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The inbound medical tourists flow shows a rise of 38 for the last 4 years. But since more than 10 years now it has also been gaining prominence as a medical tourism destination.

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The first things you remember when you hear about turkey is probably sea turkish coffee turkish airlines andmedical tourism.

Medical tourism turkey. Turkey has always been known for its scenic beauty and cultural history. On top of the high quality facilities available medical tourists have access to thermal spas and wellness services which incorporate five star hotel accommodation into their packages. Turkey is one of the worlds premier destinations for medical tourism.

Within this section you will find information on medical tourism numbers our estimate of inbound and outbound medical tourists where they can be reliably ascertained and news that provides estimates of medical tourism activity in turkey. Read on to find out what are the top medical destinations prices hospitals in turkey and finallymain secret of popularity. It is a democratic country and has a stable economy.

Turkey is an attractive destination for medical travelers as well due to its touristic and historical aspectsin 2014 over 37 million tourists visited turkey and the middle eastern and the gulf region visitors take an outstanding share within this figure. Find safe affordable medical treatments and medical providers in turkey. Sign up for an imtj country subscription for access or login if youre already a subscriber.

Despite the fact that medical tourism is preferred in developing countries the location where the expense of medical care is less expensive view more. Medical tourism medical travel or health tourism is the process of planning a trip to another country or a city with regards to procedures and treatments.

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Medical Tourism In Turkey

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