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White Wolf Campground Yosemite Reservations

White Wolf Campground Yosemite Reservations – Things To Do Near White Wolf Campground Yosemite National Park. How do I get a reservation at Yosemite? Do I need to make reservations for Yosemite? Where can I camp in Yosemite without reservations? Is White Wolf Lodge open?

Tioga Road

The white wolf is a campground and concession place outside of Yosemite valley inside the northern area of Yosemite countrywide park (37°52′14.14″n 119°38′49.52″w) alongside Tioga road (dual carriageway one hundred twenty). The campground is without delay off the street and for that reason does now not require a rough drive to the campground consisting of other Yosemite campgrounds out of doors of the valley.

White wolf campground includes 74 campsites and has the appearance and experience of Bridalveil creek campground. The campground isn’t always near a creek and is pretty rocky and sunny. The area also consists of a cluster of wooden-and-canvas cabins and a small eating place and a popular keep.
Settlement within the white wolf place by way of Europeans started out in the early 20th century, after the development of the Tioga road. The primary structures have been probable shelters for ranch palms, and by way of 1930, the location turned into the home to a small motel which included tents, traveler cabins, a small savings and eating place, and a fuel station. After a drop in tourism following world battle ii and the relocation of the motorway, the land changed into bought by using the government, with concession rights held by means of the Yosemite Park and Curry co. The general public campground changed into progressed in 1960-1961.
Assets range on the foundation of the call. According to one tale, cattlemen pursuing horse thieves in 1850 got here upon an encampment of Indians led by a tribal chief whose call turned into a white wolf and named the region after him. Another tale is that it became named with the aid of a sheepherder who noticed a white wolf within the vicinity.

White Wolf Campground Yosemite ReservationsWhite Wolf Campground Yosemite Reservations

Yosemite creek campground

Yosemite creek campground, located inside the northern region of Yosemite countrywide park along Tioga Avenue (hwy one hundred twenty), is a primary-come first-served campground out of doors of Yosemite valley. This campground is far-flung, quiet, and less populated relative to other campgrounds in Yosemite. The campground is 4 miles off the primary road and therefore calls for a totally difficult, single lane, downhill on the whole unpaved power to the campground.
Every campsite includes a fire ring, picnic table, and meals locker, and is near a vault bathroom. Move water should be dealt with (through boiling, the usage of a filter, or the usage of iodine). No potable water is to be had. Pets are approved.

Destinations nearby:

  • Heading north-east
  • Porcupine flat campground (13 min)
  • Olmsted factor (22 min)
  • Tenaya lake (23 min)
  • Tuolumne Meadows (32 min)
  • Heading south-east
  • White wolf campground (1 min)
  • Tamarack Flat campground (14 min)
  • Crane flat campground (19 min)
  • Yosemite Valley (39 min)

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Yosemite Countrywide Park

No longer just an outstanding valley, but a shrine to human foresight, the energy of granite, the energy of glaciers, the persistence of existence, and the tranquility of the high sierra.
First included in 1864, Yosemite national park is quality recognized for its waterfalls, however, within its nearly 1,200 rectangular miles, you may locate deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient massive sequoias, a giant desert region, and lots more.

What’s extraordinary about journeying in 2021?
Learn extra about modifications to reservations, lodging, camping, and different services in Yosemite this February.

Plan your visit
Country-wide parks throughout the USA offer endless opportunities for leisure activities for all of us from the casual sightseer to the skilled adventurer. Together with your help, we will revel in those unique locations at the same time as maintaining them for future generations to enjoy.
Protecting you: more than three hundred million human beings visit countrywide parks every yr, as well as the communities residing in or around them.
Shielding us: tens of heaps of NPS employees, plus volunteers, partners, and others, provide services for the safety and enjoyment of parks, consisting of emergency assistance, centers such as restrooms and visitor facilities, transportation, and income.
Defensive us’s treasures: country-wide parks are domestic to a number of the state’s maximum treasured and irreplaceable assets, along with wildlife, surroundings, and historical locations.

Visiting in Spring _ Indian Yosemite  Camping ground and Lodge

Pointers to recreate responsibly in national parks
Whether searching for wide-open spaces or exploring a historical city community, take into account to #recreateresponsibly! We inspire you to follow the guidance from the centers for ailment control and prevention (CDC) to lessen the spread of covid-19 and follow go away no trace standards whilst you go to.

