Tips For Packing Luggage For Travel

Tips For Packing Luggage For Travel

Tips For Packing Luggage For Travel. If you plan to travel for 7 days, bring the right equipment for your needs for only 7 days. Don’t let people think you want to move because you carry many items. In fact, I often see people carrying more than one large briefcase for a few days. With the large amount of objects you carry, this will greatly limit your space. At every opportunity, you will always have the trouble to take care of your luggage while being haunted by the spirit “whether there are objects or not”.

Travel Like a Pro with these Packing Tips
Travel Like a Pro with these Packing Tips

In the end, you forget why you made this trip. In addition, with the many items you carry, you can become an easy target for criminals.

“If you want to travel, travel light,” he’s the one who says I always remember. When you store items in your bag, bring only the most essential items, such as:

  • Backpacks are small and have a simple style.
  • A wallet belt, a cloth wallet that you can wrap around your waist and cover it with the pants or clothes you’re wearing. Because of its slim and elongated shape, this belt will not be visible from the outside when worn under your clothes. To buy a coin belt, you can pick it up from a luggage store selling luggage to travel. The purpose of the money belt is to store your valuables against the target of criminals. You can register valuables here such as passports, tickets, credit cards/ATM cards, travel insurance, money or traveller’s cheques.
  • Important tip: in order not to need to issue the original documents whenever you need them – for example when filling out immigration forms always requiring passport data – it would be nice to be able to photocopy several important documents such as passports (especially on the front). Before you begin the trip, include the serial number of the traveller’s cheques and the insurance policy number, as well as their emergency telephone number.
  • Keep copies of these documents separately, a series where you can easily reach them if needed and another series left at home to people you trust and can be contacted at any time if necessary, or if the original documents or Copied you carry is missing, then you still have a copy of the document to take additional action. You can also scan these documents and save them in your email’s “inbox” so that you can get all copies of these documents by opening your email.
Packing tips for travel
Packing tips for travel


Prepare a set of clothing ranging from socks, pants, underwear, long-sleeved shirts (for the cold air) and t-shirts.

Personal property.

If necessary, prepare contact lenses with eye drops and soaking fluid or glasses. Also prepare combs, sunglasses, toothbrushes and toothpaste, sanitary towels, razors. If you are planning to stay in a hostel, soap, shampoo (preferably in small packages or sachets) and towels you should also bring.

Packing Tips for Travelling
Packing Tips for Travelling

A travel guide.

Because you have not participated in an organized trip, you must have a travel guide. But if you feel the book is too heavy to carry, copy it into the part you need and leave the original at home. Or, if your trip only takes a few days, search for information about your destination on the Internet, then print it out on paper. The most important thing is that the information you receive from travel and Internet guides must be the most up-to-date, especially with regard to prices and addresses, phone addresses, accommodation, food and transportation.


Other items to prepare:

  • o A small notebook to record important information such as phone numbers, addresses or daily expenses.
  • o backup pens.
  • o One or two sets of (more) spare clothes.
  • o Cameras, batteries and memory cards. If you use a roll film camera, you should buy batteries and roll film in Indonesia, as the prices of these items in Indonesia are among the cheapest in the world. If the camera you’re using is a digital camera, be sure to bring a backup battery with the charger, as well as high-capacity memory cards.
  • o Multifunction international adapters, especially those that have different forms of sockets in the same package, can be used in different countries with different socket systems.
  • o Watch (which has an alarm, also works to wake you from sleep).
  • o hats.
  • o jacket (waterproof, usually parachute).
  • o plastic bottles.
  • o A small first aid kit complete with personal contents and medications.
  • o flashlight.
  • o mountain shoes and/or sandals.
  • o Versatile folding knife (usually BrandEd Victorinox because it performs various functions). Remember that, for safety reasons, the current international aviation regulations do not allow passengers to bring sharp objects into the aircraft cabin. Make sure your pocket knife is stored in a bag in the trunk before boarding the aircraft.
  • o simple foreign language dictionary book.
  • o A few bags of detergent to wash clothes.
  • o Some plastic bags to separate dirty clothes from clean clothes.
  • o A small padlock (with the opening key) to lock the bag during the trip or to lock your locker during your stay at the hostel to minimize the risk of unauthorized contents of your bag.
The Ultimate Carry-On Packing Guide
The Ultimate Carry-On Packing Guide

Important note: Lately, for safety reasons, passengers on aircraft between countries are no longer allowed to carry liquid products in the cabin. For this reason, if you are considering bringing products included in the liquid category (perfume, soft lens cleaning liquid, cough medicines, etc.), be sure to put them in the bag you put in the trunk of The plane.

6 Genius Packing Tips to Make Packing
6 Genius Packing Tips to Make Packing

That’s all you need if you want to travel light. If you’ve prepared the items you need, immediately make a mark on the “equipment list” you’ve made. To help you, I have prepared the “Travel Equipment List” table, which you can see in an appendix. Speaking of “travelling light”, I remembered a fun and embarrassing event that my firend experienced during a trip to France and Italy for almost two months in 1994. My habit of carrying as little luggage as possible in a small backpack turned out to be an invitation to the curiosity of several officers who were guarding the Italian-French border. When they checked the contents of my bag, with a curious look, one of the officers asked, “You travel for two months and that’s all you have?” Are you a nudist? ” My friend’s face immediately red with a feeling of shame and anger.

(Note: nudists are a group of people who like to be naked in their daily activities).

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