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This video about seven wonders of world. The tower of pisa is located in the province of pisa italy.

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Seven wonders of the world preeminent architectural and sculptural achievements of the ancient mediterranean and middle east as listed by various observers.

7 wonders of the world names in urdu. All these buildings have their own recognition and importance. New seven wonders of the world. Hope you have enjoyed touring these ulaga athisayam 7 name list and images or popularly known as 7 wonders of the world or 7 ajoobe is duniya ke.

The great wall of china is located on the historic. The new 7 wonders of the world have made it out of 21 finalists within that last voting phase. Great wall of china china built between the 5th century bc.

The great wall of china. The popularity poll was led by canadian swiss bernard weber and organized by the new7wonders foundation based in zurich switzerland with winners announced on 7 july 2007 in lisbon. The seven wonders of the ancient world is the first known list of the most remarkable creations of classical antiquity.

Here is a list of the seven wonders of the world in urdu in which temple of the mahatma budha in china cave of crystals in mexico museum of islamic art in qatar bahai terraces in israel akshardham temple in new dehli the darvaza gas center in turkmenistan millau viaduct in france. Oblique tower of pisa. It was based on guidebooks popular among hellenic sightseers and only includes works located around the mediterranean rim and in mesopotamia.

If you have something more about these seven wonders then our comment box is waiting for you or if you have any travel experience which you wanna share with the world then you can write travel guest post for our website. Argentine born american cesar pelli architect of the battery park buildings in new york the petronas towers in kuala lumpur canary wharf in the uk and the second tower of the new hong kong financial centre is also a panellist. New7wonders of the world 20002007 was a campaign started in 2000 to choose wonders of the world from a selection of 200 existing monuments.

The great wall is actually a succession of multiple walls spanning approximately 4000 miles. And the 16th century the great wall of china is a stone and earth fortification created to protect the borders of the chinese empire from invading mongols. These marvels of architecture like egypts pyramids were monuments of human achievement built by mediterranean and middle eastern empires of their day with little more than crude tools and manual labor.

Although all buildings are not in its real structure but during repairing its was primary. 7 wonders of the world in urdu taj mahal. The seven wonders of the ancient world have been celebrated by scholars writers and artists since at least 200 bc.

Until the reign of shah jahans the great empire of the mughals had almost spread to.

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