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10 zika free beach destinations to visit in 2018. Uruguay is one of only two south american countries that have remained zika free the other is chile and its hottest beach town jose ignacio buzzes with glamourous people when it gets cold up in the northern hemisphere.

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Also worth keeping in mind.

Zika free destinations south america. You could land in santiago and travel south through the stunning lake district and on to patagonia. Know before you go. You read that right.

Want to get away this winter to catch some sun. Here are five beach locations that are zika free. According to the cdc many people infected with zika will have mild or no symptoms but travelers who are pregnant or may become pregnant are advised against visiting areas with a risk.

Our top zika free beach destinations to visit in 2019. Barths and grenada have recently been declared zika free by the cdc many popular caribbean islands are still deemed riskier than others due to the presence of the mosquito born virus. There is no vaccine to prevent infection.

With all the news headlines and warnings about the zika virus you may think there arent many zika free destinations left. Who knows how long this is going to last but for now the whole country is fair game no matter the altitude. While many tourists head to brava beach the nearby mansa beach has fewer crowds and better sunsets.

Probably due to the barrier provided by the andes chile is still reported free of active zika transmission. This article has been updated with new information. While exciting news of a zika vaccine may be on the horizon and some caribbean destinations including the bahamas st.

Zika can be passed from a pregnant woman to her fetus. The good news is that while zika is a risk in many countries there are still many parts of the caribbean south america and the rest of the world that have no reported active transmission of the virus. Zika continues to be a problem in many parts of the world.

Anyway check out these getaways across europe the americas and the pacific which are all zika free as of today and keep an eye out on the cdcs website for updates. Its still possible to have a zika free vacation in the caribbean. 12 zika free destinations to travel to this year.

The virus is expected to spread throughout the us. Only two countries in south america have no known risk of zika infection uruguay and chile. If you wanted to go to brazil or argentina but are worried of infection santiago is a great.

While the majority of islands and countries in central and south america are still presenting cases of the disease there are a handful of destinations that have officially been removed from the cdcs risk list. Zika is spread mostly by the bite of an infected aedes species mosquito ae. Zika travel recommendations by traveler type and country category.

I think i am in the same boat and have been researching on places to go this year. Planning on having a baby and still want to get in a beach holiday before then. The south of spain is.

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