Komodo National Park Day Tour

Komodo dragon are the biggest lizards in the world freely living in wild sawanna at komodo national park ( komodo island and rinca island) they are the top predator among the wild animals in the world as well as eat each other,the body can reach 3 meters length with 80 kilograms weight,it is a rare and endangered animal therefore.the park is very importand as sanctuary of this biggest reptile. During your visit, you must comply with all of the chs protocol.

Komodo Island Boat Tour From Lombok To Flores in 2020

The tour will explore the selected destination at komodo national park.

Komodo national park day tour. So that you can choose which one is prefer for your holidays. Our private tour was organized through ora dive and it was a great experience, but rather expensive since we chose a private charter with diving. Komodo island is one of several that make up the komodo national park.

Explore a unique ecosystem, cultures of flores and get close to the komodo dragon and wildlife of komodo national park. The day trip went by quickly. There are several part of flores island but size is different from komodo island.

We had a wonderful time during our one day at komodo national park from seeing the komodo dragons, hiking, and also snorkeling. Komodo national park has proceeded to the second phase from august 15, 2020. Using local wooden boat tour (boat has no cabin) and using speedboat.

The only place you find komodo. Here, you will take a slow boat or speed boat (depend on your request) to the national park. To get to komodo national park, you have to book a boat trip.

There are komodo, rinca, gili motang and nusa kode island inhabited by komodo dragons. There are many beautiful islands and snorkeling spots to discover, so i’d recommend a longer trip. Pink beach manta point manta rays boat trip park fee the dragon their natural habitat other islands mating season marine life per day bucket list tour company flores island worth the effort crew members.

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Visit islands of komodo dragons there. In this phase, indonesian and expatriates who have stayed in indonesia since march 2020 or earlier may visit komodo national park. Your trip to komodo island national park will be started from labuan bajo, the closest city to the conservation area.

Of course the main reason people come here is to see the dragons but other than the dragons we saw deer, spinner dolphins and several different birds. Besides having the beauty of the komodo national park islands, labuan bajo also has many interesting places on the labuan bajo mainland itself. There are many choices from komodo tour packages.

Engulfed by the deep blue sea, komodo national park is the only place on earth where those incredible komodo dragons live in the wild, glorified by their fearsome reputation. It has been on our travel bucket list for a long time. The komodo dragon (varanus komodoensis) is an endangered species which can only be found in the komodo national park in east nusa tenggara.

Join us on a trek through the komodo trekker in labuan bajo. Because of the unique and rare nature of this animal, the park was declared a world heritage site by unesco in. 8 people for rp 12,000,000.00 (about $1,200 usd) useful notes:

Ever since we first visited bali and indonesia back in 2005, has this national park been in the back of our. The 2 days komodo national park tour is a private tour arrangement. For those of you who have 1 more free time in labuan bajo to visit traditional villages, you must try this trip.

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The island is extremely scenic and idyllic, and the surrounding views of komodo and the other islands are breathtaking. Komodo national park day trip company: In this komodo park tour, beside you see komodo dragon we will also take you to a few snorkel spots to explore the marine.

Explore the homeland of komodo dragons on rinca island combine the sightseeing and water activity such as snorkeling. Explore komodo national park in the smartest way possible. Komodo tour packages are a collection of all types of tours to the komodo national park.

It is one of the best komodo private trips besides 3 days tour package. See all tours & tickets. To begin with a day trip to tour package stay overnight on a tour boat.

After a hearty hike to the giant monitor lizards and other wildlife, you will. Komodo mas tour, a local tour and travel company based in labuan bajo, is designed to organize tour packages to explore komodo national park and flores island. We offer several komodo travel packages here.

To summarize tour komodo national park is all tours to komodo. Chasing the dragons in komodo national park “a complete tour in the komodo national park“. Day tours to komodo is the most popular daily boat trip into komodo national park.this day trip is available both from labuan bajo or from bali.

There will be 2 options of the boat when you are going with this tour; It is located approximately 15 kilometers from labuan bajo at the border of komodo national park, is considered to be one of southeast asia’s most idyllic islands, fully surrounded by a spectacular reef with thousands of fish species, turtles, corals, reef sharks, and mantas. Trekking in rinca to see the activities of komodo dragons and other wild animals in their natural habitat.

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After welcome briefing sail to rinca island in komodo national park. Komodo national park tour (a day tour from hotel) komodo national park tour is one of many trip options which is offered to travelers who want to witness the “komodo dragon” and other wild life within komodo national park. Our tour company will guide you to discover wild life, nature, culture, tradition, peoples, primitive village and way of life of flores island and the magnificent komodo dragons.

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