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Japan tourist visas. When a visitor from a visa exempt country lands in japan permission of stay is granted for 90 days in most cases for that entry to the country but only 15 or 30 days for certain nationalities.

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Other requirements to visit japan.

Japan tourist visa. Visit the embassy of japan website for the most current visa information. Japan visit visa requirements. Japan tourist visa frequently asked questions im visiting a friend or relative.

Visitors to japan from most european countries australia new zealand north america and singapore are usually issued a 90 day tourist visa for japan on each entry to the country see below. There are some additional japan visa requirements that foreign travelers need to take into account when submitting their application at a japanese mission. Japan tourist visa is a short term visa.

Some travelers have a sponsor or guarantor that will support the japan visa application. Japanese tourist visa requirements. Youll find the list of requirements and the application process here.

Entry exit and visa requirements. You must have a valid passport and an onwardreturn ticket for touristbusiness visa free stays of up to 90 days. Is the process the same.

I just want to renew. No there is a separate set of requirements for those visiting a relative or friend. A stamp is made in the visitors passport showing port and date of entry and permitted period of stay see photo above.

Your passport must be valid for the entire time you are staying in japan. A sponsor is a person that under the visa conditions will cover the expenses of the person applying for a visa. This short term visa allows a visitor to visit japan for the purpose of sightseeing attending business meet or conference participating in short term courses or visiting friends and relatives.

Holders of a valid hksar hong kong special administrative region passport also are granted visa free access to enter japan for tourism and short term visits up to 90 days. I was issued a japan visa before.

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