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The nexus and sentri programs also provide a known traveler number though these programs are much less commonly used in the united states. Global entry and tsa precheck are by far the most popular options in the united states.

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Trusted traveler programs allow members to use expedited lanes when crossing international borders and at the airport.

Known traveler id. If you are a member of the tsa precheck application program look up your ktn onlineif you are a member of another trusted traveler program such as global entry nexus or sentri log on to the trusted traveler program website to obtain your passid which is your ktn. To acquire a known traveler number you must participate in one of the trusted traveler programs. In order to use dedicated tsa precheck security lanes participants must enter their dod id number as the known traveler number when making official travel or leisure airline reservations.

A known traveler number ktn also called a trusted traveler number is a number issued by the us transportation security administration tsa department of homeland security dhs or department of defense dod. This number indicates that you have undergone some type. If you are a global entry member or eligible nexus or sentri member enter your membership number pass id in the known traveler number field when booking reservations or enter it into your frequent flyer profile with the airline.

This way youll be recognized as a known traveler which means you wont have to take off your shoes belt or jacket or take out your laptop or liquids. All travelers will be screened and no individual is guaranteed expedited screening. See below for guidance.

Tsa precheck program for dod personnel. The department of homeland security dhs provides the only official us government trusted traveler programs for travelers customized to fit a variety of travel needs. Every time you book a flight type in your ktn number wherever its asked for.

Wait 5 minutes or less in june 2019 92 of tsa pre passengers waited less than 5 min. If you book through a travel agent be sure to give the travel agent you ktn. Add secure traveler information to add your known travelerredress number to an existing reservation enter your confirmation number for that flight below.

The membership number enables transportation security administrations.

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