Octopath Traveler Erhardt Duel

Erhardt put personal feelings before his duty rationalizing it as honorable vengeance for his village andor removing a lord who failed in his duty which was to protect the people he ruled. Erhardt is a character in octopath traveler.

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The two reconcile after a duel and erhardt explains that he had worked for werner who resides in riverford.

Octopath traveler erhardt duel. He wears a knight uniform similar to olberics with a black surcoat over a red. There are eight tools to choose from. Olberic and erhardt help slay the leaders of the horde before speaking with each other for the first time in years.

Stone dead forever lord of the forest boss fight. He is a former knight of hornburg who fought alongside olberic. The two exit the cave and meet the soldiers standing outside with the good news of the dead leaders of the nest.

Erhardt boss battle duel in octopath traveler who is the third boss in olberics story with a recommended level of 32. Erhardt has long wavy blonde hair and green eyes. Olberic arrives in victors hollow seeking the man that knows of his former ally erhardt.

Octopath traveler switch part 54. Get some of the best end game gear in octopath traveler with these battle tested weapon locations. Did anyone else try losing on purpose to see if erhardt would replace olberic in the party similar to saga frontier where you get to play as rouge when you lose as bluei dunno if it was just me but i saw just enough parallels between them that i had to try it out.

As he stands over a crowd speaking of the four players to watch in the local arena tournament gustav. Erhardt betrayed the kingdom and slew king alfred. Battle was kind of tough since im v.

In riverford olberic learns that werner had overthrown the previous lord and rules the town with an iron grip. Erhardt tells him that the mans name is werner and he may find him in riverford. However by killing his own lord he eliminated his own purpose in life.

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