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The graphical art style of octopath traveler pushed the power of the switch in a different direction that other developers havent yet attempted on nintendos platform. I love the 2d sprite art style in octopath traveler but please dont overuse it too much.

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A new game with that style of graphic is okay but if theres like 4 of that in the work then thats just.

Octopath traveler art style. It reminded me a lot of how yoshis island 3ds tried to purvey an artistic style through a bunch of overlaid filters textures and post processing effects. Square enix has coined. My image is only a test edition not an end product.

Combined with beautiful lighting and some impressive depth of field effects it creates a game that looks amazing and like nothing else around. Octopath traveler brings the style of classic jrpgs into the modern era. Unpopular opinion i know but honestly the art style came off as cheap to me pixel art with a handful of tacky filters overlaid over it.

I was ecstatic when they remade ff1 2 4 for the psp and retained the pixel art direction because that was so much closer to how i remembered the games as opposed to the ds remake of ff4. The most striking thing about octopath traveler is its gorgeous hd 2d art style. Sorry for my bad english.

The graphics represent the pinnacle of pixel art and the score is amazing. Here you have pictures of what im talking about. Some people have told me that it is quiet because there are many games like that and this is not octopath travelers invention and that this is art style something that is not possible if you have copyrigth only thing.

It looks like a classic snes game and a exquisitely crafted pop up book has a baby. While those looking for a deep story heavy rpg might find octopath traveler lacking the game is a hugely enjoyable modern take on traditional turn based games of yesteryear with a collection of short story rather than novel length narratives. It features a unique hd 2d art style that combines expressive 2d character sprites with beautiful 3d environments.

Octopath hits that nostalgia button in the same way but i agree that that graphic style isnt as different from the original ff6 to warrant a full remake. Utilizing the power of unreal engine 4 twitter user retrorebuild is recreating the iconic opening of final fantasy vi using the same art style as the nintendo switch jrpg octopath traveler.

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