Realize earlier than you pass. Go to for modern park situations and the availability of restrooms and other facilities. Make a plan, observe the ten necessities, and if you are ill, live domestic.
Maintain it close. Comply with the state, tribal, and local orders for wherein you are journeying. The NPS is operating closely with public health professionals to make operational modifications and adapt to changing conditions.
Keep your distance. Observe the CDC’s social distancing guidelines and live at least six ft far from other human beings. Wear a mask when you are near others—and always inner park buildings.
Know your limits. Recollect postponing difficult hikes or trying new activities even as first responders, parks, and communities maintain to concentrate on responding to the pandemic.
Preserve it with you. If you delivered it, take it with you. Trash pickup and restroom facilities will remain constrained in lots of park regions.
Hold it inclusive. Be a lively part of making our nation’s parks and public lands safe and alluring for all identities and abilities.

Under is information about every one of the campgrounds in Yosemite. Extra statistics is to be had for every campground by way of clicking on the campground name.

Crucial notes
Campground opening and closing dates within the “open approx.” column are tentative and can range from year to year. View historic campground beginning and closing dates.
Reservations: campgrounds requiring reservations are complete from around April through September. You must make a reservation as early as viable. If you do not have a reservation, you could strive for a reservation in the future in advance at camp 4 (tents handiest/no rvs or trailers). First-come, first-served tenting isn’t always to be had in 2021.

  • Tenting in Yosemite
  • Making a reservation
  • Camping without a reservation
  • Rv camping
  • Campgrounds
  • Tenting rules

Tap water and creek water: campgrounds listed as having creek water have vault bathrooms (now not regular restrooms). Campgrounds indexed as having faucet water have ordinary restrooms.
Showers aren’t to be had. On everyday occasions, they may be simplest available in Yosemite valley at curry village and housework camp. Showers are not to be had elsewhere.
Sell-off stations are available at the top pines campground (all 12 months), near Wawona campground (summer season only), and close to Tuolumne meadows campground (summer simplest). No campsites in Yosemite have hook-united states of America of any kind.

Plan Your Adventure and Explore Yosemite

Rv campsites are to be had in most campgrounds.
Organization campsites are not to be had in 2021, however are generally available all year at Wawona campground, and for the duration of the summer season at Hodgdon Meadow, Bridalveil Creek, and Tuolumne Meadows campgrounds.
Horse campsites are available all through the summer season at Wawona, Bridalveil Creek, and Tuolumne Meadows campgrounds. Reservations are available best through calling 209/375-9535.
Timber smoke: emissions from campfires can degrade air first-rate in and near campgrounds. That is especially authentic at night and in the early morning, while inversions entice and pay attention to quality particles from one’s campfires close to the floor, developing neighborhood situations that are doubtlessly bad for touchy individuals.
Examine Yosemite’s campground regulations.

Beginning, final, and reservation updates
How quickly campgrounds open in spring or early summertime depends on a variety of factors. Dates are tentative and difficult to exchange.

Yosemite national park campground reputation for 2021
Yosemite national park will open additional campgrounds during the 2021 summer tenting season, with social distancing measures in the vicinity. All open campgrounds will require reservations. First-come, first-served tenting will no longer be to be had in 2021. Those changes are temporary and are an end result of the covid-19 pandemic.

How will covid-19 have an effect on my go-to?

Front reservations. To higher manipulate heavy visitation in Yosemite countrywide park whilst California maintains to experience the covid-19 pandemic, reservations are briefly required to go into Yosemite each day via Thursday, September 30, or till local public health conditions enhance.

The covid-19 pandemic will hold to have an effect on park operations in 2021. Visitation to the park can be controlled according to pointers from public fitness officials, and consistent with the CDC covid information tracker levels. The cause of following the tiered device is to be attentive to converting situations, defend public and employee fitness, and sustain park operations. We are able to maintain to work carefully with neighborhood public fitness officers to make certain that Yosemite operations and extreme visitation will no longer crush this location’s limited rural healthcare device.

White Wolf Campground – Yosemite National Park, CA

White Wolf campground has 74 single-family campsites and is located in Yosemite National Park off Highway 120, about one hour north of Yosemite Valley. All campsites are first-come-first-serve. Campground amenities include drinking water and flush toilets. A small grocery store is also located at Crane Flat (11 miles).


