10 Countries Will Soon Open Tourist Visits After Covid 19 Pandemic

10 Countries Will Soon Open Tourist Visits After Covid 19 Pandemic

10 Countries Will Soon Open Tourist Visits After Covid 19 Pandemic – Many countries are preparing to return to international tourist visits this summer. However, each country has its own policy regarding the opening of tourism and the acceptance of international tourists.

Some countries allow travelers from all countries to enter and travel in their countries. Some other countries only allow travelers from certain countries to enter and travel to their countries.

The following are the countries that will soon receive international tourist visits along with their respective rules, as reported by CNBC, Saturday (13/6).

10 Countries Will Soon Open Tourist Visits After Covid 19 Pandemic
10 Countries Will Soon Open Tourist Visits After Covid 19 Pandemic


Some of the Caribbean’s most famous islands are already open for tourist visits, including Antigua, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and St Lucia. Travelers wishing to visit St Lucia must have a negative Covid-19 certificate within 48 hours of boarding the flight.

Jamaica will soon receive international tourist visits as of June 15. On the same date, the Bahamas will also accept cruise visits and private flights. Visits to the Bahamas are open to the public as of July 1.

Aruba will also soon open borders with Canada, Europe, and other Caribbean islands as of July 1, but American tourists are allowed to travel to the region as of July 10. International tourists can start visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands on July 22.

Caribbean Tourism
Caribbean Tourism


Europe announced that non-European tourists could start visiting as of July 1. Travel bans for other countries to Europe will be lifted gradually. Countries with a low risk of Covid-19 will be allowed to visit Europe first.

Italy and Bulgaria have now opened their restrictions to most European countries. Some countries such as Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovenia, and Slovakia have also loosened regulations.

As of June 15, Germany will also revoke travel bans for 31 European countries. On the same date, Greece lifted a travel ban on 29 European countries and the Netherlands lifted a travel ban on 12 European countries.

Iceland, Belgium, and Switzerland have opened their restrictions to tourists from Europe and the Schengen area. On the same date, Norwegians and Danes can also visit each other. Spain is scheduled to open restrictions to European countries and the Schengen area in July.

Until June 30, travelers from countries with high infection rates wishing to visit Greece must undergo a Covid-19 test upon arrival in the country. Travelers must also stay overnight at the hotel that has been done and undergoes a seven-day quarantine if the test results are negative and quarantine 14 days if the test results are positive. As of July 1, the test will be conducted randomly to tourists.

Some regions in the north of Italy require tourists to submit registration and health forms before visiting. Tourists visiting Iceland can avoid a 14-day quarantine to show negative test results upon arrival at Keflavik International Airport.

Europe Tourism
Europe Tourism


Most Asian countries are still shut out of international tourist visits. However, the Indonesian island of Bali has announced it will begin accepting international tourists as of Oct.

Thailand is rumored to be returning international tourists as of July 1. However, this date is still an estimate of the statement by the Thai tourism ministry.

International tourists with cruises and private jets wishing to travel to Asia can already vacation to Maldives. Commercial aircraft are scheduled to begin operations to the Maldives as of July 1.

Turkey also appears to be soon to receive international tourists as of July. Sri Lanka is known to be preparing to reopen visits from all countries as of August 1. As a condition, travelers must have health insurance, plan to stay at least five nights, and have been shown to be negative covid-19 in less than 72 hours before departure.

Asia Tourism
Asia Tourism

French Polynesia

French Polynesia announced it would again accept tourists from all countries as of July 15. Countries such as Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora require travelers to have negative covid-19 results within 72 hours of departure or have an “immunity certificate” stating that travelers are fully cured if they have been infected with Covid-19.

French Polynesia Tourism
French Polynesia Tourism

North America

Tourist visits to the U.S. are still closed to some countries. Some regions have different quarantine rules according to the rules of their respective states. Hawaii, for example, requires a 14-day quarantine for people and the rule is in effect until July 31.

Canada also implemented a 14-day quarantine rule. The U.S. and Canadian borders remain closed for insane travel purposes until June 21.

Mexico will open tours gradually per state. Quintana Roo will be back in the open this week. Los Cabos is scheduled to reopen between late June or July.

North America Tourism
North America Tourism

Middle East

Most countries in the Middle East will not yet open up to tourism. A trip to Dubai might be possible from mid-summer. Dubai is said to start opening tourism around July to September.

Middle East Tourism
Middle East Tourism


Popular tourist destinations in Africa such as Morocco and South Africa do not yet plan to accept tourist visits. The worst-case scenario suggests that South Africa may only return to international tourist visits by 2021. However, they hope to return to international relations as of Sept.

Seychelles already accepts tourist visits by private jet, as well as cruise ships or chartered planes. Commercial flights will begin to be accepted as of July.

Tanzania has already received tourist visits from all countries as of last May. However, Tanzania has been criticized for not being transparent about the number of Covid-19 cases and claims without evidence that the country no longer has covid-19 cases.

Afrikaans Tourism
Afrikaans Tourism

South America

Most countries in South America are still limited to international tourists. Some of these countries are Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Peru.

Colombia bans all flights until August 31. Argentina also has a flight ban until September 1. However, there is talk that the ban on flights in Argentina will be accelerated until July.

South America Tourism
South America Tourism

10 Countries Will Soon Open Tourist Visits After Covid 19 Pandemic :


The governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand said that tourism could return in the fourth quarter of this year.

“It still depends on the outbreak situation, but I think at the earliest, we may see the return of tourists could be in the fourth quarter of this year,” said Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Even so, there will likely be limits on who can visit and where they can go, Yuthasak said.

