Touring Japan Without Knowing Japanese

You will find people are incredibly nice and welcoming. Or how much we know about japanese culture and society.

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Touring japan without knowing japanese. But getting to know about their language and about their culture can make your travel more wonderful. I took a year of japanese in college and two years of lessons here in japan which got me up to a very basic functional japanese while being quite poor. Heres how to travel in japan without speaking japanese.

You can travel to japan without learning any of these words and have a great time. This is your tokyo day trip guide to kawagoe without using japanese. 10 things to know before you go to japan eva sandoval january 31 2013 beautiful mysterious and so very far awayjapans appeal for the traveler is eternal.

Dont worry you can visit japan without speaking japanese. What i am hoping to get out of this post is a sense of how difficult it is to travel in japan without speaking japanese and what i can do in the time that i do have to prepare. Weird things happen when you half ass a language in its native cultureim a bit embarrassed at my japanese ability after living here for three years.

Httphyperurlconhgr30 get inspiration fo. Hi my husband and i are planning to go to tokyo in may. This is our first trip to japanwere afraid of the language barrier since we both dont know japanese.

10 customs you must know before a trip to japan. As stated in the title of this post i am traveling to japan in less than 4 weeks and i dont speak the language. Were planning to stay in tokyo and kyotowe are planning to catch train to kyoto from tokyo and use public transportation as much as we can.

If you want to know how to travel in japan without speaking japanese then read on. Learn more about japan on the podcast. As a result being in japan gives foreigners the status of d level celebrities.

There are so many translators out there including ili translator whos got your back. How difficult is it to travel in japan when you dont speak the lingo. Visit japan if you cant speak japanese.

Travelling japan without japanese might not be as tough as you think. However it would be a. There are people who have travelled and is traveling around japan without any japanese language abilities.

I wouldnt join a tour you never know what your getting and its better and more fun to see the sights on your own. Youll get glances shouts for attention calls to have pictures taken with people requests for autographs happened once. You dont need to be able to speak japanese.

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