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Cairns Australia Tourism

Cairns Australia Tourism – What is Cairns Australia known for? What is the best month to visit Cairns? Where should I visit in Cairns? What are the types of tourism found in Cairns? Guide To Cairns Tourism Australia. Cairns may be a city in Queensland, Australia, on the East Coast of Far North Queensland. the world is understood within the local Yidiny language as Gimuy, and therefore the people that inhabited the region before colonization are the Gimuy-Walubarra clan of the Yidinji people.

The city was founded in 1876 and named after Sir William Wellington Cairns, the Governor of Queensland from 1875 to 1877. it had been formed to serve miners heading for the Hodgkinson River goldfield, but declined when a neater route was discovered from Port Douglas. It later developed into a railhead and major port for exporting sugar cane, gold, minerals, and agricultural products from surrounding coastal areas and therefore the Atherton Tableland.

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The population in June 2019 was 153,951, having grown on the average 1.02% annually over the preceding five years. the town is that the 5th-most-populous in Queensland, and 14th in Australia. Cairns may be a popular tourist destination due to its tropical climate and access to tropical rainforest and therefore the Great coral reef, one among the seven natural wonders of the planet.

Cairns Australia History

Cairns Australia

Prior to British settlement, the Cairns area was inhabited by the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people, who still claim their native title rights. Yidinji (also referred to as Yidinj, Yidiny, and Idindji) is an Australian Aboriginal language. Its traditional language region is within the government areas of Cairns Region and Tablelands Region, in such localities as Cairns, Gordonvale, and therefore the Mulgrave River, and therefore the southern part of the Atherton Tableland including Atherton and Kairi. the world during which the town is found is understood within the local Yidiny language as Gimuy, and therefore the clan who inhabited the region before colonization are the Gimuy-Walubarra clan.

From 1770 to the first 1870s the world was known to the British simply as Trinity Bay. The arrival of beche de mer fishermen from the late 1860s saw the primary European presence within the area. On the location of the modern-day Cairns foreshore, there was an outsized native well that was employed by these fishermen. A violent confrontation occurred in 1872 between local Yidinji people and Phillip Garland, a beche de mer fisherman, over the utilization of this well. the world from this date was subsequently called Battle Camp.

In 1876, hastened by the necessity to export gold mined from the Hodgkinson goldfields on the tablelands to the west, closer investigation by several official expeditions established its potential for development into a port. Brinsley G. Sheridan surveyed the world and selected an area further up Trinity Inlet known to the diggers as Smith’s Landing for a settlement which he renamed Thornton. However, after Native cops Alexander Douglas-Douglas and Robert Arthur Johnstone opened a replacement track from the goldfields to Battle Camp, this more coastal site became preferable. Battle Camp was renamed Cairns in late 1876 in honour of the then Governor of Queensland, William Cairns. the location was predominantly mangrove swamps and sand ridges. Laborers gradually cleared the swamps, and therefore the sand ridges were crammed with dried mud, sawdust from local sawmills, and ballast from a quarry at Edge Hill.

The Cairns Parish of the Roman Catholic Vicariate Apostolic of Cooktown (now the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cairns) was established in 1884.

Tourism cluster in cairns Australia

Cairns War Memorial, circa 1936
Debris from the development of a railway to Herberton on the Atherton Tableland, a project which started in 1886, was also used. The railway opened land later used for agriculture on the lowlands (sugar cane, corn, rice, bananas, pineapples), and for fruit and dairy production on the Tableland. The success of local agriculture helped establish Cairns as a port, and therefore the creation of a harbour board in 1906 supported its robust economic future.

The Wharf Estate Cairns went on sale in Brisbane via auction on 19 February 1889 by John Macnamara & Co. Land Auctioneers. The land was a part of the place referred to as the Railway Reserve. The sale was described by the Auctioneers because the ‘largest ever yet held in Northern Queensland’.

On 25 April 1926 (ANZAC Day), the Cairns Sailors and Soldiers War Memorial was unveiled by Alexander Frederick Draper, the mayor of the town of Cairns.

During war II, the Allied Forces used Cairns as a staging base for operations within the Pacific, with us Army Air Forces and Royal Australian Air Force operational bases (now the airport), also as a serious military seaplane base in Trinity Inlet, and us Navy and Royal Australian Navy bases near the present wharf. Combat missions were flown out of Cairns in support of the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942. Edmonton and White Rock south of Cairns were major military supply areas and U.S. Paratroopers trained at Gordonvale and therefore the Goldsborough Valley. A Special Forces training base was established at the old “Fairview” homestead on Munro’s Hill, Mooroobool. This base was officially referred to as the Z Experimental Station, but mentioned informally as “The House on the Hill”.