Do I need a reservation to visit Yosemite?
If you are driving a car into Yosemite national park, you have to pay the park front rate and feature one of the following:

  • Day-use reservation (valid for 3 consecutive days for unlimited re-entries)
  • Higher pines, decrease pines, or north pines campgrounds, camp four, Wawona campground,
  • Bridalveil creek campground, or Tuolumne meadows campground reservation
  • Curry Village, home tasks camp, Yosemite valley inn, the Ahwahnee, or the Wawona lodge reservation
  • Personal lodging or holiday apartment reservation in Wawona, Yosemite west, or forest
    (reservations for lodging or holiday leases out of doors the park and in groups other than those 3 do no longer offer get admission to Yosemite.)
  • Yosemite desolate tract allow
  • Yosemite 1/2 dome permit
  • Business use authorization
  • Upon showing evidence of your reservation and an identical photo-id at the doorway station, you will receive a vehicle permit to go into the park. This permit is valid for three consecutive days for limitless re-entries. For people within a single-day reservation, the permit is valid for the duration of the reservation or three days, whichever is longer.
  • In case you enter the park thru yards (Yosemite region nearby transportation system) buses, bicycle, on foot, or on horseback, do now not want a day-use reservation to go into the park. Park entrance costs still apply.
  • Credit score playing cards are the most effective shape of price accepted for entrance charges.
  • If you do not have pc get entry to, you can call 877/444-6777 to make a reservation.

I have an annual or lifetime skip that gives me free entrance. Do I want a reservation?
Yes. These passes cover the park front price, however, you continue to need a reservation if riding into Yosemite. If you have an annual or lifetime pass and are getting an afternoon-use reservation, make certain to specify that after your reservation is within the buying cart.

How and whilst do I get an afternoon-use reservation to go to Yosemite?
Day-use reservations are best available thru Reservations will move extremely fast; make certain to have an account, be logged in, and geared up to get a reservation directly at eight am pacific time seven days earlier than your planned arrival. When you have an annual or lifetime skip, make certain to specify that during the checkout process.
Each consumer can make one reservation in step with the arrival date. An occupant of the coming vehicle has to have the user (with picture identification) who made the reservation. The reservation is then legitimate for three consecutive days (together with the arrival date).

On what does it suggest that reservations aren’t but released?
If you attempt to locate availability on and it says reservations are not but released, it method no more reservations are available until seven days in advance, right away at eight am PDT.

How does a whole lot do a day-use reservation price?
This value is blanketed inside the park front charge. If you are a current pass holder (i.e., you have a Yosemite annual bypass, the united states the stunning countrywide parks and federal recreational lands annual bypass, every kid outdoors annual bypass, an annual pass for our army, access bypass, or senior skip), the non-refundable reservation price is $2. In case you are a pass holder, make sure to specify that during the checkout method.
In case you cancel a day-use reservation ($35), you’ll get hold of a $33 refund ($2 of the fee is non-refundable).
You want one reservation in step with the vehicle and the reservation is valid for everybody in the vehicle.

How lengthy is my allow validly?
Your car allowance is valid for 3 consecutive days beginning on the first day of the reservation.
If you have a reservation for in-park lodging or camping, a half of dome permit, or a wasteland allow, your car allow is valid during your reservation (or 3 days, whichever is extra).
When you have a reservation for lodging or tenting out of doors the park for greater than 3 days, you may want multiple-day-use reservations. You could use the entrance expenses related to your two reservations to improve to a Yosemite annual pass (covers front expenses at Yosemite for three hundred and sixty-five days) for no additional charge (or an interagency annual pass legitimate for entrance prices in any respect national parks for $10 extra).

Why is the skip valid for three days instead of seven days?
In response to public comments, we are temporarily shortening the duration a skip is legitimate if you want to increase the wide variety of reservations available. The three-day bypass permits us to provide an extra 950–1,850 day-use reservations each week to perform a similar stage of visitation compared to our traditional seven-day bypass. On common, almost 90% of traffic not staying overnight in the park go to for 3 or fewer consecutive days.

The 3-day allow also lets in reservation holders to enter the park on any day at some point of their reservation (with the seven-day permit in 2020, reservation holders had been required to reach on the first day). Subsequently, if you may be traveling longer than 3 days, you may use the doorway charges associated with your reservations to improve to a Yosemite annual pass (covers entrance charges at Yosemite for 12 months) for no additional fee (or an interagency annual pass valid for entrance costs at all national parks for $10 greater).

