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The new weapon you discover may win the war or be used to bring you down. He seems to find enjoyment in mischief and pranks.

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In the world of greyhawk campaign setting and the default pantheon of deities for the third edition of the dungeons dragons role playing game fharlanghn the dweller on the horizon is the oeridian god of horizons distance travel and roads.

Traveler dd god. Hes from the eberron setting and the patron god of changelings and other morphic beings. He is a well known deity on the world of oerth. Hes not so much sinister as untrustable.

Travel gods goddesses patron saints. I want to make the traveler a big part of my world but i havent been able to find much on him so im asking you guys is there any i dont know like a detailed wiki page for the traveler any kind of information about him i could read or should i just write up my own story for him. The first official publication to detail god like beings for use in the dungeons dragons game was gods demi gods heroes published in 1976 as the fourth supplement for the original edition.

He wanders that world in person his petitioners present in spirit form at crossroads and in mysterious oases. The traveller is a god of two edged swords the new land you find may make you rich or kill you. It is the only god said to walk the face of eberron in body as well as in spirit but its mastery of form prevents any mortal from recognizing it.

This work was superseded by the deities demigods source book which was first published in 1980. Sirsir the patron deity of mariners and boatmen is a good one to call out to the next time you decide to take a cruise or river ferry. Christopher in catholicism is the patron saint of travelers.

Hes a trickster diety with all that contains far from the worst thing to worship in eberron but unpredicable and fickle. The traveler is a trickster deity worshipped by jester. As an npc the traveler is portrayed by matthew mercer.

Seems there is a bit of confusion. The sovereign of chaos and charm the traveler is unique in that it is not related to any of the other members of the sovereign host or the dark six. Meet the deities of travelers.

The sovereign of cunning invention and transformation the traveler is patron to all who embrace change whether physical or philosophical. He is also said to be the only deity who walks. His symbol is a disk with a curved line representing the horizon and an upturned crescent abo.

Traveler is patron to all who embrace change. He is a babylonian and akkadian god. The most mysterious of the nine and six the traveler is neither child nor parent to any other god in the collected pantheon.

It is the only god said to walk the face of eberron in body as well as in spirit but its mastery of form prevents any mortal from recognizing it.

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