D2 Destinations Dreaming City Badge

  • 6 June 2019
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A lot of players have no clue how to use it or what its purpose is. You dont have to do the alts if you dont care.

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Starlight shell ghost shell pallas galliot ship blushift dreams shader does anyone know where i can find these three items.

D2 destinations dreaming city badge. Trophies from discovering the secrets of ada 1 and the black armory. Corsair down badge are new items in destiny 2 forsaken. Curse of osiris and warmind trophies from your explorations across mercury and the icecaps of mars.

Corsair down is a random drop you can get at any point while doing patrol in the dreaming city. Dreaming city complete the associated badge on the collections screen in order to claim this triumph. Dreaming city trophies hidden in the depths of the dreaming city.

Trophies from the tangled shore and. Find out how to complete the dreaming city seal in destiny 2 and earn the associated cursebreaker title that appears in game for other players to see. Objectives mission minded complete missions broken courier the oracle engine and dark monastery.

I am missing 3 items for my destinations. Trophies earned through mastery of gambit prime and the reckoning. If you get one page on badges done then the badge is complete.

Trophies hidden in the depths of the dreaming city. Forsaken trophies from the tangled shore and dreaming city. However i got most of my armor just doing weekly bounties small gifts ascendant challenges and weekly mission all on dreaming city.

There is another unknown item in the badge but i reckon thats the sparrow you receive for doing all taken eggs. The truth is its like a locator it will help you track down dead. Dreaming city trophies hidden in the depths of the dreaming city.

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