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The charm of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Tourism, Indonesia

Aceh tourism. The province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam is the westernmost region of the archipelago or at the northern tip of Sumatra Island. The province holds a myriad of potential tourist attractions about unique stories and historical/cultural objects that are an attraction for tourists to visit this region. In addition, this area also gives birth to national heroes and has since been known as the center of spreading Islamic teachings to the archipelago.

The enchantment of Aceh ethnic Aceh cultural tourism

The history of Aceh with its Islamic empire is known in the world’s associations as a prosperous land and is recorded in the top five in the development of Islam in the world. Various historical relics can be easily witnessed in various places in Aceh. The historical heritage of the province has a population of 4.3 million inhabitants. If these relics get a touch, they will shine brilliantly.

There are a number of Aceh tourism objects present at this time in Banda Aceh many visited by tourists, both foreign and local, among others: Baiturrahman Grand Mosque, Taman Sari Gunongan which is a place to chat with the Empress of Sultan Iskandar Muda during ago, Kherkhoff Pechman (Grave of Dutch soldiers) and the tomb of Syiah Kuala. These attractions have a historical value and a very strong spiritual value.

In Aceh Besar District, there are also some charms of Aceh tourism such as the library of Tanoh Abee in Seulimeum, which holds books and book of scholars and poets of Aceh several centuries ago. In addition, tourists can also enjoy the famous natural attractions in Aceh such as Gapang Beach, Iboih, Rubiah Island. These places are Pulau Weh, Sabang.

Sabang, known as the port city, is located on Weh Island which is dubbed as Golden Island. Aceh tourism which is located in the territory of the city of Sabang, among others, Rubiah Island Marine Park whose name is already worldwide because there is a kind of fish that is not anywhere except in this marine park. Coral reefs and various ornamental fishes become the natural richness and attractiveness of this island.

The charm of Aceh tourism and history

The charm of tourism Aceh Masjid-Raya-Baiturrahman-Aceh

Aceh is the gateway to the entrance of Islam to Indonesia. In Aceh there are two Islamic kingdoms that are quite famous in the process of spreading Islamic religious teachings throughout the archipelago. The two Islamic kingdoms are the kingdom of ocean Pasai and the Kingdom of Peureulak. The Kingdom of Peureulak stood in 225 Hijri (840 AD), with the first king of Sultan Alaidin Saiyid Maulana Abdul Aziz Syah.

The Muslim Kingdom of Samudera Pasai was established in the mid-century XIII. And as the founder of this kingdom was Sultan Malik As Salih who died in 1297. In addition, in Aceh there is another Islamic kingdom namely the Kingdom of Aceh Darusalam. In the 16th century Aceh was the most crowded trade area in the area surrounding the Straits of Malacca. The only one rival of Aceh in terms of trade is Malacca in peninsular Malaysia.

The Aceh government under the leadership of Sultan Ibrahim attempted to expand into the surrounding area to extend its trade area. Even briefly besieged Malacca in September 1537 under Alaudin, the successor of Ibrahim, but the attack failed.

This failure in Malacca did not preclude Aceh from continuing its expansed politics, and to be able to master trade in the area around the Straits of Malacca then the Aceh government felt the need to conquer Malay kingdoms and expel Portuguese from Malacca. The first step was to fight and conquer Aru Kingdom by deploying a hundred ships and twelve thousand troops, Aru kingdom successfully conquered. However, Aceh’s expansion ceased when the Sultanate of Johor sent ten thousand troops to Aru and defeated the Acehnese.

With this defeat, Aceh’s desire to dominate the Southern Straits of Malacca was not yet materialized, and the Portuguese position to temporarily escape the dangers of the north. Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636) continued the politics of Aceh’s previous kings. Iskandar Muda develops the life of Islamic religion in Aceh, among others, by building many mosques and jihad wars against the heathen.

In the historical records, Iskandar Muda is one of the hardest kings to uphold Islamic teachings, among others, eradicating liquor and gambling, living the rules of religion and together with the people always taking a prayer Friday in the mosque.

The charm of Aceh cultural tourism

The charm of Aceh-pond tour around the park-Sari-Gunongan

Aceh is one of the regions in Indonesia that has a variety of cultures that attracts especially in the form of dances, crafts and celebrations/Kenduri. In Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province, there are eight sub-ethnic tribes namely Aceh, Gayo, Alas, Aneuk Jamee, Simeulu, Kluet, knocked, and Tamiang. The eighth sub-ethnic has a very different culture between each other. Gayo and Alas are tribes that inhabit the highlands of central Aceh and southeast Aceh.

The Acehnese tribes were scattered throughout the region of Aceh, starting the cities of Sabang, Aceh Besar, Banda Aceh, Langsa, Aceh Tmur, West Aceh, South Aceh, Aceh Jaya and Nagan Raya. And in the kampongs all over Aceh.

Tourism Enchantment of Aceh Lhok Nga Beach

The charisma of each of these Acehnese tribes is:

  1. Aneuk Jamee who has its own language which is similar to the Minang language. This tribe occupies the region of South Aceh in the district of Labuhan Haji, Tapaktuan, Samadua, Kluet Utara. This tribe also occupies the area of Aceh Barat Daya, in the district of Susoh, Manggeng and other regions as minorities.
  2. The Devayan tribe is a tribe that inhabit the island of Simeuleu, which is divided into 5 sub-districts, namely the Western Teupah, South Teupah, Salang, Simeulue East and Simeulue East and Central.
  3. Gayo tribe just like the Tamiang tribe has its own language, namely Gayo language. This tribe is scattered in the district Gayo Lues and Bener Merah regency.
  4. The Haloban tribe were Acehnese tribes that occupied the archipelago in western Aceh. The region is named Aceh District.
  5. The tribe of Julu is actually still part of the tribe Pak Pak Boang who came from North Sumatra. In ancient times, this tribe was an indigenous resident of the Aceh district, and Subussalam.
  6. The Kluet tribe is scattered in most of South Aceh district, which is divided into North Kluet, east, south and West districts.
  7. The Tamiang tribe is a tribe in Aceh who has its own language, the Tamiang language. It has a Malay-like dialect. This tribe is scattered in the region of Aceh Tamiang Regency, East Aceh and Langsa.
  8. The Sungalai tribe is a tribe that inhabited a large part of the West Simeulue, Alafan, Salang, the inner Gulf and central Simeulue.
The enchantment of Aceh tourism map of Nanggro Aceh Darrusalam

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