Impact Of Tourism In India Economy

Induced spending the re circulation of a tourist dollar within a community is another way that tourism indirectly has an impact on a community. Economic importance of tourism in india.

Importance Of Tourism Advantages Of Tourism Economic Importance

How Culture And Heritage Tourism Boosts More Than A Visitor Economy

Tourism Management Factors Affecting

Tourism is a capital intensive industry and no local involvement is possible at that level.

Impact of tourism in india economy. If one is to think about the impact of indias economic growth on tourism in the country one need to study this feature as part of the larger picture of the developing worlds contribution to this. These impacts are highlighted below. Tourism is one of the fastest growing service industry in the country with great potentials for its further expansion and diversification.

If not well planned and controlled tourism may generate negative impacts or reduce the feasibility of multiplier effect on local economy. Job generation foreign exchanges earnings development of infrastructure etc are cited as positive economic impact. Developing country like india tourism has become one of the major sectors of the economy contributing to a large proportion to gdp and employment opportunities.

Loss of potential economic benefits. Generating income and employment. For example a foreign tourist injects money into the local economy when he spends a dollar on a souvenir made by a local at the tourism destination.

As regards tourism in our country there are innumerable lovely spots historic sites and places from the himalayas in the north to the kanya kumari in the south. Impact of indias economic growth on tourism india is currently enjoying an economic boost and a successful financial system in place in our country has helped to build the image of brand india. At time of publication the world travel and tourism council predicts india will sustain the fifth largest amount of growth in the tourism sector of any country.

Direct benefits include economic support for hotels retail shops transportation services. Its impact on employment and economic development. Let us briefly look at some of these.

Impact of tourism in india. Economic impact of tourism being the largest growing industry in the world it is but natural to discuss and understand the economic impact of tourism at all levels regional national and local. Tourism industry in india has several positive and negative impacts on the economy and society.

Tourism industry plays a major role in any countrys economic development. Tourism can offer direct and indirect aid to a nations economy. With her rich cultural heritage as superbly manifest in many of the architectural wonders palaces temples mosques forts etc caves and prehistoric wall paintings her widely varied topography ranging from the monotonous plains to the loftiest mountains of the world.

Growth of tourism in india. Tourism in india has emerged as an instrument of income and employment generation poverty alleviation and sustainable human development. Apart from amarnath kedarnath gangotri etc.

Puri konark bhubaneswar digha bakkhali bakreswar the taj mahal of agra the red fort of delhi. It contributes 623 to the national gdp and 878 of the total employment in india.

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