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Octopath Traveler Cyrus Fanart

He is a professor at the royal academy located in atlasdam found in the flatlands. The switch version sold over a million copies within a month of its release making it one of the best selling games on the platform.

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Octopath Traveler Cyrus Albright And H Aanit Octopath Traveler

All of this is wonderful.

Octopath traveler cyrus fanart. Cyrus albright is one of eight playable characters in octopath traveler. Cyrus is known for caring greatly about knowledge and his passion for teaching. Circumstance was what brought these travelers together but their own formed bonds is what holds them together.

It produced a chuckle and then sadness because i totally stole it before finding out. My extremly long and self indulgent take on the story told in octopath traveler complete with lots of adventure team bonding world building and a sprinkle of ridiculously slow burn romance. Myvideogamenews is your source for all things video games.

Octopath traveler is a turn based role playing video game developed by square enix in collaboration with acquirethe game was released for the nintendo switch in july 2018 and was released for microsoft windows in june 2019. Want video game news. Keep the fanart coming.

There was one fanart of the spear from the old womans late husband you could steal with primrose giving therion a look with him sweating profusely because he wants to steal it so badly. Octopath octopath traveler cyrus octopath primrose octopath lets see if i can remember how to spell all the names tressa octopath therion octopath alfyn octopath olberic octopath haanit haanit octopath 8path my art octopath fanart i love this family i forgot ophelia ophelia octopath. Octopath traveler sells a million copies the jrpg genre is alive and well rnintendo octopath traveler has now shipped 1 million units globally rnintendoswitch.

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