I have a reservation inside the park that is longer than three days. Do I want to pay the entrance price twice?
When you have a reservation for one of the following, your front fee can be valid during your reservation or three days, whichever is longer:

Higher pines, lower pines, or north pines campgrounds, camp four, Wawona campground, Bridalveil creek campground, or Tuolumne meadows campground
Curry village, housekeeping camp, Yosemite valley hotel, the Ahwahnee, or the Wawona resort
Non-public lodging or excursion apartment in Wawona, Yosemite west, or forest
Yosemite desert allow

Do I ought to arrive on the primary day of my day-use reservation?
No. One of the benefits of converting to a three-day reservation in which you don’t have to arrive on the primary day of your reservation. But, your day-use permit remains valid for the 3 consecutive days starting with the appearance date on the reservation (i.e., if you arrive on the 1/3 day of your reservation, you could handiest use it for that day). Day-use permits are valid from five am to eleven pm every day. Day-use allow holders might not be in the park between eleven pm and 5 am (overnight).

What if my institution is arriving in more than one automobile?
A day-use reservation is required for each car (or bike) that enters the park. The man or woman whose call is on the reservation must be within the vehicle with valid photo identity.

Groups with lodging or camping reservations, wilderness lets in, and 1/2 dome lets in can also arrive in more than one car. An occupant in every automobile should offer a replica or image of the photograph id belonging to the person that made the reservation (in addition to a replica of the reservation) to be authorized to enter.

Do I want a reservation to go into the park if I have a reservation for a campground or accommodations lodging positioned out of doors of Yosemite country-wide park?
Yes. You have to have an afternoon-use reservation to drive a private automobile into the park.

Are equal-day reservations to be had?

Am I able to wait at the entrance station and enter the park if humans with reservations don’t show up?
No. Reservations aren’t to be had at front stations. You could test earlier than you arrive in the park to see if any cancellations have to turn out to be available.

Do I want an afternoon-use reservation if I am just using it thru the park?
You could pressure through the park to attain a vacation spot on the opposite facet of the park without a reservation. The entrance station ranger will offer a time-stamped allow valid for the time had to travel from entrance to entrance. You ought to drive the maximum direct path to exit the park; stopping is against the law. Violating park policies can bring about a quality of as much as $5,000 and/or six months in jail.
The park entrance rate nonetheless applies and presents access to go to Hetch Hetchy during open hours whilst it’s now not full.

Am I able to enter the park in a single day?
It depends on the type of allow you’ve got. A day-use allows lets you be inside the park between five am and 11 pm. When you have an accommodation or camping reservation in the park or a wasteland allow, you could enter the park 24 hours in line with the day even as your allow is valid.
If the doorway station isn’t always staffed when you input, you must whole a self-certification card at the entrance station and display it to your windshield. You should additionally be in ownership of a legitimate in-park reservation or permit.
Coming into the park without a permit or valid self-certification card is a contravention of federal guidelines, with maximum consequences of a $five,000 fine and/or up-to 6 months in prison. Rangers are on patrol whilst entrance stations are unstaffed.

Why is the countrywide park carrier restricting cars get entry to Yosemite?
The covid-19 pandemic will continue to have an effect on park operations in 2021. Visitation to the park may be managed in accordance with guidelines from public health officers, and in line with the CDC covid facts tracker stages. The purpose of following the tiered system is to be conscious of changing situations, protect public and worker health, and maintain park operations. We are able to maintain to work closely with local public fitness officials to make sure that Yosemite operations and extreme visitation will not weigh down this area’s restrained rural healthcare system.
The day-use reservations only limit the number of vehicles; it does no longer restrict the variety of humans.

White Wolf Campground Yosemite National Park – 360 Video Virtual Tour 4K

How a great deal is a park proscribing automobile access to Yosemite under the day-use reservation system?
The park is proscribing motors based totally on a percent of June 2019 visitation. The percentage is based on public fitness conditions using CDC covid records tracker levels:

  • Low: eighty% (five,760 vehicles in step with day)
  • Slight: 70% (five,040 vehicles in keeping with day)
  • Massive: 60% (four,320 motors in line with day)
  • Excessive: 50% (3,600 cars in keeping with day)
  • The day-use reservation machine has been designed to be bendy and adaptive to situations associated with the covid-19 pandemic.

How does the wide variety of day-use reservations examine to 2020?
The reservation gadget is based totally on the number of automobiles getting into Yosemite. Universal, more vehicles might be allowed within the park compared to 2020 if the park is in the red or higher tier. The opening of greater accommodations and tenting facilities in the park means extra cars entering the park will be staying overnight inside the park, making fewer day-use reservations to be had at the more restrictive ranges.