After war II, Cairns gradually developed into a center for tourism. The opening of the Cairns International Airport in 1984 helped establish the town as a desirable destination for international tourism. In the 2016 census, the populated area of Cairns had a population of 144,730 people. The population in June 2019 was 153,951.

Cairns Australia Facilities
The City Library, operated by the Cairns Regional Council, opened in 1979 and is situated at 151 Abbott Street. a serious refurbishment was undertaken in 1999 and an extra minor refurbishment was implemented in 2011. Public accessible wifi is out there. Current Library services and collections are often accessed from the Cairns Libraries website.

Is Cairns Australia safe?

Cairns Australia Heritage Listings

Cairns features a number of heritage-listed sites, including:

  • Cairns-to-Kuranda railway line
  • Abbott Street: Dr. EA Koch Memorial
  • Abbott Street: coral reef Hotel
  • Abbott Street: Bishop’s House
  • Abbott Street: St Monica’s highschool Administration Building
  • 6A-8A Abbott Street: former Cairns Customs House
  • 38 – 40 Abbott Street: Cairns Court House
  • 151 Abbott Street: Cairns council Chambers
  • 179 Abbott Street: St Joseph’s Convent
  • 183 Abbott Street: St Monica’s War Memorial Cathedral
  • Collins Avenue, Edge Hill: Flecker Botanical Gardens
  • Collins Avenue, Edge Hill: WWII RAN Fuel Installation
  • Grafton Street: Cairns room, war II Volunteer Defence Corps
  • 99 Grafton Street: former Cairns Chinatown
  • 28D Grove Street, Parramatta Park: Grove Street Pensioners’ Cottages
  • Lake Street: Bolands Centre
  • 37 Lake Street: former Adelaide Steamship Co Ltd Building
  • 39 – 49 Lake Street: former Central Hotel
  • 87 Lake Street: Hides Hotel
  • 93–105 Lake Street: former School of Arts
  • 399 Kamerunga Road, Redlynch: Xavier and Sadie Herbert’s Cottage
  • 127–145 McLeod Street, Cairns North: McLeod Street Pioneer Cemetery
  • 180 McLeod, Cairns North: Herries Private Hospital
  • Minnie Street: St Monica’s Old Cathedral
  • 8 Minnie Street: Cairns Masonic Temple
  • Sheridan Street, Cairns North: Cairns Technical College and highschool Building
  • The Esplanade: Cairns War Memorial
  • 51 The Esplanade: former Mulgrave Shire Council Chambers
  • 183–185 The Esplanade, Cairns North: Floriana
  • Wharf Street: Cairns Wharf Complex
  • 29 Wharf Street: former Jack and Newell Building

Cairns Australia Tourism

Are Cairns safe for tourists?

Tourism plays a serious part within the Cairns economy. consistent with Tourism Australia, the Cairns region is that the fourth-most-popular destination for international tourists in Australia after Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. While the town doesn’t rank amongst Australia’s top 10 destinations for domestic tourism, it attracts a big number of Australian holidaymakers despite its distance from major capitals. there’s also a growing interest in Cairns from the Chinese leisure market with regular scheduled direct flights from Chinese cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou. During the 2013 Chinese Lunar New Year period alone, Cairns saw 20,000 Chinese holidaymakers flying in on chartered flights.

The city is near the good coral reef, the Wet Tropics of Queensland, and therefore the Atherton Tableland. Great coral reef tours that operate from Cairns are very fashionable and hence Cairns is additionally considered because of the gateway to the Great coral reef.

The Cairns esplanade includes a swimming lagoon with adjoining barbecue areas. In May 2003, the then Cairns Mayor Kevin Byrne declared that topless sunbathing is permitted here.[71][72] Many leisure activities are conducted during this area, including marketplace, sports classes, and lots more.
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There is tons of accommodation to suit all budgets with many drinking establishments and restaurants catering to all or any sorts of tastes. The atmosphere is laid back and unpretentious, while prices are relatively inexpensive. There are a plethora of clubs and occasional shops within the city, all overflowing with international tourists which helps to offer Cairns its cosmopolitan feel.
Cairns esplanade and therefore the Pier marketplace is centrally located within the CBD. The retail district has something to supply visitors from anywhere within the world. There are many cafés and shopping plazas and an expanding multicultural art scene. the town features a vibrant nightlife with restaurants offering fine dining with international cuisine from cultures everywhere on the planet. Staying at a 5-star hotel in the town center may be a popular option for upscale tourists – though many upmarket tourists will attend Port Douglas instead. Cairns may be a noted backpacker’s hub, though, with plentiful and popular low-priced dorm-style accommodation.

