Travel Document Number Nexus

Travel Document Number Nexus

When you book a ticket to travel you must correctly enter and double-check your trusted traveler passid which is the 9 digit number located on your nexus sentri global entry membership card. You will find your pass id number on the back of your nexus card.

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On the back left under passid there is a 9 digit number followed by a gap then sc481.


Travel document number nexus. When ac accepts your nexus card as your travel document number it needs to create two ssrs a docs one for identity purposes and a doco one for ktn. If it is a us passport that it is the 9 digit number located in the top corner of the passport info page. There is a fee of us 50 for each applicant 18 years of age or older.

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Air canada aeroplan ac online check in confusing for usa nexus travel document number vs. The border officer will indicate whether you are to enter the inspection area or proceed into canada. A nexus identification card is valid for five years.

Proceed to the inspection booth for a visual inspection. It is a nine digit number. Ktn flyertalk forums.

The nexus program allows pre screened travelers expedited processing when entering the united states and canada. Ktn if the known traveller number is for passid ac online check in confusing for usa nexus travel document number vs. Determining an applicants eligibility may take six to eight weeks.

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Program members use dedicated processing lanes at designated northern border ports of entry nexus kiosks when entering canada by air and global entry kiosks when entering the united states via canadian preclearance airports. There are a couple of possible areas where this is going wrong. Use the designated nexus lane.

We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Nexus and tsa pre. In the example below the passport number is 3.

Using your nexus card. On the back right off to the side of the aforementioned number there is another 9 digit number that is in fact in a larger. I am confused as to which numbers i see on my nexus card are appropriate to enter as my known traveler number.

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Stop and hold your membership card in front of the proximity card reader. Ac is only creating the docs ssr and not the doco ssr 2. You should add your passid to the place where it asks for a known traveler number ktn.

When referring to a document number for a passport generally that is the passport number.

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