Octopath Traveler Secondary Jobs

While the skills might seem like the most important aspect the further you get into the game the more youll come to appreciate the attribute bonuses each job provides too. There are eight job shrines throughout the world of octopath travelereach shrines location is close to where you find the character.

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Each of the secondary jobs in octopath traveler is unlocked by finding its related shrine and twelve total shrines are spread all over the in game map.

Octopath traveler secondary jobs. Secondary jobs are an important way of complimenting your characters skills or compensating for their weaknesses. Understanding secondary jobs is a key component to octopath traveler. One thing we should get out of the way right up top is a disclaimer about job combinations.

While the core eight jobs can be unlocked. This page contains information on the jobs within octopath traveler. This changes the characters appearance and lets them start to learn the.

You can gain a secondary job by going to a shrine. Every character in octopath traveler starts the game with one fixed class. Truthfully theres no such thing as a.

All secondary job and class shrine locations in octopath traveler. For octopath traveler on the nintendo switch a gamefaqs message board topic titled is there a consensus on the best secondary jobs for each character. However as you explore the continent of orsterra and.

The best secondary jobs to choose in octopath traveler. Choosing the best class job combinations in octopath traveler. How to find and unlock job shrine locations.

Essentially players can flex the strengths or supplement the weaknesses of any given character in their party by assigned.

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Octopath Traveler Picking A Secondary Job A Look At Base Stats

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