Travel Agent Introduction Letter To Client

Travel Agent Introduction Letter To Client

Travel Agent Introduction Letter To Client – A letter to introduce an agency

Travel Agent Introduction Letter To Client
Travel Agent Introduction Letter To Client

Dear [Recipient Name],

We are very excited to introduce [XYZ Travel Agency] because the one-stop provider for all of your travel needs and requirements. We label ourselves as leading, innovative, and highly efficient and appearance forward to demonstrate these qualities at the earliest possible chance.

Since established in [1995], the first aim was to supply quality travel services to business and leisure travelers. The agency continued to grow and diversify its interests to rise together of the exponents within the travel industry.

Supported by strong financial management, impressive customer satisfaction and constant improvement, [travel agency name] has expanded to hide various facets of the industry. Our experience led to a T in both our outbound and inbound units.

Our academy offers IATA accredited Travel and Tourism training programs, bringing comprehensive industry-specific courses that cover all aspects of the aviation and travel business.

In [2014], we initiated a seven-month process to finish a three-tier ISO certification and secure recognition in Quality Management and Safety.

Our Profile:
– Established Year: 1991
– Head Quarters: NY
– Other Locations: the US and Europe
– Airlines and Leisure Representation
– Inbound Travel
– Corporate Travel
– Leisure Travel (Outbound)
– Travel and Aviation Training

Affiliations: IATA
Certifications: ISO 9001-2008

Our Advantage
– Experienced management team.
– In-depth knowledge of the region’s travel needs.
– Widely and closely networked with trade, corporate and diplomatic community.
– One-Stop Shop to supply all services to customers and the travel community.
– Excellent relations with the govt, national airlines, civil aviation, and airport authorities.

Travel Agent Introduction Letter to Client

Setting up an agency requires huge research on the destinations of the tourists. It also requires strong relations with government agencies and aviation authorities. It must remember the updates regarding the client’s demands and expectations. A trained staff is far helpful in successful tourism.
Travel agencies need much publicity. they will publicize through media, newspapers, and online. a powerful advertisement gets a fast response.
The agent must be cooperative and understanding. He can set several meetings with the clients. He must have knowledge of all the small print of tourism. He must make the client feel comfortable regarding good services. He must stay in-tuned with the client and ask him for any queries or information.

After booking the travel, a confirmation letter must be sent to the client. The letter must contain the day, date, and time of travel. It must also contain information about the airlines, the stopovers, and therefore the estimated time to succeed in. Moreover, the prices and discounts must be highlighted.

An agency must outsource agency. The specialties and services provided must be known to the client. For this purpose, they have an agent introduction letter to the purchasersduring this letter, they have to be impressive regarding their distinguishing features. Their innovations, the standard of services, a well-trained staff must be highlighted. the varied sort of inbound and outbound travels offered also can be painted. The founding dates and certifications also can be added.

Travel agent introduction letter to client. We are very enthusiastic to present our agency. Our well-established agency has been within the industry for quite twelve years. We are experts in every minor detail of this business and are recognized by many of us within these years. Our firm has familiarized the problem and aggravations of achieving visas and passports. So here we are, to deliver you the tension-free foldaway.

No matter whether you would like to travel national or international, we provide the simplest class service for you. we offer our clients the simplest sightseer & recreational spots and finest guesthouses at economic prices. Our services are prompt and far more competent.

People having traveling experience with us, are evidence of our exceedingly efficient and advanced services. they need to submit their high-quality experience of traveling with our company on our website. If you’re fascinated with it and need to possess your to share, kindly allow us to know & we’ll shortly reach you.

We label ourselves as leading, innovative, and highly efficient and appearance forward to demonstrating these qualities at the earliest possible chance.

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