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He wears a knight uniform similar to olberics with a black surcoat over a red. These are danger level 50 dungeons with powerful bosses at the end but the rewards are the highly powerful advanced jobs.

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The best octopath.

Octopath traveler erhardt. Erhardt tells him that the mans name is werner and he may find him in riverford. Before continuing with the story it would be wise to pay a visit to the four advanced shrines. Erhardt betrayed the kingdom and slew king alfred.

Lets rank them based on their stories personalities and usefulness in combat. Octopath traveler features eight characters all with unique story arcs that you can follow. Square enix reveals octopath traveller was always supposed to be spelled with two ls actually 6 6 comments chose tressa as my primary protagonist but meant to choose alfyn.

He was the leader of the mercenary group the black brotherhood and felled the kingdom of hornburg. Olberic asks erhardt who the man was who plotted the demise of his king. 45 advanced job shrines.

He appears as the final boss of olberics story. He is a former knight of hornburg who fought alongside olberic. Erhardt is a character in octopath traveler.

Erhardt has long wavy blonde hair and green eyes. Werner is a character in octopath traveler. This video shows olberics chapter 3 boss fight against erhardt.

24 years prior to the events of octopath traveler lyblac hired werner who was a mercenary at the time.

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