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Try to catch your dog yawning as often as you can and mark and reward the behavior. Trick 20 go to a place step 1.

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How to train your dog tricks. Teach your dog to yawn. Place a piece of tape or a disk on the floor. To teach your dog to yawn carry a clicker and treats with you at all times.

Here are some fun tricks to teach your dog at home. Next hold a treat in front of him but slightly out of reach. As he raises his foot catch it with your free hand.

Teach a dog to spin in a circle according to joy a dogs drive to hunt makes spinning in circles a trick that any dog can learn. Training a dog to speak is fun and it helps to solve a common behavior problem. Adding a few simple tricks to your dogs arsenal is a great way to bond and will leave you with some cool moves to bust out at your next dog party.

Watch the video good dog. Ten fun and easy dog tricks give kiss. Back up is a fun dog trick that can come in handy in a variety of situations.

Stand on hind legs. Weve put together a list of eight easy tricks to try with your dog. Most dogs will raise their foot to paw at the treat in your other hand.

Call the marker by its name mark spot disk etc just as he steps into it. Welcome to msmojo and today well be counting down our picks for the top 10 cool tricks to teach your dog. Have your dog touch the training stick.

Welcome to the ultimate list of dog trick ideas. With a little time treats and enthusiasm your dog will be showing. Start by commanding your dog to sit and reward him with a treat.

Then let him finish yawning and reward him. On this page you will find a list of 100 dog tricks you can teach your dog. Repeat the command high five whilst gently tapping one of his feet.

They are here to inspire you motivate you and get you to spend time with your dog training and ultimately creating a closer bond with your dog. Watch your dog like a hawk and when he yawns of his own accord immediately click when he is in mid yawn. Training a dog to kiss is one of the easiest tricks to teach.

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