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One of the greatest monuments to national security in the world the great wall of china stretches for over 5500 miles from eastern china to the gobi desert in the west. Chinas long history has left many cultural relics and the title of china top tourist city has gone to the first group of 54 cities.

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Winding along the mountain ridges north of the capital city the great wall of china stands as one of the worlds most iconic wonders largest historical sites and greatest feats of engineering showcasing the genius of the ming dynasty.

Great wall china tourism. Just like a gigantic dragon it winds up and down across deserts grasslands mountains and plateaus stretching approximately 21196 kilometers from east to west of china. The only downfall is that this area can be quite crowded during higher tourist seasons. To get the most from the great wall a must visit china attraction you should.

At badaling soaring tourism has led to an explosion in souvenir stalls food counters and parking lots which detract from the beauty of the site. Elsewhere factories have been built at the base of the wall. It is a country much rich in heritage that is supplied by its long significant history.

This is one of the best preserved and best known sections of the great wall. The great wall of china one of the greatest wonders of the world was listed as a world heritage by unesco in 1987. Great wall of china china is one of the tourist destinations that are visited by millions of international tourists throughout the year.

Great wall tour tips. Badaling is the great walls most visited section and has been open to the public since 1958. Generally speaking the great wall of china defends the countrys northernmost border.

1 choose the section you visit carefully depending on your fitness and interests 2 visit the great wall in spring or fall for better scenery and weather and to avoid crowds and 3 consider having a guide. The great wall a symbol of the chinese nation is also a prime example of historical sites that have become major tourist attractions. The structure has been used for all sorts of events.

Whenever you see this venerable great wall you must feel deep esteem. The wall is one of the. A 2012 archeological survey estimated that the wall taking into account all the dynasties that had worked on the structure crosses 15 provinces and extends from xinjiang in the northwest to the border of korea in the east.

He who does not reach the great wall is not a true man as this famous chinese saying goes the great wall of china a great engineering marvel always attracts throngs of adventurous tourists from all over the world.

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