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Question south korea or japan vacation trip. I love korea a bunch but japan is just better for me.

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Below are our highlights of korea and japan tour itineraries with seasonal changes.

Tourism korea vs japan. Please visit each countrys individual budget page for more detailed information. Here are plenty of good reasons why south korea is so high up on most travellers bucket lists. In japan i spend 60 a day.

Japan and korea are two of the hottest travel destinations lately and for good reasons. Read what redditors had to say in the weekly. Japan or south korea.

November is a great time for fall colors in japan. These tours are ideal for travelers who want more free time to explore their own interests in japan with the balance of having an escorted tour guide. Korea has multiple train.

Which country is more expensive. I went to multiple areas and had very few problems. However when you only have so little.

They take after their neighbor china in the sense that they are cheap and they sneeze where they please and compared to japan there is a stark difference in service. Most airlines sell open jaw tickets for about. While this beautiful country has so much to offer tourists in its popular destinations like seoul jeju island and busan visiting the bustling city of daegu should definitely be added to your travel itinerary.

This comparison of travel costs between south korea and japan examines average prices across multiple categories. Today we are sitting down to discuss some of the differences weve noticed between korea and japan these observations are based on our nearly two years in korea and a ten day trip we took to. Japan cannot be 100 safe but can be 99 safe.

I cant speak about japan but i have been to south korea three times on vacation. Moving between south korea and japan is simple and cheap so plan a tour of the two countries to fly into one and out of the other. Travel cost comparison japan vs.

For a normal tourist if you take care of yourself like you do in your hometown then that 99 can be quite close to 100. In korea i would spend 45 a day and would. Despite being geographically close to each other they offer very different tourist experiences calling for a visit to both the countries at least once in your lifetime.

Travel japan more flexibly in groups of 10 to 16 people using public transportation. Are you asking for travel advice about japan. Why i think its better to visit korea before japan.

Go without private. I lived in korea for 4 years and been to japan 4 times. The korean tourist organization has a ton of information online which is very helpful.

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