Tourism Management System Project Documentation Pdf

Tourism Management System Project Documentation Pdf

Tourism Management System Project Documentation Pdf – 71% found this document useful, mark this document as useful. This application is developed in the programming language.

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Tourism Management System Project Documentation Pdf

Designing and Implementing an Online Tourism Management System

1.1 Background Of The Study

Tourism is travel for recreational, recreational, or religious purposes, usually for family purposes. limited time. Due to its direct impact on the social, cultural, educational, and economic spheres of national societies and their international relations, tourism is considered an essential activity for nations.

According to the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, tourism is defined as the commercial organization of holidays and visits to places of interest. Tourism can be defined as a short-term movement of people to a distance from their usual place of residence to engage in leisure activities. (Swarbrook Y. Horner, 2007). When a person leaves his hometown for another place in the same country, he is called a domestic tourist. But if he crosses the borders of his country He will become a foreign tourist.

People who visit Minna in December to attend the Akpajum Festival are locals, and those who come from other countries to visit Gurara Falls are foreign tourists. However, tourism is rapidly becoming one of the most functional industries in the world. It has a great impact on the countries helping to create job opportunities, and develop infrastructure, and is a very rich source of revenue and income. Plays an important role in providing employment for the people of many countries, which can be doctors, dancers, engineers, workers, entertainers, and more.

For example, in places like the UK, more than three million people are involved in tourism, including Spain and Italy, a number in excess of seventy percent each. This explains why both countries are world leaders in the tourism sector. Nigeria has a large number of parks, resorts, and hotels. It is estimated that the Nigerian tourism industry can employ hundreds of thousands of people. By doing so, the large number of unemployed would move away from unemployment and unemployment. Tourism helps improve the infrastructure development of a nation.

It offers facilities such as good communication networks, cheap and comfortable accommodation, necessary infrastructure, and superstructures. As a result, tourism has been integrated into the national plans of many countries to improve the economic level of the physical environment and improve the social interaction of people. Tourism also has a significant impact on improving the overall quality of the environment, establishing hotels, and related industries. It also provides benefits that come in the form of providing the necessary infrastructure, saving electricity, building roads, portable water supply, and sewer system.

It is a rich source of income and income. Tourism has become one of the most comprehensive sources of foreign exchange and balance of payments for many tourism-prone countries. An example is Great Britain, the largest export of which is tourism, which is one of the fastest-growing elements of international trade. In addition to being a source of foreign exchange earnings, tourism can also help to promote national unity and mutual understanding through national and international travel. If tourism is well prepared in Nigeria, it will create peace and unity and many Nigerians will have the opportunity to visit other states and different tribes.

It will end conflicts and reduce tribal and religious tensions. This cultivates the spirit of unity and love between citizens of different nations and creates and builds a good relationship and a united community. Most importantly, it takes us back to our origins in the thriving Western civilization and helps preserve people’s culture and heritage. The preservation and enhancement of local traditions and crafts help to create a distinct local tourism product, which, in turn, helps to promote and popularize the national heritage. Nigeria has great tourism potential. Awareness and understanding of private sector tourism, with private sector participation in well-organized tourism and public tourism, tourism can create jobs and improve social life in rural areas, and help governments understand why it shows that we will tourist infrastructure necessary for the development of tourism in our country.

Nigeria is truly endowed with excellent natural resources as compared to other African countries and even all over the world. These natural resources include; peculiar geomorphological features, reservoirs, fauna, and wildlife sanctuaries. The use and use of computers in various aspects of human activity cannot be overstated. Since the advent of microcomputers in the 1970s and 1980s, the world of office automation has continued to evolve with modernization brought to this day.

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Some may wonder why a computerized tourism information system is needed. Here because; o The world has become a global road. On a daily basis, people are involved in various activities. more on the internet It makes sense to use the simple internet to make travel activities more accessible and informative. o If properly designed and implemented, an online travel system will be more organized and efficient than a manual control system. o Can also be used in addition to the manual control system; it can be a backup for all the information in the files, thus keeping it more secure in the cloud.

