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This class excels in light healing and can still deal quite a bit of damage with axe and light ice attacks. How to unlock secondary jobs in octopath traveler.

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In octopath traveler every character starts with a default class also known as jobs.

Octopath traveler jobs. There are eight different standard jobs in octopath traveler covered alongside the advanced classes in our job classes list and over time youll gain the ability to combine jobs together on a. Octopath traveler apothecary job class alfyn. The four secret jobs are all incredibly useful but when you pair them with certain characters your.

You can think of the apothecary class as being a variation on the chemist class from final fantasy tactics. How to get to those jobs is its own process however one that includes tracking down various shrines scattered about the continent of orsterra. Jobs define the skills and weapons a character is able to use and thus also defines the characters playstyle.

Initially each traveler starts with one specific job but shrines around the land will give access to sub jobs. This essentially allows the traveler to have the weaponry and skills of. A big feature in nintendo and square enixs latest jrpg octopath traveler are the specific jobs assigned to each of the eight characters in the game.

Unlike regular job shrines it is located in a level 50 dungeon and after interacting with the shrine you must face dreisang a level 50 boss for the right to use this job. As such octopath traveler includes eight core jobs and four advanced jobs that players can equip to their heroes to access to new abilities and specific attribute bonuses. This page contains information on the jobs within octopath traveler.

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