Thailand Tourism
Thailand Tourism


The French Prime Minister announced on Twitter that the country would begin reopening to tourists starting June 15.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that France would initially allow countries from Europe to enter the country without a 14-day quarantine, but there were some exceptions.

France Tourism
France Tourism


Greece will officially reopen to tourists in June and is ready to welcome visitors from all countries.

Starting on June 15, Greek officials said the country would not restrict travelers coming from 29 countries.

Those not on the list of 29 countries still have to undergo mandatory quarantine for one to two weeks.

Greek Tourism
Greek Tourism


From June 3, Italy reopens its borders to travelers from 26 countries with no restrictions on arrival.

According to the Italian Tourism Board, tourists coming from the 26 members of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, the UNITED Kingdom, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and other Vatican Cities will not face restrictions when entering Italy.

Italy tourism slogan
Italy tourism slogan


“We can’t keep going, our borders are closed for a long time,” said tourism minister Ali Wahed.

The first idea is a mandatory quarantine period of two weeks for every tourist who comes, which can likely be very expensive in places like the Maldives, which has also been one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world.

The second protocol will include submitting a negative antigen test or a positive antibody test when one week before their arrival, along with another test on arrival at a cost of $100.

Maldives Tourism
Maldives Tourism


Spain will reopen its borders to international tourists next July, ending one of the strictest closures due to COVID-19. This was announced by Prime Minister Sanchez on Saturday.

“From July, foreign tourism will be back in a safe condition. We will guarantee the tourists will not take any risks and will not bring any risk to us,” Sanchez said.

Spanish Tourism
Spanish Tourism


Switzerland will reopen its country to tourists on June 15, 2020, starting with allowing the arrival of visitors from 30 countries.

The Swiss government’s official tourism website has stated: “Switzerland will open its borders to all EU, EFTA and UK countries on 15 June.”

Switzerland Tourism
Switzerland Tourism


Turkey has reopened its borders to international tourism from June 10.

Turkey has outlined 40 countries, where they will resume flights throughout June.

Restaurants, cafes, parks and sports facilities have also been allowed to reopen from June 1, along with beaches and museums.

Turkish Tourism
Turkish Tourism – Countries Will Soon Open Tourist Visits


The UK will also reopen its country to international tourists in June with new COVID-19 prevention measures set out by the UK government.

From 8 June, all visitors coming from other countries will be able to enter the UK but will still have to pass strict new quarantine measures before holidays or trips can begin.

International visitors will be allowed to enter the UK, but they will be required to isolate themselves for at least 14 days.

The new move also applies to citizens returning from abroad.

English Tourism (Puma Hotels)
English Tourism (Puma Hotels) – Countries Will Soon Open Tourist Visits

United States

From the start, the U.S. did not close its borders with all countries.

But they suspended tourist visas and banned arrivals from Europe, Iran, Brazil, and China from entering the United States.

Currently, there are several countries that can travel to the US. They include countries that do not have a specific ban and countries that usually have visa-free access.

United States Tourism
United States Tourism – Countries Will Soon Open Tourist Visits

Which Countries Are Open For Tourism Now – Or Planning To Open

Because of the coronavirus crisis, we decided to provide you with some travel updates. See here an updated list of all the countries that are open for tourism now or have announced their opening in a near future.

First of all, we would like to make it very clear that we are not plainly fomenting tourism and simply ignoring the fact that we are in the midst of a pandemic. We are from the #stayathome and #staythefuckhome team. That being said, we cannot ignore mainly two things. One, people want and will travel as soon as possible. Two, tourism is actually a good way to lift the economic crisis. So, if you must, travel responsibly.

So, there is no doubt that tourism can be a pivotal activity to help leverage countries’ economies in a post-coronavirus scenario, particularly for the ones hit the hardest. For instance, the tourism industry represents 1,5 trillion of euros annually just in Europe. For this reason, many countries are now adopting themselves into this new reality, guaranteeing security plus economic advantages for those choosing to spend their holidays in their territory. Sicily, for instance, has announced discounts in accommodations and activities for their guests, while Mexico said that for every two days of accommodation and car rental, the tourist will get another two complimentary days for the same services.

It might still be too early to start planning a next trip. Truth be told, some countries have implemented containment and security measures a lot more efficiently than others and are now able to benefit from reopening tourism. Therefore, see below a complete list of all the countries that are open for tourism now or have announced their date for opening the borders after the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus crisis – important travel updates

  • We agree that the best way to travel at the moment is by car. A road trip offers security and privacy of travelling in your own vehicle, plus the flexibility to stop wherever and whenever you want. We recommend looking at Rental Cars, a tool that compares prices and offers amongst major rental car companies. We always use them to rent our cars when we plan a road trip!
  • Don’t travel without travel insurance. This uncertainty scenario the pandemic put us through demands triple precaution, let alone the fact that travel insurance is also compulsory in many countries.

Do travel insurances cover Covid-19?

If you wonder if travel insurance covers Covid-19,  we have spoken with many companies and we found out that most travel insurances will cover everything up to the moment you are diagnosed with Covid-19. Therefore, if you are not feeling well during your travel, you can call your travel insurance and they will assist you and cover all the expenses. Once you test positive, then your case is passed to local health authorities. All the costs not-related to Covid-19 will be covered.

That being said, we recommend the World Nomads Insurance (check prices here), they are really good and have one of the best cost per benefit in the market. If you still have any further questions, please get in touch!

Do travel insurances cover Covid-19
Do travel insurances cover Covid-19




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