Time Traveler Year 6000

A time traveller has issued the world with a picture he claims was taken in the year 6000 and declared there are plans to release the technology to the public in 2028 it has emerged. We recently met up with this man in an undisclosed location as he told us his story.

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Thats to be expected as time travel is the stuff of science fiction and also how the anonymous time traveler looks like a regular 21st century dude.

Time traveler year 6000. Time traveler took this picture in the year 6000 this supposed time traveler claims to have brought back a picture from the year 6000. You may notice that the picture is distorted thats due to the time travel process. A woman claiming to be a time traveller says she has returned from the year 6000 and has a strange item to prove it.

Time traveller claims to have been to the year 6000 and brought back this photograph of future city he says he was part of a top secret program to send people into the future share. The grandmother who says her name is chloe and she is from finland also. Some people actually have parts of their bodies distorted because of the process.

Except that its from the year 6000 and the time travel process is what made it blurry. A time traveller who claims hes from the year 6000 has a lot to tell us about our future and if you dont believe which i highly doubt you do hes ready to put his money where his. This is a photograph from the year 6000.

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Time Traveller Claims To Have Been To The Year 6000 And Brought

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