How To Train Your Dog To Heel

Hold a handful of treats or the wooden spoon coated in something yummy close to your dogs nose and tell him heel. Start off with your dog sitting on your left side.

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How To Train Your Dog To Walk Or Heel Without A Choke Chain

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To teach a heel in motion you first have to teach a stationary heel.

How to train your dog to heel. For the first few tries just take a few steps and give your dog treats continuously. Depending on the size of the dog youll need to hold the leash a certain way. Five to ten minutes two or three times a day is ideal to begin with.

To teach your dog that this is where you want him to be youll start by luring him into place. Once you have taught your dog to heel and it becomes a habit with every walk you are likely to enjoy your walks with your dog more often than not. Keep extras in your pocket if you plan to do a longer training session.

A heel position with your dog keeps your dog close to you instead of running ahead. The heel position puts the dog directly next to you with his head or shoulders lined up with your legs. Teaching your dog to heel offers a solution to an excited dog who pulls on a leash constantly.

Treat continuously at first. Teaching a dog to heel is a process that requires regular training sessions. Start your heel training in a non distracting familiar environment like your living room basement or a fenced in backyard.

With your dog in position. Teach your dog proper positioning. Part 2 training your dog to heel with positive reinforcement 1.

Either way for the sake of your hands you may want to wrap the extra portion of the leash around your hands a few times. Try to link the sessions with something else you do each day to make sure you dont forget. Get your dogs attention.

The proper way to walk a dog is with. Second you will position your pup on your left hand side. For a small dog hold the leash straight up firm but dont choke him.

Have them sit and stay then quickly reward them with a click and a treat. Teach your dog to position itself correctly. The key to heeling is having your dogs attention.

How To Teach Your Dog To Heel The Right Way

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