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Octopath Traveler Kit Quest

Below is a walkthrough for kit the traveler a side quest in octopath traveler. Kit crossford is a character in octopath traveler.

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If youre looking to unlock the post game dungeon youll also need to complete kits quest which is titled in.

Octopath traveler kit quest. Octopath traveler true ending as is the case with all of the endings guide there will be spoilers in this guide. We wont spoil. There are multiple ways to solve this quest so you can use either primrose or ophilia to complete this quest.

Some of these quests are easy to find while others are hidden or difficult to figure out. With the help of our octopath traveler side quests walkthrough guide you will be able to learn all about completing all the optional quests in the game. He has been attacked by a monster and is injured.

Its not obvious how to get there though so allow us to give you a guide. Once youre past the credits of octopath traveler theres one major hidden dungeon left to find. Guide allure solution 1.

Below is a walkthrough for in search of father i a side quest in octopath traveler. Unlike most side stories this will appear near the starting area of all eight travelers depending on who you. To start this quest.

Stealpurchase hugos journal from unsavory man in farshore accessible from east saintsbridge traverse and give it to client reward. Guide restless woman in victors hollow to client solution 2. Kit can be found outside of the town of your initial chosen traveler after you complete their prologue.

As you know there are multiple stories in the game. Octopath traveler kit the traveller by underbuffed. A corpse with no name video guide client.

Completing the daughter of the dark god side quest in octopath traveler. Check out this octopath traveler side quest guide and complete them all. He asks the traveler if they can spare a healing grape.

In octopath traveler you will run into plenty of side quests and side activities to do. 5500 coins gentleman. Should the player give him one he.

River dweller east saintsbridge traverse abilities. Octopath traveler the bouncer side quest guide by underbuffed.

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