1.2 Troubleshooting

This project was implemented to solve the following problems:

  1. Delay in processing requests and reservations, poor customer service, and comments.
  2. Unauthorized access to documents and important business files and travel journals.
  3. Certain tourist sites and accommodations may be inaccessible at times, and the existing system may not communicate them to a customer due to disorganized information which may lead to unforeseen expenses or an unpleasant trip. The main problems experienced are poor information flow, delays in handling inquiries, and orders, and poor customer service and response. This issue makes it difficult for customers to book their tours as the current system is inefficient. Therefore, an effective system is needed to eliminate these problems after the structural analysis of the current system.

1.3 Purpose and objectives

The purpose of this study is to develop an interactive website that will help potential visitors get enough information about the various destinations in the State of Niger to facilitate their visit. Objective o To explore problems in managing existing self-directed tourism systems o to design an Internet-based system that will make information more detailed, efficient, and accurate, and facilitate ease Delays to date have been faced with existing manual systems. o To implement an online tourism system that will help people appreciate the natural wealth of the state and also as a complementary tool for tourism management.

1.4 Importance of Study

This study will, to a large extent, provide very useful results for the more efficient operation of the tourist destinations in the state of Niger as a whole, as well as complement the efforts of the managers of these resorts. Accurate and detailed information to the public about the strategic and profitable achievements of the centers.

This research provides the public with information on tourism issues and opportunities in the state of Niger, which will broaden their knowledge, and understanding and help them understand the importance of tourism. The government also has its benefits as the study assesses various government guidelines and offers some suggestions for more efficient operation of these resorts. In summary, this project work will provide a solution to the topic of tourism management, which is an alternative to the existing manual system and will be easily accessible to anyone who has an active browser and access to the Internet. Device.

1.5 Scope Of Research

The scope of this research, design, and development is limited to the capital city of Minna and several premier tourist destinations in the region. This is because tourism is a broad topic and due to time constraints for research, a lack of necessary research materials and resources, the scope of the study is limited.

1.6 Study Limitations

There were obstacles to completing these tasks. The wide coverage and opening of new tourist destinations in the state make it difficult to obtain basic information about these destinations and, most importantly, the area needed to collect data for this study, either for security reasons, was not available for other reasons. As a result, limited sources of information were collected.

Therefore, this study only focuses on six (8) travel destinations for this project. Even with the above limitations, I attempted to collect sufficient data within my ability to perform this study accurately to ensure objective and meaningful conclusions.

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1.7 Com Ki Definition

  1. Tourism: The business of providing places for people to travel and do activities for them.
  2. Tour: The tour process means visiting different environments,
  3. Tourist: A person who travels or visits places for pleasure or other reasons.
  4. Domestic tourist: a person who leaves his home in another city in the same country 4 444
  5. International tourist: A person who leaves his country to visit another country
  6. Systems: A set of things that work together as a whole to achieve the same single goal.
  7. Design: A plan designed to demonstrate the function of a given project before it is completed. It can be called the prototype of a product or a system.
  8. Program: A set of instructions that instruct a computer on how to perform certain tasks.
  9. Database: a set of data or information stored on a computer system accessible in various ways.
  10. File: Collection of related records.
  11. Information system: a system of various components that processes or interprets tourism information.
  12. Booking system: The process of making arrangements so that a room in a hotel, or a specific period of time you wish to use for a tour, is reserved for you.
  13. Reservation Form: A form where the user fills in the required details for a reservation
  14. Reservation Confirmation: A document that indicates that a user has made a reservation.
  15. Web Browser: It is a software application for retrieving, and submitting information resources from the World Wide Web.
  16. URI: Integrated resource identifier. Specify the source of the information.
  17. URL: Consistent Resource Finder is also known as URL.
  18. Web information system: is an information system that uses Internet web technologies to provide information and services to users or other information systems.
  19. Check-In: This is the process of reporting arrival at the place.
  20. Check Out: This process represents leaving the place.


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