Travel Insurance Germany Student Visa

Travel Insurance Germany Student Visa

Travel Insurance Germany Student Visa

Health Insurance for International Students in Germany – Travel Guide to German insurance for Preparatory Course, Language, Exchange, and PhD. StudentsThe importance of student insurance in Germany is twofold. It not only ensures you in situations requiring medical assistance, but it’s also an important requirement so as to be granted a study visa for Germany.

The law in Germany requires everyone to possess insurance, including international students.

TK health insurance for international students(
TK health insurance for international students(

However, if an EU/EEA student is doing a student job or paid internship in Germany, they need to be insured with a German public insurance provider.

The following categories aren’t eligible for the general public German insurance scheme:

  • Students who have insurance in their home country and it’s recognized in Germany.
  • Students who are 30+ years aged .
  • Students who are working as freelancers or are self-employed.
  • Students who aren’t enrolled in degree programs in Germany (e.g: preparatory or language courses).
  • Post-graduate students and scholarship holders (without a contract of employment).
  • Guest Scientists and Researchers.

What do you have to do if you belong to at least one of the categories above?

Your only option is to urge private insurance with one among the private German student insurance providers. The insurance plan EDUCARE24 by a documented German insurance company DR-WALTER may be a perfect choice for all foreign students.

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The benefits you get with EDUCARE24:

  • It meets all German study visa requirements
  • Acceptable by all German Embassies/Consulates
  • Independent of student status
  • Health insurance without deductible
  • Easy to purchase/get the policy online and receive your insurance certificate also like all the opposite documents you would like for embassies and authorities within minutes.

EDUCARE24 are often purchased in several combinations which are exactly tailored to the requirements of:

  • Language students
  • Foreign students
  • Guest scientists and PhDs
  • Interns/Trainees
  • Accompanying relations

Keep in mind that insurance is a politician’s requirement to urge a German student visa, also on enrolling at a German university.

How much does student insurance in Germany cost?

Health insurance cost in germany for international students (
Health insurance cost in germany for international students (

Health insurance for international students costs from €103.94 – €111.75 per month with a public insurance provider, and it covers basic healthcare also as long-term care insurance.

Public insurance contributions for 2019/20 are as follows:

  • TK – Techniker Krankenkasse 105,80 € (€103.94 per month for college kids up to the age of 22)
  • AOK Baden Württemberg 107,29 €
  • Barmer 108,77 €
  • KKH – Kaufmännische Krankenkasse 111,75 €

Private insurance in Germany costs starts at around €33 per month and increases counting on what extra services you decide on and whether your stay goes to be 18 months or longer.

If you would like to calculate what proportion you’ll need to buy insurance in Germany, you’ll use this free tool.

How to get statutory insurance in Germany as a far-off student?
Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is one of the foremost popular public health insurers in Germany, offering low-cost prices and impressive services. it’s hottest with students, whether or not they are domestic or international. one of the services TK provides is additionally a web 24/7 service in English for all those that don’t speak German.

How am I able to conclude TK student insurance online?

You do not need to determine your self whether you’ll remove TK student insurance so as to insure yourself for your stay in Germany. Because, DR-WALTER in cooperation with TK has developed a web consulting tool that can not only assist you to identify your insurance needs but, also will allow you to directly apply for insurance.

In case you would like private insurance additionally to statutory insurance, e.g. if you arrive a couple of days before the start of your studies, the tool developed by DR-WALTER and TK will determine the perfect insurance combination, too.

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What does insurance for international students cover?
As mentioned, degree students up to the age of 29 can get public insurance like the statutory insurance fund Techniker Krankenkasse. This insurance provider pays for your health-related issues the likes costs for visits to doctors, treatment, medication, screening examinations, rehabilitation, and basic dentist treatments with the TK dental partners. for instance, if you would like dentures, TK only pays a neighborhood of the entire sum (after you’ve got submitted an application to TK).

On the opposite hand, the GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE by DR-WALTER may be a customized insurance plan for international students in Germany. it’s basically reasonable, combined insurance offering both public and personal insurance services. aside from offering both statutory and personal insurance services, there also are other advantages to the German Student Insurance. Since proof of German insurance is required for your student visa application, this insurance solution is recognized by all official bodies, meaning you’ll get an instantaneous confirmation document that you simply can use as proof of your insurance.

Health Insurance for Preparatory Course Students in Germany
Everyone in Germany is required by law to possess insurance, so even preparatory course students in Germany must get insured. However, since these students aren’t yet enrolled in their degree program, they can’t register with a provider of public insurance for international students and can need to get a personal insurance plan.

By the top of their preparatory course, these students should pass an exam referred to as Feststellungsprüfung which can allow them to enroll in their degree program. As a result, they’re going to be eligible to register with statutory insurance providers. However, until that happens, preparatory course students must have insuranceduring this case from private insurance providers in Germany, like EDUCARE24 by DR-WALTER.

Health Insurance for Language Course Students in Germany
Students enrolled in language courses in Germany must even have student insurance. However, it should be kept in mind that these students aren’t eligible for public insurance. Instead, they ought to register with a personal insurance provider, and that they only can register with public providers once they’re enrolled during a degree program or find work.

It is always important to remember the services that non-public health insurances offer before signing a contract. Our recommendation would be EDUCARE24 by DR-WALTER, who may be a low-cost private insurance provider, offering a number of the simplest services out there, always ensuring all of your health-related needs are met.

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Health Insurance for Exchange Students in Germany
Getting insurance as an exchange student in Germany is pretty simple. Exchange students are usually in Germany for a brief period of your time, typically one semester. it’s possible for these students to believe their European insurance Card to hide healthcare services. However, exchange students are usually a part of degree programs which suggests that they’re going to be eligible to require up public (statutory) insurance and make use of the scholar discounted amount like full-time foreign students in Germany.

Travel Insurance Germany Student Visa (
Travel Insurance Germany Student Visa (

Health Insurance for Ph.D. Students in Germany
Since PhD. students in Germany are usually over the age of 30, they’re not eligible for the general public insurance plan. When it involves PhD. students the sort of insurance they’re eligible for depends on whether these students are employed by their university or not. Ph.D. students are often divided into two categories:

  • PhD students who are staff members of the university.
  • PhD students who aren’t staff members of the university.

PhD students who are staff members of the university
In case a PhD student is used by their university in either a lecturing position or as a search assistant, they’re going to be required to pay the contribution of seven .3% matched by another 7.3% from their employer.

In addition, PhD students employed by the university aren’t required to require care of the health care insurance on their own since it’s usually taken care of by the university. they’re insured as employee’s publicly insurance plans since it’s unlikely that their payroll is above the edge that provides them the likelihood to register with private insurers.

PhD students who aren’t staff members of the university
PhD students who aren’t staff members of the university and are aged under 30 are eligible to register for the discounted public insurance. However, those that are over 30 years aged should search for private insurance providers.

However, they even have the choice of registering with quality public healthcare through their employer, just in case they’re working part-time in any institution. just in case these students come to Germany for fewer than one semester, then they will use their European insurance Card as travel insurance cover.

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