7 Wonders Of The World Name List In Tamil

Today we become astonished to see these wonders that in so remote ages without any modern technology and machine how so great construction were made. If you have something more about these seven wonders then our comment box is waiting for you or if you have any travel experience which you wanna share with the world then you can write travel guest post for our website.

7 Wonders Of The World

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The great wall is actually a succession of multiple walls spanning approximately 4000 miles.

7 wonders of the world name list in tamil. The netherlands north sea protection works. The best known are those of the 2nd century bce writer antipater of sidon and of a later but unknown observer of the 2nd century bce who claimed to be the mathematician philon of byzantium. List of the seven wonders of the modern world with the pyramid of cheops the lighthouse of alexandria the temple of artemis the mausoleum of halicarnassus the hanging gardens of babylon the colossus of rhodes and the statue of zeus.

Seven wonders of the world preeminent architectural and sculptural achievements of the ancient mediterranean and middle east as listed by various observers. The golden gate bridge. Great wall of china china built between the 5th century bc.

It includes the channel tunnel connecting france and the uk. Youve heard of the fabled sites such as the statue of zeus at olympia in greece and the lighthouse at alexandria in egypt aka the 7 wonders of the worldwell because travelers love to cross places off their bucket lists the new 7 wonders of the world were unveiled in 2007. There is the list of top 10 wonders of the world which are the masterpiece of the skill and handwork of the people of that era.

The popularity poll was led by canadian swiss bernard weber and organized by the new7wonders foundation based in zurich switzerland with winners announced on 7 july 2007 in lisbon. The empire state building. Hope you have enjoyed touring these ulaga athisayam 7 name list and images or popularly known as 7 wonders of the world or 7 ajoobe is duniya ke.

More than 100 million votes were cast worldwide from a list of 21 finalists. The cn tower in toronto. New7wonders of the world 20002007 was a campaign started in 2000 to choose wonders of the world from a selection of 200 existing monuments.

New seven wonders of the world. And the panama canal. Their list of the seven modern wonders of the world celebrates 20th century engineering marvels.

The new7wonders campaigns aim to contribute to the process of uplifting the well being and mutual respect of citizens around the world through encouraging interaction expression of opinion and direct participation by voting and polling on popular themes and global issues which are understandable to everyone. The itaipu dam between brazil and paraguay. .

And the 16th century the great wall of china is a stone and earth fortification created to protect the borders of the chinese empire from invading mongols.

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