There is no swimming beach to talk of in central Cairns (you will only find a tract if you head to the ocean), although there are many choices just north and south of the town. an outsized outdoor, lagoon-style pool is within the center of the Cairns City area, which is extremely popular throughout the year with tourists and locals alike. If you’re getting to have a beachside resort holiday, there are several resorts a brief drive north of Cairns.

Sightseeing charter tours are often booked from most major resorts, or (avoiding the travel agents) from the charter companies themselves. Cairns, because the largest city within the region, may be a popular springboard for exploring the good coral reef and therefore the Daintree park, also because of the Atherton Tablelands and therefore the Queensland Outback.

Season: Peak tourist season is from around May to November and accommodation prices rise during this era. The wet season in Tropical North Queensland starts from December and therefore the weather is wet and humid with high rainfall, during which Cape Tribulation and therefore the Daintree are vulnerable to flooding. Parts of the Daintree park are only accessible by 4WD during this point, but 4WD buses will take you there nonetheless.

Cairns Australia Events

What is the best time to visit Cairns Australia?

Catch an amateur rugby game in town if you’ll, the locals play a mean game, and it is a good way to satisfy local folks.
International cricket is usually played in Cairns at Cazaly’s Stadium. Time your visit right and you’ll catch an excellent game for just a few dollars.
Cairns is home to at least one of Australia’s best basketball teams, also as basketball’s most famous mascot, Joe Blake the Snake.

Cairns Australia Natural attractions
Centenary Lakes, Collins Ave/Edge Hill, opposite the Botanic Gardens. Rainforest boardwalk that goes directly through the forest and ends at several small lakes and creeks. there’s also a touch park with picnic areas. Caution: The lakes are crocodile habitats.
City Botanic Gardens, Collins Ave/Edge Hill, +61 7 4044 3398. M-Fr 07.30-18.30, Sa-Su 08.30-17.30. Tropical vegetation and plants employed by Aboriginal people, Gondwana Evolution trail, Bamboo Forest, nice Rainforest Boardwalk. Café. Tanks Art Center nearby. Free. you’ll reach it on bus 130.
Lake Placid, Barron Gorge park, between Cairns and Kuranda. Peaceful lake surrounded by rainforest, with picnic spots.
Mount Whitfield Conservation Park, Collins Ave, north of city center. Rainforest area with several marked walking tracks, views of the town.
Northern Beaches there’s no beach in Central Cairns, but there are several beaches within the north which will easily be reached by bus. Although swimming isn’t always recommended, they’re all beautiful and tropical, and ideal places to relax and walk. These beaches include Trinity Beach, Yorkeys Knob, Palm Cove, Holloways Beach, Kewarra Beach, and Clifton Beach.
Smithfield Conservation Park, McGregor Road, on the brink of Cook University, north of the town center. an outsized area of rainforest with several walking tracks. Rather off the beaten path and mostly visited by locals.
Many natural Cairns attractions include the good coral reef, Copperlode Dam, Atherton Tablelands and Daintree Rainforest
Cairns may be a hotspot for wildlife diversity in Australia and is a perfect place to ascertain an enormous sort of birds, mammals, and reptiles. Places like Mount Lewis, Lamb Range, or Mount Hypipamee are ideal locations to ascertain anything from a Cassowary to Tree Kangaroos.

What is cairns Australia famous for

Cairns Australia Museums & Galleries
Cairns Regional Gallery, Cnr Shields & Aplin St ☎ +61 7 4046 4800. Changing exhibitions from Australian artists, located during a beautiful 1930s building. M-Sa 10:00-17:00 and Su 13:00-17:00. Free Entry.
Cairns Museum, Cnr Shields & Lake St ☎ +61 7 40 515 582 Small museum that depicts the history of Cairns and therefore the area, special emphasis on mining, farming, Cape York air, timber industry, Asian communities. $5, M-Sa 10:00-16:00.
Samurai Gallery Australia, 22 Shields St ☎ +61 7 4051 5196 Samurai Gallery Australia is that the only gallery in Australia dedicated to the humanities, Armor, and Arms / Weaponry of the Japanese Samurai Warrior. $10, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11 am–4 pm and Saturday 10:30 am–3 pm.
Australian Armour & Artillery Museum, 2 Skyrail Drive, Smithfield ☎ +61 7 4038 1665 The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum may be a museum dedicated to tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery from the Second War and post-war periods. $25, Everyday 9:30am–4:30pm.

