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Chernobyl Tours From Uk

Tours to pripyat and chernobyl zone from uk. Travel by private minivan and view the must sees with the undivided attention of your guide freeing you to ask what you want about the 1986 nuclear accident.

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The 1 day tours generally last from 10 12 hours of which 4 are spent driving to and from the chernobyl site from kiev.

Chernobyl tours from uk. Chernobyl holidays offer a deeply moving glimpse of a place frozen in time by nuclear tragedy. We offer various options including overnight stays in chernobyl and day tours of chernobyl. As far as chernobyl exclusion zone is located 110 km to the north from kiev all tours start there.

English visitors of the chernobyl zone use the following route. The 1 day tour was packed with activities however i didnt feel as though it was. Recently the disaster has been brought back into the public eye by hbos superb dramatisation of the events in imdbs most highly rated television programme of all time chernobyl.

The town of chernobyl is located around 90 kilometres northeast of the ukrainian capital kiev in normal circumstances it would have been unlikely to have ever come to worldwide prominence but on the 26th april 1986 an event occurred that would cause the name chernobyl to be known around the world. Visit chernobyl with regent a place ever synonymous with the massive nuclear disaster that rocked the soviet union and the world in 1986. Chernobyl the disaster.

Uk kiev by plane by car kiev chernobyl zone by bus of chernobyl tour. Explore chernobyl without the distractions or restrictions of a group tour on this private tour from kiev. Choose the best chernobyl tour type.

When booking a visit to chernobyl there are a few different tour types to choose from. For the overnight tour you will spend the night in a chernobyl hotel able to gaze out at the deadness of the area and contemplate what happened here 3 decades ago. Now deemed safe to visit for short periods in the company of organised guided tours chernobyl and the nearby workers town of pripyat besides unveiling the truth of what happened during one of the 20th.

Details of our general tours are below. This girl got inspired by the abandoned places of pripyat and the nature in the exclusion zone. The best way to do it was to become a chernobyl tour guide.

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