How long will the day-use reservation gadget be in location?
This system is a transient machine to address public fitness worries resulting from the covid-19 pandemic. The park is currently planning to function this machine via September 2021 and could re-evaluate the need for the device based on public health steering. The day-use automobile reservation machine will now not be used whilst the park resumes everyday operations.
This day-use reservation and allow machine is not a part of an implementation of the Merced river plan or Tuolumne river plan.

Can I supply or sell my reservation or permit to a person else?
No. Entrance passes and day-use reservations are non-transferable. Day-use reservations are best valid for the individual that made the reservation and that individual’s car.

How can I offer comments approximately this system?
You could constantly touch us on our internet site. The superintendent’s workplace receives all remarks approximately the day-use reservation system.

Which campgrounds will open in 2021?
Reservations are required for all open campgrounds in 2021. There could be no first-come, first-served campgrounds open.
The subsequent campgrounds might be open with decreased ability to allow for social distancing:

  • Upper pines (all yr)
  • Lower pines (April 19–October 25)
  • North pines (April 15–November 1)
  • Camp 4 (opens can also 21)
  • Wawona (June 15–October 25) for rvs/trailers with toilets (no restrooms available)
  • Bridalveil creek (July 15–September 6)
  • Tuolumne meadows campground (June 21–September 20)

Are any first-come, first-served campgrounds open?
No. Do no longer come to Yosemite without a single-day reservation in case you are proceeding to live overnight. Same-day reservations are also no longer available.

Why are some campgrounds closed?
A few campgrounds are closed because of a loss of staffing. Shared housing for seasonal personnel in Yosemite is extensively decreased than usual this 12 months with a view to holding employees secure. Personnel is necessary for every campground to make sure compliance with campground guidelines, clean restrooms according to new CDC recommendations and put off trash and recycling for human and flora and fauna safety.

Can I sleep in my automobile in Yosemite?
Napping in a vehicle is simplest allowed in a campsite registered to you or some other member of your organization. Slumbering in an automobile in a parking lot or alongside the side of a road is against the law. Moreover, day-use reservations aren’t valid for single-day use.

Trekking, backpacking, and rock climbing

Are any trails closed or modified?
See our situations page for any trail closures.

Is backpacking allowed?
Sure, with a desert allow. All desert guidelines and quotas are nonetheless in impact.

Desolate tract permits are not available inside the park. Commonly, 40% of the desert allows are available on a first-come, first-served foundation at park desert facilities. Instead, this portion of wasteland permits reservations is to be had online through the usage of a-week lottery. You can apply 15 days in advance of your desired start date, with the lottery strolling 14 days earlier. The final day to use for an allowance is four days before a ride.
A reservation is not a valid wilderness permit. If you have a wilderness allow reservation, you should go to any desert middle all through open hours someday earlier or the same day to select up your barren region allow.
You need to have a bear canister for meals storage. Endure canisters are available for rent at the valley wilderness middle or you can bring your very own allowed box. Rented bear canisters are sanitized between makes use of.
The buildings are closed to the public and all training and interactions take location out of doors, with proper social distancing measures in the vicinity.

Is public transportation available?
Travel provider is not to be had in Yosemite this season. This consists of shuttles in Yosemite valley, mariposa grove, and Tuolumne meadows
Yosemite Hospitality isn’t running any bus excursions. This consists of the valley ground tour, glacier point tour, grand tour, and Tuolumne meadows excursion, and hikers bus.
Yards is working on its regional transit device (reservations are strongly endorsed). Visit for greater records.

How can I do an overnight large wall climb?
Desert climbing allows for overnight huge wall hiking is required.

Yosemite locations
Are any regions of the park closed?
All areas of the park will be open in the summer season of 2021.
Due to public health and safety issues, some facilities are closed.

Open with changes:

Hetch Hetchy avenue is most effective open from eight am to 5 pm and only while the parking isn’t complete.


Lower Yosemite fall boulders (the region among the footbridge/viewing place and the waterfall)
Bridalveil fall region (this location is closed because of scheduled renovation work)
Crane flat helicase.

How do I visit the mariposa grove of massive sequoias without a commute?
Parking is available (till complete) at the mariposa grove welcome plaza. Get right of entry to the mariposa grove is via a -mile hike (every way) on the Washburn path or the mariposa grove avenue (each has approximately 500 toes in elevation advantage). Numerous miles of trails are available inside the grove from that point.
You could additionally bicycle at the paved portion of mariposa grove street to the mariposa grove arrival place (but not to the grizzly massive). Bicycles are not allowed on trails, unpaved roads, sidewalks, or boardwalks.
If you have an incapacity or are traveling in the identical vehicle as a person with a disability, and the vehicle has a disability placard or license plate, you could pressure at the mariposa grove road as far as the arrival location (no longer to the grizzly large).