Cairns Australia Think To  Do
Cairns may be an adventure sports enthusiast’s paradise: every second shop is a tourist information center with signs blaring “dive dive” or “tandem skydiving”. Its location on the brink of the ocean, the mountains, and therefore the rainforest gives travelers many choices of activities.

Standby rates are ubiquitous: many of the costlier activities, including skin diving and skydiving, are up to $150 cheaper if you’re prepared to travel on standby for a cancellation.

If you book trips through the hostel, you would possibly get a 1-night free stick with them e.g. Asylum Cairns has a traffic jam with Cairns Dive Center.

Swim within the artificial “lagoon” (a public swimming bath with some sand on one side) on the promenade near the pier. The lagoon is unfenced and liberal to use. A shallow depth(max depth 1.5 m) makes it ideal for families with children. The lagoon may be a good place to chill off especially during “stinger season” between October and should (cf. Dangerous creatures in Australia) when local beaches should be avoided. Note that there also are no beaches in Cairns itself – one can catch a bus to the northern beaches, but the sand there’s rather rough, and through stinger season the world protected by netting at the northern beaches is not any bigger than the lagoon.
Sun-bake or people watch on the grassy a part of the promenade near the lagoon. On a sunny day, even within the middle of Cairns’s tropical “winter”, there’ll sometimes be more sun-bakers than there’s visible grass.
Have a barbecue on the promenade. Cairns has free barbecues scattered generously among the picnic tables on the grass.
Go walking – Cairns is surrounded by rainforest-clad mountains, and there are nearly 200 walking tracks during this World Heritage Area. Keen walkers should keep an eye fixed out for Tropical Walking Tracks, found at local bookshops and adventure shops. It lists all of the tracks around Cairns also as those between Townsville and Cooktown and has maps of them and ‘how-to-get-there’ directions also.

Voyages indigenous tourism Australia cairns

Lagoon in Cairns, Australia
Cairns Wildlife Dome, 35-41 Wharf St, ☎ +61 7 4031 7250 ( An all-weather wildlife exhibit enclosed by a 20 m high glass dome on top of The Reef Hotel Casino, visitors rehearse a replicated rainforest environment whilst birds like parrots, cockatoos, and lorikeets fly freely around you. See other animals like koalas, frogmouths, kookaburras, rainforest wallabies, crocodiles, turtles, and pythons. Complimentary guided tours and animal presentations happen throughout the day.
Whale Watching with Reef Magic. Whale watching tours with small boats in Jul and Aug, watching humpback whales. Trips take about 3 hr.
Cairns all-terrain bike Tours, Shop 13, Campus Shopping Village, Smithfield, 4878, ☎ +61 7 40574142. 8 am till 5 pm. Guided race, All Mountain, and Downhill tours. all-terrain bike hire. Bike sales, service, and parts. Awesome coffee and snacks and an excellent place for riders to hold out before and after a ride. the sole Downhill tour operator during a Queensland park. Gentle XC from $88. edit
Bungy Jumping. Cairns is Australia’s capital of Bungy Jumping. Jump from a 50-meter high tower within the canopies of the Cairns rainforest and dip your head into the cold stream at rock bottom.

Cairns Australia Diving and snorkeling
A number of Cairns operators run day and liveaboard skin diving trips from Cairns. For seeing the good coral reef, the smaller dive boats provide the simplest experience, both for diving and for snorkeling. The larger operations have more amenities – better food, larger and faster boats, more activities, but sometimes provide a poorer underwater experience, because the underwater areas that the larger boats visit are heavily overused and somewhat destitute of coral and fish. Your mileage may vary.

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FAQS Cairns Australia Tourism

What is Cairns Australia known for?
Great coral reef
Cairns is most famous because of the gateway to Queensland’s stunning Great coral reef. Thousands of tourists pour into town a day and most instantly jump onto charter boats and yachts to go out for adventures among the fish and coral.

What is the simplest month to go to Cairns?
April to September is that the best time to go for the perfect balance of affordable accommodation, warm dry weather, and thin crowds. By popping in after summer, you’ll completely miss the Christmas crowds and therefore the high humidity, while still having the ability to enjoy the sunshine and warm days.

