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Climate zones polar and tundra. Climate zones of the world for kids and affecting factors.

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Climate around the world and even in the united states varies a lot.

Climate zones around the world. Temperate climates have warm summers. In this hot and humid zone the average temperatures are greater than 640f 180c. Climatic zones of the world.

What are the different climate types. The temperate region experiences cold winters and mild summers. So the extra energy at the equator needs to be spread across the planet and its this that creates different climate zones across the world.

What are the six major climate regions. These climate zones are so dry because moisture is. Where warm wet air rises we get thunderstorms and tropical rainforests.

Arid zones are hot and dry all year and include the deserts. There are five general climate regions. This is due to the curved surface of the earth.

Boreal cold coniferous forests lie south of the tundra. On mountains the temperature decreases with altitude height. Polar climates are very cold and dry throughout the year.

Places near the equator tend to be hot and humid most of the year. The air is less dense and cannot hold heat as easily. Altitude temperatures decrease with height.

Warm air rises at the equator and moves toward the poles. When things arent in balance nature likes to even things out. Tropical low latitude dry mid latitude high latitude and highland.

Polar climates are cold and dry with long dark winters. Within the five regions there are variations that geographers divide into smaller zones. And as you probably already know there are lots of different types of climates on earth.

Places near the equator tend to be hot and humid most of the year. In addition polar regions are colder because the suns rays have further to travel compared to place on the equator. All different factors that affect the climate of different parts of the world are clearly explaineddefinition and causes of the earth.

Dry and highland climates occur at several different latitudes.

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