

33 Interesting Tourist Spots In Hong Kong That You Should Visit

Hong Kong Tourist. Hong Kong, officially Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is a city located in southeastern China at the Pearl River Estuari and the South China Sea. Hong Kong is known for its expansive development, a natural deep-sea port, and a very high population density (about 7 million on a land area of 1104 km2 (426 sq mi). The current population of Hong Kong is 93.6% ethnic Chinese. Most of the Cantonese-speaking Hong Kong people come from Guangdong province, where people with escaping skills when the Communist government controls China in 1949.

Tourism Hong Kong 2019 (The Happy Trip)
Tourism Hong Kong 2019 (The Happy Trip)

Following the defeat of China in the first Opium War (1839 – 42) of the British Empire, Hong Kong became a British colony with the defeat of the Hong Kong Island, followed by the Kowloon Peninsula in 1860 and a 99 year-old New Territories rental in 1898. After being occupied by the Japanese during World War II (1941 – 45), Britain again controlled Hong Kong until 30 June 1997. As a result of negotiations between China and the United Kingdom, Hong Kong was handed over to the People’s Republic of China through a Sino-English declaratory with the year 1984. The city became the first special Administrative region in China through the principle of “one country, two systems”.

In the late 1970 ‘s, Hong Kong grew into the main trading hub and financial hub of the world, and is regarded as one of the global cities. The city finished fifth in the Global City index from 2014 after New York City, London, Tokyo and Paris. The city has a high income per capita and severe economic inequality. The city also has a high human development index. [28] Hong Kong is the third most important financial centre after New York and London. Service-based economics, characterized by low taxes and free trade, and the currency of the country (Hong Kong dollar) is the eighth most traded currency in World.

Land constraints make it a solid infrastructure with modern architecture, making Hong Kong the world’s most vertical city. Hong Kong has excellent public transport links, and 90% of the population use mass transportation, with both Hong Kong trains and buses bearing the title as a megapolis and social status symbol in Asia. Rapid growth makes this area always progressing over time.

Now Hong Kong bears the predicate as a megapolis and social status symbol in Asia. Rapid growth makes this area always progressing over time. No wonder, if Hong Kong is one of the favorite tourist destinations for foreign tourists to visit.

Hongkong Tourist
Hongkong Tourist

There are 33 attractions in Hong Kong that are interesting for you to visit:

  • Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong
  • Buddha Tian Tan Hong Kong
  • Golden Bauhinia Square Hong Kong
  • Victoria Harbour Hong Kong V
  • ictoria Peak Hong Kong
  • Peak Tram Hong Kong
  • Museum Madame Tussaud Hong Kong
  • Sky100 Hong Kong
  • Avenue of Stars Hong Kong
  • A Symphony of Lights
  • Promenade Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong
  • Causeway Bay Hong Kong
  • Tsing Ma Bridge Hong Kong
  • Lan Kwai Fong Hong Kong
  • Repulse Bay Hong Kong
  • Kowloon Walled City Park Hong Kong
  • Jumbo Kingdom Hong Kong
  • Ladies Market Hong Kong
  • Disneyland Hong Kong
  • Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery Hong Kong
  • Ocean Park Hong Kong
  • Tian Tan Buddha Statue Hong Kong
  • Po Lin Monastery Hong Kong
  • Ngong Ping 360 Hong Kong
  • Tai O Hong Kong
  • Sunset Peak Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Railway Museum
  • 1881 Heritage Hong Kong
  • Clock Tower Hong Kong
  • Stanley Market Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Park
  • Chungking Mansions Hong Kong


  1. Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

Avenue of Stars Hong Kong (Youtube)
Avenue of Stars Hong Kong (Youtube)

Avenue of Stars, taking the example of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is located along Victoria Harbor Street in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. This is a tribute given to the world of the Hong Kong film industry.

In 1982, the New World Group Group built a promenade along the seafront around the New World Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong. In 2003, they announced that it would spend about HK $40 million to build the “Avenue of Stars”, a project backed by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Tourism Commission, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong government Kong and Hong Kong Film Awards Association.

It was opened to the public on 28 April 2004 with the opening ceremony held one day earlier, 27 April. The ceremony was attended by government figures and industry circles including Henry Tang (Financial Secretary), Stephen Ip (Secretary for Economic Development and Labour), Patrick Ho (Secretary of Home Affairs), Selina Chow (Chair of Hong Kong Tourism Board), Manfred Wong (Director/Actor), and Cheng Yu Tung (Chairman of the New World Group); Who funded this place from their own budget, the hereafter returned to the government of Hong Kong SAR as a public property.

At the time of opening, the area has been completed with about 73 handprints/feet from the selected of the scholars of the Hong Kong Film Awards Association and the readers of City Entertainment.

This area is located on the eastern part of the tourist attraction is very much at the end of the Sea bank Tsim Sha Tsui area. As well as other attractions are also added some interesting arenas for tourist including Museum of Art, Space Museum, Cultural Centre and Clock Tower.

Entering the arena from the direction of the Salisbury Garden, will meet directly with a replica statue as high as 4.5 meters, which is a clone of the award given to the visitors of the Hong Kong Film Awards. The 440-metre walk is also told about the journey of Hong Kong film history over the past hundred years, depicted in nine red pillars and the surrounding writings. In every single picture there is a plaque given to its commissioner. Some of them are accompanied by signatures and hand prints of celebrities in the sement, but generally only contain placards and names of the participants only.

The street provides an interesting view along Victoria Harbour. In fact the day, the place is very famous as a place to showcase the Symphony of Lights. It’s the best place to see the glamorous side of the artistry world in Hong Kong.

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