Where should I visit in Cairns?
Top things to try to do in Cairns

  • Experience the good coral reef.
  • Find an island paradise.
  • Learn about the saltwater culture.
  • Drift down a rainforest river.
  • Picnic on Vlasoff Cay.
  • Spot the good Eight.
  • Trek through a tropical rainforest.
  • Escape to Kuranda.

What are the kinds of tourism found in Cairns?

  • Botanic Gardens conservatory.
  • Bouldering Park.
  • Cairns Botanic Gardens.
  • Centenary Lakes Nature Play.
  • Cairns Esplanade Lagoon.
  • Fun Ship playground.
  • Heritage drives and trails.
  • Mangrove Boardwalk.

Is Cairns a secure city?
Cairns may be a relatively safe city, but late-night muggings and assaults do happen. It’s better to call a cab for a brief distance than walk the streets alone. Also, avoid city parks after dark. Always lock your vehicle, to not mention your hotel door.

Can you swim on Cairns beaches?
The Cairns Esplanade may be a nice spot for a walk, but the particular Cairns Beach isn’t an area to swim. Our wildlife is just too interesting for that. … Cairns beach is at the opening of a muddy estuary and busy harbour. We even have crocodiles over here so you’re much safer using the Cairns Lagoon, below.

What is cairns australia known for

Is Cairns expensive to live?
The average cost of living in Cairns is $1500, which is within the top 26% of the foremost expensive cities within the world, ranked 2394th out of 9294 in our global list and 40th out of 64 in Australia. The median after-tax salary is $2278, which is enough to hide living expenses for 1.5 months.

Is Cairns an honest holiday destination?
Cairns may be a great holiday escape for families, couples, friends, and lone travelers. Cairns city is tucked between stretching golden beaches and crystal clear the Coral Sea and World Heritage-listed park. it is the ultimate getaway for those wanting a soothing, laid-back time or for an adventure-packed trip away.

Are there crocodiles in Cairns?
They are both fearful and interesting creatures, with the Saltwater Crocodiles known for being the most important living reptile on earth. they’re found throughout Australia’s northern region, and Cairns is not any exception.

Is it better to remain in Port Douglas or Cairns?
Overall, if it’s an adventure, a buzzing nightlife, great food, and shopping that you’re after then Cairns is that the place for you. It offers more things to try to even for those on a tighter budget. Port Douglas is more fitted to those wanting a relaxed laid back holiday surrounded naturally during a small village atmosphere

How many days does one need in Cairns?
Honestly, a lifetime isn’t enough to explore and luxuriate in all the amazing natural wonders of Cairns and therefore the Great coral reef. But if you cannot spend your life on holiday, we recommend a minimum of three days in Cairns to get the most attractions. If you’ve got longer, great!

Does Cairns get cold?
Winter in Cairns brings slightly cooler temperatures and lower humidity, making it the height tourist season. Average temperatures range from 17.5 – 26°C (63.5 – 78.8°F) and there’s low rainfall. In spring average temperatures range from 20.5 – 29°C (68.9 – 84.2°F).

Where should I stay in Cairns?
So, here are five of the greatest!

  • Esplanade – Where to remain in Cairns for your First Time.
  • Parramatta Park – Where to remain in Cairns on a Budget.
  • City Centre – Best Area to remain in Cairns for Nightlife.
  • Cairns North – Coolest Place to remain in Cairns.
  • Trinity Beach – Best Neighborhood in Cairns for Families.

Do you need a car in Cairns Australia?
You do not get to rent a car to try to to a GBR tour in Cairns. If you’re staying in Cairns, it’s a little compact town and therefore the reef terminal isn’t far and walking around won’t require a car, everything is nearby.

Are people in Cairns friendly?
There is a community vibe here and therefore the people are generally really friendly and laid back. nobody cares where you came from, there’s not much snobbery in Cairns and it’s pretty inclusive, as long as there are people from remote indigenous communities to Europeans who just never left and everything in between.

How hot does it get in Cairns?
The average annual maximum temperature is 29°C (84.2°F), with 62 percent humidity. Plan ahead with our information on temperature and rainfall. During summer in Cairns, average temperatures range from 23.6 – 31.4°C (74.5 – 88.5°F).

How much money does one get to sleep in Cairns?
Summary about cost of living in Cairns, Australia: Family of 4 estimated monthly costs are 3,613$ (4,903A$) without rent. one person’s estimated monthly costs are 1,003$ (1,361A$) without rent.

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