What is different approximately touring Wawona?
Wawona is open. Wawona lodge is open. Wawona campground is open with bathrooms (no restrooms available). But, the Wawona golf course is closed for preservation. Wawona traveler center (hill’s studio) is closed, however, the desert lets in may be to be had on the porch later in spring. Wawona strong is closed. A traveler facts table is available at the mariposa grove welcome plaza starting might also 22. The Yosemite records middle is open (without staffing or stage rides). Chowchilla mountain avenue is closed to motor automobiles.

What’s exceptional about visiting glacier points?
Glacier factor road and glacier factor are open for the season. The glacier point excursion is not working.
Be aware: glacier factor avenue could be closed to all traffic in 2022 to rehabilitate and enhance the road.

What is unique about traveling Yosemite valley?
Yosemite Valley is open. A traveler facts desk and restricted Yosemite conservancy bookshop income are available outside the valley traveler middle. The happy isles artwork and nature middle, the valley vacationer center theater (which includes park films), and Yosemite museum are closed, but, the Indian cultural village is open. The valley desolate tract center is open. All campgrounds and accommodations centers are open at decreased capability.
There’s no shuttle provider in Yosemite valley. Please don’t forget on foot or cycling to lessen automobile use whilst viable.

What is distinctive about visiting the crane flat place?
The crane flat area, which includes Merced and Tuolumne groves of giant sequoias, in addition to the crane flat gas station, is open. Rangers may be offering traveler records and desolate tract lets in outside the big alright flat information station later in spring. Crane flat shop is closed.

What’s distinctive approximately touring Hetch Hetchy?
The Hetch Hetchy region is open with day-use reservations not required. However, get entry is restricted while parking fills. Hetch Hetchy avenue is the handiest open from eight am to five pm. Day traffic has to exit the region previous to five pm.

What is exclusive about traveling Tioga avenue and Tuolumne meadows?
Tioga street is open and Tuolumne meadows campground opens on June 21. Tuolumne meadows vacationer center can have a data desk outdoor and desolate tract allows could be to be had outdoor the Tuolumne meadows barren region center. Tuolumne meadows store, submit office, and grill are open. White wolf resort, Tuolumne meadows motel, and high sierra camps and will now not open this yr. The Tuolumne meadows travel and Tuolumne meadows tour and hikers bus will not operate this 12 months.

Yards is running its regional transit device (reservations are strongly encouraged). Visit for greater records.

Different services and facilities
Extra information approximately Yosemite hospitality services are to be had on their website.

Are restrooms, showers, or laundry to be had?
Public restrooms are to be had during the park. Restrooms are being wiped clean more than one time consistent with the day, which leads to restrooms being closed at times.

Showers aren’t available besides for in a single day guest of curry village and housekeeping camp. The laundry at house responsibilities camp is closed; there are not any public laundry facilities to be had.

Is public transportation or bus excursions to be had?
Travel service isn’t available in Yosemite this season. This includes shuttles in Yosemite valley, the mariposa grove, and Tuolumne meadows.

Yosemite hospitality is not operating any bus tours. This includes the valley floor tour, glacier point tour, grand excursion, and Tuolumne meadows tour, and hikers bus.

Yards is operating its regional transit device (reservations are strongly advocated). Go to for more statistics.

Why are shuttles and excursions no longer to be had?
Shuttles and excursions are not running these 12 months due to a loss of staffing. Shared housing for seasonal personnel in Yosemite is considerably decreased than typical this yr for you to keep personnel secure.

Public health facts
What have I done if I sense sick or suppose I am infected with or had been uncovered to covid-19?
First, in case you sense ill or may also be uncovered to covid-19 previous to arriving at Yosemite, please stay home and speak to your clinical provider. If you are touring and no longer near domestic, stay in which you’re and call your scientific issuer.
If you are inside the park and feel sick or are concerned you were exposed to covid-19, you are welcome to name the Yosemite scientific sanatorium at 209/372-4637. Please call before visiting the sanatorium as appointment availability and sanatorium hours can range. Different assets of medical care are available in Mariposa, Oakhurst, and other neighboring communities. If it’s far an emergency, please call 911.

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