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Oral rehydration salts. Basic travel health kit.

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A travel first aid kit doesnt have to cost you an arm and a leg and you dont have to bring enough medical supplies to perform emergency surgery.

Travel first aid kit list. Keep one handy in your money belt in case your bag is stowed and inaccessible. Aloe gel for sunburns. Anti histamines hay fever medication.

1 hydrocortisone cream. Antiseptic wound cleaner. What to pack to stay safe and healthy abroad including first aid essentials.

Cold and flu medication. I frequently stay in paris and the pharmacies there have more medications available than in us and usually have english speaking staff. Ibuprofen for fevers muscle soreness inflammation and more.

In fact you just have to gather the essentials so you can better deal with unexpected illnesses and injuries away from home. The exact contents of your travel kit will depend on your travel plans. General travellers first aid kit content prescribed medications.

This is the first in a series on the subject. A first aid kit is an essential piece of equipment on any gap year or backpacking adventure but most travelers arent sure exactly what they need to take with them. Bandages i prefer ones with built in antibiotic cream for convenience.

Band aids or sticking plasters various sizes. So here is an expert guide on how to pack a first aid kit and what to include in it. Insect bite anti itch gel or cream.

Inside my first aid kit are. Antibacterial or antifungal ointments. Sunscreen sun block.

Motion sickness pills dramamine will come in handy on rough bus and boat rides. Copies of your passport and travel documents. If im hiking in peru or similar i take much more including antibiotics antiemetic anti diarrheal antihistamine pain meds pepto bismol bee sting topical stuff cortisone cream.

Travel first aid kit list. Cotton balls or swabs. Smart additions to your travel first aid kit packing list.

Other things you want to include in your travel first aid kit. Antihistamine tablets benadryl are useful for keeping allergies and rashes from exotic foods and plants temporarily in check. Cotton swabs q tips tweezers.

Decongestant for the common cold i.

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