Wabasso Campground Jasper Ab Canada

Wabasso Campground Jasper Ab Canada

Wabasso Campground Jasper Ab Canada- Skyline Trail (Jasper National Park). The Skyline Trail is a hiking trail in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. It is known for its views, with much of the hike located above the treeline. It is also known for difficult weather conditions above the tree line, which can be a problem for hikers, who can lose sight of the trails. 

The trail is recognized as one of the best backpacking routes in Jasper.  With 25 km of the total 44.1 km above or above the tree line, it offers a view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. It typically takes two days from Maligne Lake to the bottom of Signal Mountain but can be completed at a more moderate pace in three to four days.

Snaring River Campground. Wabasso Campground Jasper Ab Canada- Wabasso Campground Jasper Ab Canada

It is recommended to walk the trail from south to north from Maligne Lake, as the fire road that descends to Signal Mountain at the northern end is an altitude loss of 800m.  There are three challenging passes to conquer, including the highest section of the trail in Jasper National Park.

There are six campsites, located within 5km, 8km, 12km, 19km, 30km, and 35km (Evelyn Creek, Little Shovel, Snowbowl, Curator, Tekarra, and Signal respectively). Campsites provide tent pitches, picnic tables, wire rope bear poles, connectors, and toilets. Skyline Trail is a no-fire zone. Camping is only allowed with reservations at designated campsites.

Wabasso Campground Jasper Ab Canada (pc.gc.ca)
Wabasso Campground (pc.gc.ca)
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Overview of the Wabasso campsite

A camping permit and park pass are required and are valid for the duration of the stay. Show your camping permit in a visible place. Campers must register (at the kiosk or self-registration) with their camping unit before setting up the camp.

  • Last price paid: $ 31
  • Reported by mototreks on 08/17/2021
  • Longest RV reported: 33 feet (fifth-wheel)
  • Reported by Awesome RV Adventure 6/6/2019
  • Number of positions – 231
  • Path type – gravel
  • Reserve – yes
  • Seasonal – from May 18th to September 19th
  • Altitude – 3,608 feet / 1,099 m
  • Maximum stay – 14
  • Maximum length – 35 feet
  • Camping tent – Yes

Reviews of Wabasso Camping- – Wabasso Campground Jasper Ab Canada

“Fantastic view and peaceful nights”
You can choose one of the campsites in Jasper and get great views. The sites are well spaced and if you get one in the trees (our site wasn’t) then there is more privacy. Our site had excellent solar power all day. The ATT signal was good with 55 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up.

«Good location! It needs showers. “
We stayed in both A-loop (unpowered) and D-loop (powered). The campsites on both sides of the campground were well spaced with plenty of room to move between sites. We had a very good and fast check-in. The campground borders the river and many east side locations, especially in the C-Loop backup so the water can be seen and heard. There is a large walking path between the river and the campsite which is an easy walk.

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The campground has excellent recycling facilities, clean bathrooms, and plenty of centralized taps on each loop. The only downside is that like many campgrounds in Jasper, this one doesn’t have showers, making it unsuitable for longer stays. Cell phone reception was good with 2 bars and decent speeds. Once again, the WeBoost doubled speeds, making data speed reliable and fast enough to get work done and watch a little Netflix when not exploring the national park.

“Mehhhh – Camping in the Dead Forest”
I’m not sure who designs the campgrounds in Canada’s parks, but they could use some help. Surrounded by breathtaking views in every direction, we camp just steps away by a beautiful river and we’re stuck in the middle of the dead pine beetle forest with nothing to see but our neighbors.

The sites have some distance between neighbors which is nice. All trees are dead so you can see through them – good for the sun, not privacy. When checking in you get a long bear warning and the date a bear was recently seen at the campsite. So you sit surrounded by bushes of ripe berries and advise against entering the brand new and very nice bathrooms (no shower) in the dark. Because if the bears don’t catch you, the mosquitoes will!

Upon check-in, guests will also be warned to move to an open area if it is windy due to the risk of falling trees. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to set up camp and move your RV to a vacant area? Every time the wind blows? We dropped a branch on our roof during one of the windstorms and now we have a well-broken skylight. At some point, I can only hope that they will remove all the dead trees (thanks to the beetles). Then it becomes a nice green lawn and the bear berries can really fill up!

The landfill is double-sided and in poor condition (in need of renovation). But it works and fresh water is available, as well as waste and recycling.

Our site, B4, was full of logs which made parking a little tricky. The abutments are just the right height, so you won’t see them from the driver’s seat, but they will wreak havoc on your tires and the bottom panels of your RV or RV. With the guide, you can go inside and be square enough to have all the slides out.

The location is not too far from everything but requires a car to get to the sites or into town.

Despite all my negatives, there are also a lot of positives. The distance is good, the location is good, close to trails and some of the most famous places. Generator hours are limited in the morning and evening (the only contractor generator you will hear is the one from the check-in office, as it often went out of power while we were there). You can walk down to the river and enjoy it (bring your hammock and tuck it between some trees by the river). The cellular service is good and we were able to work without any problems. Each space has a fire ring and a picnic table.
We saw many signs of bear marks on the trees and one day we ran into a bear on the way back to camp – just a nice big healthy black bear hunting for berries. Since the choices go into Jasper, this is a good one. And the positives of Jasper Park outweigh the negatives. This is a beautiful area full of great views and tons of wildlife. It is worth stopping by.

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Pro tip: Study the map when you book and find a spot near the river in the B-Loop and you’ll get a glimpse of the river. Note that you can check in early, which helps to avoid the long evening queue.

“Best campground (with cell service) in Jasper National Park”

This is a great site from which to explore the Jasper area. It is about 20 minutes from the city and only 10 minutes from Athabasca Falls and some great hikes. It’s a bit far from the east end of the park, but the campsites didn’t have cell service, so they weren’t an option for us.

The campsite has 4 rings. A, B, and C are dry camping. The D-loop has electrical connections. We were in cycle C. The pitches were well maintained. However, they varied quite a bit in terms of tree size and coverage. The people assigning sites seemed to have no idea which platforms fit which sites, so if they assign one that isn’t right for you, ask for another. We stayed here end of May 2019 and many attractions were available.

The highlight of the campground was the trail along the river. It was beautiful and well-maintained. Closer to Loop D, there was easy access to the river.

If you’re on a big oil rig and worried about the 93A, it wasn’t that bad. It’s narrow, and north of the campground are some steep grades, but we didn’t have any problems. A friend drove in from the south (following Garmin’s directions rather than Google’s), and it was fine as well.

“Convenient and quiet”
Only about a ten-minute drive from Jasper Town, so very convenient for visiting the area around Jasper. We drove to Maligne Lake one day and took the Jasper Tram another day. We had hoped to visit Edith Cavell Lake which is quite nearby, but it was still closed the first week of June. With the largest campground near Jasper closed for the entire 2019 season, Wabasso and Waipiti were busier than usual. only to get a “double” page. The campground was full on the weekends, but it seemed like people were getting walk-in sites during the week. By late afternoon, however, everything was full. And that in the first week of June! It must be crazy here in July and August?!

However, the sites are spaced out enough to provide privacy, and it’s fairly quiet. The Athabasca River runs behind the campground and there is a nice long walk along its banks which we really enjoyed.

I would definitely stay here again! But prefer the less hectic pace of the real off-season!

Read more: https://www.campendium.com/wabasso

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