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Four riders jacques anquetil eddy merckx bernard hinault and miguel indurain have won five yellow jerseys each at the tour de france. The yellow race leaders jersey.

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This year chris froome will try to join that quartet as he goes for his fifth general classification victory.

Tour de france jersey colors. Tour de france jerseys. The yellow jersey the color yellow was chosen as the magazine that created the tour lauto printed its newspapers on yellow paper was added to the race in the 1919 edition and it has since become a symbol of the tour de france. The color of the jerseys actually reflects where a handful of the riders stand in the competition or their previous success in other races heading into the tour.

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Kids guide to tour de france jersey colours there are four different jerseys awarded in the tour de france. Impress your friends by rattling off the differences between the yellow green polka dot and white jerseys. Jerseys of the tour de france in the tour a colored jersey is generally associated with each prize and the current holder of the prize is required to wear the jersey when racing.

There are four important jerseys awarded during the course of the tour de france each year. No their jerseys are not a fashion decision. It makes the team stand out from the crowd.

Most know about the big one. The yellow jersey of the general classification. As the tour de france continues some riders can be seen sporting jerseys in yellow green and white with red polka dots.

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The most famous is the yellow jersey but there are also green white and a polka dot jersey awarded each day. Graphic design in the tour de france part 1. The maillot jaune the yellow jersey is the signature chemise of the tour de france.

Im not a fan of the turquoiseyellow color combination either. But the other threethe green polka dot and white jerseysare also significant. It designates the overall leader of the race so far.

When cyclists finish the three week race by cruising through the streets of paris the photo of the yellow shirted winner is seen around the globe. Im not a fan of turquoise though. The design and colors of the logo and jersey are based on the flag of kazakhstan.

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Yellow green white and polka dot explained we explain what the yellow green polka dot and white jerseys worn by riders in the tour de france represent nigel wynn july 1. The rider leading a classification at the end of a stage is required to wear the corresponding jersey during the next stage.

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